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Supply—Navy, Army, Civil Service And Revenue Departments

Volume 218: debated on Monday 23 March 1874

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Votes On Account

Supply—Considered In Committee

(In the Committee.)

(1.) £2,000,000, on account, Wages, &c. to Seamen and Marines.

rose to make an appeal to hon. Gentlemen to allow a Vote of Credit for the year ending the 31st of March, 1875, to be taken without requiring him to make the usual statement with regard to the Navy Estimates. His right hon. Friend the First Lord of the Treasury had explained the other day in detail the great difficulty the Government would experience in getting the financial business through during the financial year, and it was only by the indulgence of the House it could possibly be done. It was not in his power to make his statement to the House now, nor would it be before Easter. Therefore, he ventured to deprecate on this occasion anything which would lead to a discussion on the Navy Estimates. He was aware that many hon. Friends on his own side were anxious to have a debate now, but he would earnestly beg of them to pass a Vote of Credit for £2,000,000 without discussion.

said, the Committee must feel that the request made by the right hon. Gentleman the First Lord of the Admiralty was a reasonable one, and, under the circumstances, he trusted they would not be disposed to enter upon any debate now on the Navy Estimates. It would be quite impossible for the right hon. Gentleman at the head of the Admiralty to make a satisfactory statement on this occasion. He trusted, therefore, that hon. Members on that (the Opposition) side of the House would fall in with the right hon. Gentleman's views.

Vote agreed to.

(2.) £2,000,000, on account, Pay and Allowances Land Forces at Home and Abroad.

, in moving a similar Vote of Credit on account of the Army Estimates, said, that he hoped to make the usual statement on Monday, though it was impossible to say at present, whether he should have an opportunity of doing so.

Vote agreed to.

(3.) That a sum, not exceeding £1,886,600, be granted to Her Majesty, on account, for or towards defraying the Charge for the following Civil Services, to the 31st day of March 1875: viz.

Class I.
Great Britain:—£
Royal Palaces6,000
Royal Parks18,000

Public Buildings25,000
Furniture of Public Offices2,400
Houses of Parliament5,000
New Home and Colonial Offices7,000
Sheriff Court Houses, Scotland2,400
National Gallery Enlargement5,000
Industrial Museum, Edinburgh1,000
Burlington House2,000
Post Office and Inland Revenue Buildings23,000
British Museum Buildings1,000
County Courts8,000
Science and Art Department1,600
Survey of the United Kingdom22,000
Harbours of Refuge1,500
Portland Harbour
Metropolitan Eire Brigade1,700
Rates on Government Property6,000
Wellington Monument100
Natural History Museum15,000
Metropolitan Police Courts4,000
New Courts of Justice, &c.13,000
Ramsgate Harbour100
New Palace at Westminster—Acquisition of Lands, &c.1,700
Public Buildings29,000
Lighthouses Abroad3,000
Embassy Houses and Consular Buildings14,000
Class II.
House of Lords, Offices7,500
House of Commons, Offices8,000
Treasury and Subordinate Departments9,500
Home Office and Subordinate Departments14,000
Foreign Office10,000
Colonial Office5,400
Privy Council Office and Subordinate Departments5,000
Board of Trade and Subordinate Departments18,000
Privy Seal Office500
Charity Commission3,300
Civil Service Commission3,300
Copyhold, Inclosure, and Tithe Commission3,000
Inclosure and Drainage Acts Expenses1,500
Exchequer and Audit Department6,500
Friendly Societies, Registrars of400
Local Government Board60,000
Lunacy Commission2,500
National Debt Office3,000
Patent Office3,500
Paymaster General's Office3,500
Public Record Office3,500
Public Works Loan Commission800
Register Office, General7,000
Stationery Office and Printing73,000
Woods, Forests, &c, Office of4,000
Works and Public Buildings, Office of7,000
Secret Service4,000
Exchequer and other Offices1,000
Fishery Board2,000
Lunacy Commission1,000
Register Office, General1,000
Board of Supervision3,000

Lord Lieutenant's Household1,000
Chief Secretary's Office4,000
Boundary Survey100
Charitable Donations and Bequests Office400
Local Government Board18,000
Public Record Office1,000
Public Works Office4,500
Register Office, General4,000
Class III.
Law Charges8,500
Criminal Prosecutions31,000
Court of Chancery28,500
Common Law Courts12,000
Court of Bankruptcy7,500
County Courts71,000
Probate Court15,000
Admiralty Court Registry2,000
Land Registry Office1,000
Police Courts, London and Sheerness2,500
Metropolitan Police39,000
County and Borough Police, Great Britain62,000
Convict Establishments in England and the Colonies77,000
County Prisons, Great Britain17,000
Reformatories and Industrial Schools, Great Britain55,000
Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum5,000
Miscellaneous Legal Charges3,000
Criminal Proceedings11,500
Courts of Law and Justice10,000
Register House Departments5,000
Law Charges and Criminal Prosecutions13,000
Court of Chancery7,000
Common Law Courts4,500
Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency1,400
Landed Estates Court2,000
Probate Court2,000
Admiralty Court Registry400
Registry of Deeds2,500
Registry of Judgments500
Dublin Metropolitan Police22,000
Government Prisons7,000
County Prisons and Reformatories15,000
Dnndrum Criminal Lunatic Asylum1,000
Four Courts Marshalsea Prison300
Miscellaneous Legal Charges11,000
Class IV.
Great Britain:—
Public Education226,000
Science and Art Department46,000
British Museum17,000
National Gallery1,000
National Portrait Gallery300
Learned Societies2,000
University of London1,500
Endowed Schools Commission1,500
Public Education35,000
Board of Education1,000
Universities, &c. in Scotland3,000
National Gallery, Scotland300

Public Education91,000
Commissioners of Education (Endowed Schools)100
National Gallery400
Royal Irish. Academy300
Queen's University600
Queen's Colleges700
Class V.
Diplomatic Services42,000
Consular Services41,000
Colonies, Grants in Aid7,000
Orange River Territory and St. Helena600
Slave Trade, Commissions for Suppressions of
Tonnage Bounties, &c.2,000
Treasury Chest3,000
Class VI.
Superannuation and Retired Allowances71,000
Merchant Seamen's Fund Pensions, &c.6,500
Relief of Distressed British Seamen5,000
Hospitals and Infirmaries, Ireland3,000
Miscellaneous Charitable Allowances, &c. Great Britain1,000
Miscellaneous Charitable Allowances, &C. Ireland1,000
Class VII.
Temporary Commissions3,500
Deep Sea Exploring Expedition500
Miscellaneous Expenses1,000

(4.) That a sum, not exceeding £1,256,000, be granted to Her Majesty, on account, for or towards defraying the Charge for the following Revenue Departments to the 31st day of March 1875: viz.—

Inland Revenue280,000
Post Office480,000
Post Office Packet Service166,000
Post Office Telegraphs160,000

House resumed.

Resolutions to be reported To-morrow; Committee to sit again upon Wednesday.