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Land Acquisition

Volume 414: debated on Thursday 11 October 1945

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asked the Minister of Health if the Stockton-on-Tees Council has completed the purchase of the 41·495 acres sanctioned by his Department; what was the price paid by the council and the previous ratable value of the land acquired; and why the remainder of the 128 acres which the council wished to purchase was excluded from the Order.

I understand that the purchase of this land has not yet been completed and that the price has not been settled. The land is derated. The rest of the land originally included in the Compulsory Purchase Order was not required for the Council's short-term housing programme and was excluded for this reason when the Order was confirmed in January last.

asked the Minister of Health if the public inquiry has yet been held regarding the application of the Ulverston Urban District Council to purchase Watery Lane Farm and outbuildings, and five fields adjoining Watery Lane, the whole containing about 16·719 acres; what is the amount of the arbitrator's award; and what was the previous ratable value of these properties.

Yes, Sir. I have informed the Council that the Order for compulsory acquisition will be confirmed, subject to the exclusion of two plots of land which are not considered to be essential for the immediate development of the site. There has as yet been no arbitration and I do not know the ratable value of the properties.

asked the Minister of Health if he is aware that a sub-committee of the Warrington housing committee recommended in September, 1942, the building of 2,000 houses; that the proposals were submitted to the Government and the committee had been pressing for permission at least to purchase the land; if this permission has now been given; and what is the area, situation, purchase price and previous ratable value of any land acquired.

I am aware that the Warrington Town Council have under consideration a long-term programme for the building of 2,000 houses. A compulsory purchase order for 129 acres of land has been confirmed. The land, which is known as the Dallam Farm Site, is agricultural land and therefore de-rated; the price has not yet been settled but negotiations have reached an advanced stage.

asked the Minister of Health whether the Chingford Council has yet completed its negotiations with Ropers, Limited, for the purchase of 12 acres of their sports ground for housing purposes, now assessed at £90, for local rating purposes; and what price has been agreed.

No, Sir. Agreement has not been reached, and it is expected that the price will be settled by arbitration.

asked the Minister of Health if consideration has now been given to the report of his inspector on the application by the Manchester City Council for compulsory powers to acquire at Wythenshawe about 97 acres of the Timperley golf club and two market gardens; what price has been offered or demanded for the land; and what is its present ratable value, seeing that the plans include 2,400 houses, with schools, shops, playgrounds, a health centre and a community centre.

An Order for the compulsory acquisition of this land by the Manchester City Council was confirmed on 10th July last. I have no information at present about the price offered for the land, but I am informed that its present rateable value is approximately £280.

asked the Minister of Health whether he has yet given his sanction to the acquisition by the Worthing Council of 48½ acres of land on the Field Place Estate; what was the purchase price agreed upon; and how much of this land had previously no rateable value.

Yes, Sir; purchase at £25,000 is now completed. The land was previously agricultural and derated.

asked the Minister of Health what action has followed the decision of the Warwick Town Council General Purposes Committee to consider the purchase of Pigwell Common for housing and of alternative land to replace the common; what is the cost involved in buying the common; and what is the area, the price and the present rateable value of the alternative land being acquired to replace the common.

No application to purchase Pigwells Common for housing purposes has yet been submitted to me by the Warwick Town Council. I understand that the possibility of obtaining alternative land to replace the common is still being explored. The second and third parts of the Question, therefore, do not arise.

asked the Minister of Health what price was paid by the Beeston and Stapleford Urban District Council for the site of 4·857 acres at Dovecote Lane, Beeston, the purchase of which was confirmed by his Ministry; and what was the previous rateable value of the site.

asked the Minister of Health, with regard to the Compulsory Purchase Order of the L.C.C., what price has been arrived at for the acquisition of 921 acres on the Oxhey site at Watford for housing requirements; what part of this area is derated as agricultural land; and how large is the area that had a rateable value of approximately £1,000.

No price has yet been settled. I regret that I have not got the information asked for in the last part of the Question, but I will obtain it and send it to my hon. Friend.