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Duties And Subsidies

Volume 463: debated on Thursday 14 April 1949

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asked the Minister of Food if he will name the foods which both pay customs or excise duty and are subsidised; and what is the rate of duty and subsidy in each case.DR. SUMMERSKILL,

pursuant to her reply [OFFICIAL REPORT, 28th March. 1949; Vol. 463, c. 820] supplied the following information:

1. Commodity2. Rate of Duty3. Average Unit Value of Duty4. Unit rat of Sudsidy on duty paid imports or home supplies bearing Excise5. Overall Unit subsidy6. Overall effect on all supplies of duty actually paid
Butter£15per ton from non-Empire source1½d. per lb.25¾d. per lb.1/4per lb.0·4d. per lb.
Cheese15% ad valorem from non-Empire sources4d. per lb.32½d. per lb.1/0½ per lb.0·8d. per lb.
Condensed Milk6/- per cwt. on milk plus duty on sugar content3/9 per case6/2¾ per case2/0½per case1/- per case
Sugar(d)Full Customs Duty 95°–96° polarisation18/3·7 per cwt. 16/3½ per cwt.16/3? per cwt.8/8? per cwt. (raw)9/- per cwt or 10/7¼ per cwt. Including Deficiency Payment to British Sugar Corporation (raw).15/10¼ per cwt. (raw)
Preferential Empire Customs Duty polarisation14/6?9 per cwt.
Colonial Customs Duty polarisation11/6?9 per cwt.
Excise Duty13/5·9 per cwt.14/7·1 per cwt (raw)9/10·9 per cwt or 16/1·9 per cwt. if Deficiency Payment to British Sugar Corporation in included. (raw)
There are differentials from these rates according to degree of polarisation
Shell EggsFrom non-empire souces:
(a)Not exceeding 14 lbs. in weight per 1201/-per 120 4/6 per box of 30 doz.20/6 per box of 30 doz.42/7 per box of 30 doz.1/0½ per box of 30 doz.
(b) Over lbs, but not exceeding 17 lbs. in weight per 120.1/6 per 120
(c) Over 17 lbs. in weight per 1201/9 per 120
Dried Eggs10% ad valorem from Non-Empire sources£81 5s. 2d. per ton£192 15s. 6d. per ton£192 15s. 6d. per ton£81 5s. 2d. per ton
Domestic Pack.
Tea(d)Full 8d. per lb. Preferential 6d. per lb.6d. per lb.11d. per lb.11d. per lb.6d. per lb.
Sunflower Seed Oil15% ad valorem from non-Empire sources£25 per ton£46 13s. 4d. per ton on Margarine and Cooking Fat.£2 per ton on Margarine and Cooking Fat.
Herring Oil10% ad valorem from non-Empire sources£10 per ton
Bone-in-Beef and Veal.2/3 per lb.£7 15s. 0d. per ton£13 9s. 0d. per ton£38 2s. 0d. per ton£ 2s. 0d. per ton
Boneless Beef and Veal.20% ad valorem
Beef or Veal Offals
Canned Corned Meat20$ ad valorem£25 15s. 0d. per ton£24 11s. 6d. per ton£16 18s. 8d. per ton£18 0s. 0d. per ton
(d)Changes in these duties were announced in the Financial Statement for 1949–50.