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Royal Navy (Pensioners)

Volume 466: debated on Thursday 7 July 1949

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asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty the total number of Royal Navy petty officers and ratings on retired pay and the approximate annual pension figure paid to each rate.

At 31st March. 1949, there were 73,540 Naval and Royal Marine pensioners. The great majority of these men are long-service pensioners and approximate annual figures for each rate are:

Able Seamen£59£94
Leading Rates£70£109
Petty Officers£78£119
Chief Petty Officers (Seamen Class)£79£121
Chief Petty Officers (Engineering and Electrical Class)£100£151

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty the total number of officers of the Royal Navy on retired pay; the number in each grade; and the approximate retired pay of each rank.

There are at present 9,059 officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines on retired pay. An analysis of this total is given below:

Vice Admirals91
Rear Admirals200
Commanders (L)1
Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants2,141
Communication Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants57
Engineer Vice Admirals5
Engineer Rear Admirals114
Engineer Captains45
Engineer Commanders309
Engineer Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants426
Engineer Sub-Lieutenants4
Surgeon Vice Admirals5
Surgeon Rear Admirals20
Surgeon Captains47
Surgeon Commanders184
Surgeon Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants13
Surgeon Captains (D)5
Surgeon Commanders (D)9
Surgeon Lieutenant-Commanders (D)10
Rear Admirals (S)5
Captains (S)88
Commanders (S)241
Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants (S)231
Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants Instructors in Cookery1
Sub-Lieutenants (S)4
Instructor Captains14
Instructor Commanders37
Instructor Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants14
Chaplains of Fleet6
Shipwright Commanders1
Shipwright Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants81
Ordnance Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants12
Electrical Lieutenants31
Wardmaster Lieutenants18
Generals, Royal Marines7
Lieutenant-Generals, Royal Marines25
Major-Generals, Royal Marines16
Colonels, Royal Marines17
Lieutenant-Colonels, Royal Marines58
Majors, Royal Marines97
Captains, Royal Marines56
Lieutenants, Royal Marines19
Quartermasters, Royal Marines47
Temporary Royal Marine Officers136
Senior Commissioned Aircraft Officers2
Senior Commissioned Gunners417
Senior Commissioned Boatswains69
Senior Commissioned Signal Boatswains19
Senior Commissioned Communication Officers25
Senior Commissioned Masters-at-Arms9
Senior Commissioned Engineers226
Senior Commissioned Mechanicians30
Senior Commissioned Writer Officers16
Senior Commissioned Stores Officers21
Senior Commissioned Cookery Officers7
Senior Commissioned Shipwrights83
Senior Commissioned Ordnance Officers15
Senior Commissioned Electrical Officers26
Senior Commissioned Wardmasters14
Keeper and Steward of Royal Cabins in H.M. Yachts1
Senior Commissioned Photographers1
Commissioned Gunners313
Commissioned Boatswains120
Commissioned Signal Boatswains27
Commissioned Communication Officers21
Commissioned Masters-at-Arms14
Commissioned Engineers132
Commissioned Mechanicians18
Commissioned Writer Officers22
Commissioned Stores Officers4
Commissioned Cookery Officers1
Commissioned Shipwrights58
Commissioned Ordnance Officers4
Commissioned Electricians13
Commissioned Wardmasters1

Commissioned Aircraft Officers2
Commissioned Photographers2
Temporary Branch Officers, Royal Navy1,028
Temporary Officers, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve32
Senior Chief Officers, Shore Wireless Service19
Divisional Officers, Coast Guard9
Battery Officers, Coast Guard1
Chief Officers, Coast Guard74
Senior Mates, Permanent Cruiser Service4
Second Mates, Permanent Cruiser Service3
Senior Commissioned Officers, Royal Marines43
Commissioned Officers, Royal Marines69

Admiral or General, Royal Marines1,300001,50000
Vice-Admiral or Lieutenant-General Royal Marines1,120001,30000
Rear-Admiral or Major-General, Royal Marines950001,10000
Captain, Royal Navy (over six years) or Colonel, Royal Marines81410090000
Captain Royal Navy (under six years)81410082500
Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Marines71286
Commander, Royal Navy, or Major, Royal Marines58314662500
Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy, or Captain, Royal Marines4400047500

Branch Officers and Officers promoted therefrom

Commander, Royal Navy, or Major, Royal Marines3984050000
Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy, or Captain, Royal Marines3483045000
Lieutenant Royal Navy or Royal Marines29813037500
Senior Commissioned Officer, Royal Navy or Royal Marines24812030000
Commissioned Officer, Royal Navy or Royal Marines1796025000

These rates are received by officers who completed a normal career. I regret that it is not practicable to give approximate rates for officers whose careers terminate prematurely, for example on

Royal Navy7,299
Royal Navy, Temporary1,028
Royal Marines454
Royal Marines, Temporary136
Temporary, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve32
Coast Guard and Permanent Cruiser Service110

The rates for the various ranks are:

invaliding, as these rates vary considerably in individual cases according to the length of service actually rendered and other factors.