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Civil Estimates, Estimates For Revenue Departments And Estimate For The Ministry Of Defence, 1954–55 (Vote On Account)

Volume 524: debated on Wednesday 3 March 1954

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Motion made, and Question proposed,

That a sum, not exceeding £898,037,000, be granted to Her Majesty, on account, for or towards defraying the charges for the following Civil and Revenue Departments and for the Ministry of Defence for the year ending on the 31st day of March 1955, viz.

1.House of Lord40,000
2.House of Commons315,000
3.Registration of Electors300,000
4.Treasury and Subordinate Departments1,350,000
5.Privy Council Office10,000
6.Privy Seal Office2,890
7.Charity Commission30,000
8.Civil Service Commission124,000
9.Exchequer and Audit Department185,000
10.Friendly Societies Registry24,000
11.Government Actuary14,000
12.Government Chemist107,000
13.Government Hospitality20,000
14.The Mint10
15.National Debt Office10
16.National Savings Committee250,000
17.Public Record Office34,000
18.Public Works Loan Commission10
19.Royal Commissions, & c.70,000
20.Secret Service1,700,000
22.Tithe Redemption Commission10
23.Flood and Tempest Distress Relief750,000
24.Miscellaneous Expenses60,000
25.Scottish Home Department455,000
26.Scottish Record Office12,000
1.Foreign Service5,100,000
2.Foreign Office Grants and Services10,000,000
3.British Council600,000
4.United Nations1,400,000
5.Commonwealth Relations Office630,000
6.Commonwealth Services640,000
7.Oversea Settlement67,000
8.Colonial Office355,000
9.Colonial Services13,000,000
10.Overseas Food Corporation300,000

11.Development and Welfare (Colonies, &c.)5,000,000
12.Development and Welfare (Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and South African High Commission Territories)160,000
13.Imperial War Graves Commission450,000
1.Home Office1,464,000
2.Home Office (Civil Defence Services)4,200,000
3.Police, England and Wales10,695,000
4.Prisons, England and Wales2,600,000
5.Child Care, England and Wales2,300,000
6.Fire Services, England and Wales1,181,000
7.Carlisle State Management District10
8.Supreme Court of Judicature, etc.10
9.County Courts120,000
10.Legal Aid Fund400,000
11.Land Registry10
12.Public Trustee10
13.Law Charges172,000
14.Miscellaneous Legal Expenses40,000
Scotland: —
15.Scottish Home Department (Civil Defence Services)408,000
18.Approved Schools87,000
19.Fire Services16,000
20.State Management Districts10
21.Scottish Land Court7,000
22.Law Charges and Courts of Law72,000
23.Department of the Registers of Scotland10
Ireland: —
24.Supreme Court of Judicature, etc., Northern Ireland19,000
25.Irish Land Purchase Services606,000
1.Ministry of Education80,000,000
2British Museum188,000
3.British Museum (Natural History)100,000
4.Imperial War Museum14,000
5.London Museum7,000
6.National Gallery38,000
6A.Tate Gallery19,000
7.National Maritime Museum15,000
8.National Portrait Gallery8,000
9.Wallace Collection10,000
10.Grants for Science and the Arts550,000
11.Universities and Colleges, etc., Great Britain13,350,000

Scotland: —£
13.Public Education13,800,000
14.National Galleries11,000
14A.National Museum of Antiques5,000
15.National Library9,000
1.Ministry of Housing and Local Government3,600,000
2.Housing, England and Wales10,000,000
3.Exchequer Contributions to Local Revenues, England and Wales22,600,000
4.Ministry of Health1,383,000
5.National Health Service, England and Wales134,170,000
6.Medical Research Council800,000
7.Registrar General's Office135,000
8.Central Land Board150,000
9.War Damage Commission350,000
Scotland: —
10.Department of Health1,300,000
11.National Health Service15,500,000
13.Exchequer Contributions to Local Revenues3,510,000
14.Registrar General's Office21,000
1.Board of Trade1,800,000
2.Services in Development Areas1,605,000
3.Financial Assistance in Development Areas1,000,000
4.Export Credits10
5.Export Credits (Special Guarantees)150,000
6.Board of Trade (Strategic Reserves)20,000
7.Ministry of Labour and National Service6,920,000
8.Ministry of Materials247,000
9.Ministry of Materials (Trading Services and Assistance to Industry)348,000
10.Ministry of Materials (Strategic Reserves)20,000,000
11.Ministry of Supply66,000,000
12.Ministry of Supply (Purchasing (Repayment) Services)2,000,000
13.Royal Ordnance Factories2,800,000
14.Ministry of Supply (Strategic Reserves)25,000
1.Ministry of Works2,338,000
2.Houses of Parliament Buildings124,000
3.Public Buildings, United Kingdom9,327,000
4.Public Buildings Overseas680,000
5.Royal Palaces169,000
6.Royal Parks and Pleasure Gardens274,000
7.Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments228,000
8.Miscellaneous Works Services300,000
9.Rates on Government Property4,500,000

10.Stationery and Printing4,400,000
11.Central Office of Information500,000
12.Peterhead Harbour15,000
1.Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries3,800,000
2.Farming Grants and Subsidies20,100,000
3.Services to Agriculture6,000,000
4.Fishery Grants and Services1,050,000
5.Surveys of Great Britain, &c.985,000
6.Office of Commissioners of Crown Lands29,000
7.Agricultural Research Council and Nature Conservancy450,000
8.Development Fund450,000
9.Forestry Commission3,000,000
10.Ministry of Food50,000,000
11.Ministry of Food (Strategic Reserves)4,500,000
12.Department of Agriculture3,115,000
13.Fisheries (Scotland) and Herring Industry1,102,000
1.Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation2,400,000
2.Roads, etc13,335,000
3.Transport (Shipping and Special Services)1,386,000
4.Civil Aviation2,750,000
5/Ministry of Fuel and Power1,250,000
6.Ministry of Fuel and Power (Special Services)5,000,000
7.Atomic Energy20,000,000
8.Department of Scientific and and Industrial Research2,090,000
1.Superannuation and Retired Allowances4,100,000
2.Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance1,650,000
3.War Pensions, etc29,000,000
4.National Insurance and Family Allowances62,350,000
5.National Assistance Board45,600,000
6.Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions, etc.400,000
Total for Civil Estimates794,387,000
1.Customs and Excise4,400,000
2.Inland Revenue11,500,000
3.Post Office80,000,000
Total for Revenue Departments95,900,000
Ministry of Defence7,750,000
Total for Civil Estimates and Estimates for Revenue Departments together with Estimate for the Ministry of Defence£898,037,000