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Written Answers

Volume 656: debated on Friday 30 March 1962

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Written Answers To Questions

Friday, 30th March, 1962

Agriculture, Fisheries And Food


asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to what extent the main purpose of the £130 million which has been granted to the Forestry Commission is to reduce the excessive dependence of this country on imports of timber and timber products which now total approximately £200 million worth a year; and What estimate he has made of the proportion of our timber and board requirements likely to be provided from home sources over the next decade.

The Forestry Commission has several important purposes to fulfil, one of which is to reduce our reliance on imported wood and wood products, which are at present worth about £450 million. The Forestry Commission estimates that by 1972 home sources should be able to meet about 12 per cent. of the volume of this country's total requirements of wood and wood products, assuming present levels of consumption.

£ million
United Kingdom Financial Year1958–591958–601960–611961–62 Estimated
Loan = L
NOTES:(1) The above table includes grants and loans made through the Colonial Services and Colonial Development and Welfare Votes; investments by the Colonial Development Corporation from funds provided by Her Majesty's Government with effect from the year 1959–60, Exchequer Loans made under Section 2 of the Colonial Development and Welfare Act, 1959; and with effect from the year 1961–62, grants made under the Overseas Service Aid Scheme through the vote of the Department of Technical Co-operation.

Fowl Pest (Plant Committee's Report)

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on what date the Report of the Plant Committee on fowl pest is to be published.

The Report has now been published. The Government is considering the Committee's recommendations, and will, as soon as possible, invite representatives of all sections of the poultry industry and others concerned to discuss them.

East Africa

Kenya, Uganda And Zanzibar (Grants And Loans)

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies if he will state the total value of economic aid in grants or loans given or promised to Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar, respectively, since 1957.

The grants and loans made available to Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar by Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom financial years 1958–59 to 1961–62 inclusive are shown in the following table.(2) The grants in respect of the Overseas Service Aid Scheme included in the figures for 1961–62 are estimated to amount to £2,665 million in the case of Kenya, £1·449 million in the case of Uganda and £121,000 in the case of Zanzibar.(3) The grants to Kenya in 1961–62 include issues of grants-in-aid in respect of the two Kenya financial years 1960–61 and 1961–62. amounting in total to £6·177.As regards further aid promised the position is as follows:

  • (a) In the case of all three territories agreements have been signed with the respective Governments under the Overseas Service Aid Scheme covering a period of ten years from the 1st April 1961.
  • (b) In the case of Kenya I am considering the amount of grant-in-aid which will be necessary towards the expenses of administration in the Kenya financial year beginning the 1st July, 1962. The sum of £2½ million for this purpose has been provisionally included in the Estimates of the Colonial Grants and Loans Vote for 1962/63 (H.C. 118–11). At the 31st March, 1962, the unissued balance of the territory's Colonial Development and Welfare allocation is expected to amount to about £6¼ million. The balance of Exchequer loans remaining to be drawn for general development in the current Kenya financial year is £500,000 and I am considering what Exchequer loan funds can be made available for this purpose in the Kenya financial year 1962/63. Further Exchequer loans of £3¾ million have been promised towards agricultural settlement schemes.
  • Her Majesty's Government have also recently agreed to provide grants and loans totalling £1 million towards the cost of certain measures for maintaining agricultural production following the recent floods.

  • (c) In the case of Uganda I would refer to my reply to the hon. Member for Gosport and Fareham (Dr. Bennett) on 1st March about the financial assistance promised to Uganda.
  • (d) In the case of Zanzibar, it is estimated that the unspent balance of the Colonial Development and Welfare allocation will be £291,000 at the 31st March. 1962.
  • I am unable at present to give an estimate of the amounts of Exchequer advances which

    £ million
    United Kingdom Financial Year1959–601960–611961–62(estimate)
    1.Stock issued in London (Nominal value):
    (a) Public issues3·38
    (b) Others0·462·400·03
    2.Loans issued under section 1 of the Colonial Development and Welfare Act, 19590·361·030·24
    3.Loans issued under section 2 of the Colonial Development and Welfare Act, 1959 (Exchequer Loans8·322·7618·7
    4.Loans issued through the Colonial Services Vote2·751·591·40
    5.Loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development†2·0014·85
    6.Loan from the International Development Association†1·00


    * Figures in this table include loans to colonial territories which have subsequently become independent, but do not include loans to the Federal Government of Rhodes and Nyasaland

    † The figures of loans from the International Bank and the International Developnments Association represent the value of loans signed during the years in question. These loans are disbursed as expenditure on the loan project proceeds and the figures of actual disbursements during these years under these and earlier loans are not readily available.

    will be required by the Colonial Development Corporation for investment in the three territories in 1962–63.

    Questions To Treasury Ministers

    asked the Prime Minister if it is proposed to make any change in the practice in the Order of Questions to the Secretary to the Treasury.

    Yes. It has been agreed that in future, all Questions addressed to Treasury Ministers will be answered in the order in which they first appeared on the Order Paper.

    Colonial Territories


    asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies if he will state the amounts of the loans raised by Colonial Governments during each of the last three financial years.

    The amounts of loans raised externally by Colonial Governments from various sources in the financial years in question are shown in the following table. The amounts of loans raised locally and from other international sources than those shown are not readily available.

    Ministry Of Health

    Nursing And Midwifery Staff

    asked the Minister of Health what was the number of registered nurses, student nurses and an

    Registered (b) NursesStudent NursesEnrolled Nurses
    31st December, 1949 (c)10,06234,3815,53440,6482,71111,758
    30th September, 1958 (d)12,03845,7174,42749,4721,93710,731
    30th September, 1960 (d)12,28549,2825,04049,0351,86811,415
    30th September, 1961 (d)12,42349,8694,87748,8191,68611,743
    No figures available for 1962
    Pupil NursesOther Nurses StaffMidwivesPupil Midwives
    31st December, 1949 (c)2291,4294,96316,8305,2203,602
    30th September, 1958 (d)2284,8755,70528,0605,9903,889
    30th September, 1960 (d)2345,5435,64832,7796,4574,647
    30th September, 1961 (d)1795,9065,61435,2756,7514,640
    No figures available for 1962
    (a) Whole-time equivalent: part-time nurses being counted as half whole-time.
    (b) Nurses who are registered and engaged on the nursing duties for which they are qualified.
    (c) This is the earliest date for which figures are available.
    (d) Figures at 31st December not available for these years.
    Local health authority nursing and mid wifery staff20,24721,073Not yet available
    (i) Student district nurses233265
    (ii) Male home nurses319366
    (1) Comparable figures for 1948 are not available.
    (2) Student district nurses employed in home nursing are registered or enrolled nurses.
    (3) The majority of local health authority nursing staff undertake combined duties (e.g. health nursing) visiting, home nursing and domiciliary midwifery; or domiciliary midwifery and home nursing).

    asked the Minister of Health how many men and women entered the nursing profession in 1959, 1960, and 1961, respectively; and what numbers left during those years.

    cillary nursing staff, respectively, both male and female, in England and Wales on 31st December, 1948, 1958, 1960, 1961, and to the last convenient date in 1962.

    I regret that the information is not available in this form. The net increases in the number of nursing staff in the hospital service in England and Wales were 7,481 between 1958 and 1959, 3,490 between 1959 and 1960, and 6,022 between 1960 and 1961.


    A5 Trunk Road, Grendon

    asked the Minister of Transport whether it is intended to coordinate the construction of a service road on the south side of the A.5 trunk road at Grendon with the road works now being carried out, so that both improvements can be completed at the same time.

    The construction of this service road is not my Department's responsibility, but I agree it would be advantageous to build it concurrently with the improvement of the trunk road, and am ready to collaborate in achieving this. Arrangements have been made for the matter to be discussed with the Warwickshire County Council in the near future.

    Home Department

    Demonstration, Parliament Square

    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what cost was incurred in dealing with the demonstration by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Parliament Square on Saturday, 24th March; how the expenditure was or is liable to be disbursed, detailing the commitments of any local or national authorities concerned; and what is the approximate total of fines collected to date.

    The cost incurred cannot readily be estimated. Part of it falls to be met from the Exchequer and part from the London rates. Fines imposed to 1.00 p.m. today totalled £719 4s. 0d.

    Cigarettes (Advertisement)

    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will introduce legislation to prevent the advertisement of cigarettes.

    The restriction of tobacco advertising was one of the recommendations in the report of the Royal College of Physicians, which is now under consideration by Her Majesty's Government.

    Incidents, Trafalgar Square (Police Commissioner's Report)

    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department when he expects the report of the Commissioner of Police into police behaviour in Trafalgar Square on 17th September, which has now been submitted to the Royal Commission on the Police for consideration, to be published by the Royal Commission as evidence.

    As I explained in reply to a Question asked by the hon. Lady yesterday the Commissioner's report is confidential. Copies were given to the Royal Commission on the Police, in connection with its examination of the general question of dealing with complaints against the police; but it is not intended to publish the report.


    Perth-Inverkeithing Road

    asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether, in view of the inadequacy of the Perth-Inverkeithing road to meet the peak summer traffic, he will authorise improvements in this road to be completed in time for the opening of the Forth Road Bridge when the volume of such traffic will increase considerably.

    No. I have decided that priority must be given to other trunk routes which at present carry much heavier commercial traffic. Except for some short sub-standard lengths A.90 is below capacity at present and I do not expect the increase in traffic which will occur when the bridge is opened to produce really serious overloading. We will continue to watch the position and we are preparing schemes for diversions at Cowdenbeath, Kinross and Glenfarg.

    National Finance

    Colonial Territories And Commonwealth Countries (Grants And Loans)

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will give details of the total amount of loans and grants made to Colonial Territories and Commonwealth countries in each of the past three financial years; and if he will give an estimate of the amount of loans and grants proposed for 1962–63.

    Disbursements of grants and loans provided bilaterally from United Kingdom Government funds to Colonial Territories and independent Commonwealth countries have been as follows in the last three years. (Figures for 1961–62 are not yet available, and figures for the calendar year 1961 have been used):—

    £ million
    Colonial Territories
    Independent Commonwealth countries
    Details of the amounts provided in the form of grants and loans to individual countries and territories in 1959–60 and 1960–61 are available in Table 278 of the Annual Abstract of Statistics, October, 1961. Corresponding details for 1961–62 are expected to be available in an early issue of the monthly Digest of Statistics.Provision for part of this assistance is made from Votes; the remainder is provided from the Consolidated Fund "Below the Line". For the year 1962–63 the following provision for bilateral assistance to Colonial Territories and independent Commonwealth countries has been made in the Class II Estimates:—

    £ million
    Colonial Territories
    Colonial Development and Welfare Funds (mainly grants)22·7
    Other Grants14·3
    Other Loans0·5
    Independent Commonwealth countries
    Colonial Development and Welfare Funds (mainly grants)0·4
    Assistance from the Department of Technical Co-operation for Colonial Territories and independent Commonwealth countries (mainly grants)22·8

    (In addition provision of £1·5 million has been made for the United Kingdom's contribution in 1962–63 to the Indus Basin Development Fund.)

    Figures for the further amounts which are expected to be provided from the Consolidated Fund in 1962–63 will be included in the Financial Statement to be published on 9th April, 1962, in respect of the following items:—

    • Loans to Colonial Governments;
    • Loans to Colonial Development Corporation;
    • Loans under the Export Guarantees Acts.

    The figure for loans under the Export Guarantees Acts will cover a relatively small proportion of loan assistance to non-Commonwealth countries; otherwise this figure relates to loan drawings by independent Commonwealth countries. It is not customary to publish a breakdown by countries of prospective drawings on these loans for a period ahead.

    Apart from the contribution to the Indus Basin Development Fund, the figures above do not include contributions to multilateral organisations which provide assistance to all member countries, including Commonwealth territories.

    Colonial Territories (Loans)

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will give the amounts and the details of colonial loans made by the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development to United Kingdom Colonial Territories guaranteed under the Colonial Loans Act, 1962, during each of the last three years; and if he will state the loans and their amounts that are still outstanding at the most recent convenient date.

    Particulars of all loans made by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development which have been guaranteed by the Treasury under the Colonial Loans Acts, 1949 and 1952 are set out in the table below; the total of these loans is £87·8 million. The loans so made and guaranteed during the last three years are indicated by an asterisk in column 2 of the table; the amounts guaranteed in each of these years are as follows:


    Col. 1Col. 2Col. 3Col. 4Col. 5Col. 6Col. 7
    Recipient CountryDate of Loan AgreementPurpose of LoanOriginal Principal amount of LoanAmount of Loan Disbursed by I.B.R.D.RepaymentsAmount of Loan Guaranteed and not yet repaid at 31st December, 1961
    British Guiana23rd June, 1961*Agricultural development1,250,000NilNil1,250,000
    East Africa High Commission (now East African Common Services Organisation)15th March, 1955Railways and harbours24,000,00024,000,0004,060,00019,940,000
    Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland:
    (i)21st June, 1956Electric power development80,000,00080,000,000Nil80,000,000
    (ii)16th June, 1958Railway improvements19,000,00019,000,000420,00018,580,000
    (iii)1st April, 1960*Agricultural development5,600,0003,505,882Nil5,600,000
    (i)27th May, 1960*Agriculture and roads5,600,0002,076,689Nil5,600,000
    (ii)29th November, 1961*Land settlement and development8,400,000NilNil8,400,000
    Nigeria2nd May, 1958Railway development28,000,00028,000,000Nil28,000,000
    Northern Rhodesia11th March, 1953Railway development14,000,00014,000,0003,893,00010,107,000
    Southern Rhodesia27th February, 1952Electric power development28,000,00028,000,0007,333,00020,667,000
    Trinidad and Tobago16th August, 1961*Electric power23,500,000NilNil23,500,000
    Uganda29th March, 1961*Electric power development8,400,0003,773,800Nil8,400,000