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Written Answers

Volume 720: debated on Tuesday 16 November 1965

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Written Answers To Questions

Tuesday, 16th November, 1965


Rents (Income From Resale Of Electricity)


asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government if he will introduce appropriate legislation to ensure that the income obtained by landlords from the resale of electricity can be taken into consideration by rent tribunals.

Rent tribunals can do this under the present law where electricity is provided as part of the contract of letting. The difficulty is that electricity is often supplied under separate arrangements.



asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government what progress he has made in his discussions with the building industry, building societies, and affiliated interests, with a view to the introduction of measures to eradicate jerry-building; and whether he will make a statement.

My right hon. Friend is not yet ready to make a statement. Discussions are still continuing between the Building Societies Association and the National House-Builders Registration Council with a view to settling a basis for co-operation.

Local Authority Houses (Modernisation)

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government how many dwellings let by local authorities in England and Wales were modernised during the past year; how many then remained unmodernised; and if he will give similar figures for the county of Norfolk.

Local authorities in England and Wales received Exchequer contributions for the conversion and improvement of 32,368 of their own dwellings in 1964. Of these, 836 were in the county of Norfolk. My right hon. Friend estimates that over half a million houses belonging to local authorities remain unmodernised, but he cannot say how many of these are in Norfolk.

Rent Rebate Schemes

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government how many local authorities in Great Britain do not operate the rent rebate schemes; and if he will give a list of such authorities in the Official Report.

Local authorities are not required to notify my right hon. Friend of their rent policies and he is therefore unable to give the exact information the hon. Member seeks; but according to the 1963–64 Housing Statistics for England and Wales of the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants (which cover more than two-thirds of all authorities) some 59 per cent. of authorities do not operate rent rebate schemes.

Housing-Building (Direct Labour)

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government if he will make a statement on his policy for the use by local authorities of direct labour for house-building.

If direct labour departments are to operate efficiently in carrying out construction work, they need continuity of work. The present arrangements under which authorities are required to offer one in every three contracts for open competition operates against continuity. This rule will be abolished and more flexible arrangements introduced for keeping a check on prices. A circular on the subject is being sent to local authorities.

Local Government

Law Of Highways (Rights Of Way)

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government what action he proposes to take on the suggestion recently made to him by the Central Rights of Way Committee that he should set up a committee, on the lines of the Hobhouse Committee which reported in 1947, to inquire into necessary amendments to the law of highways regarding rights of way.

My right hon. Friend does not think a committee of inquiry is called for. Proposals for amendment of the law on this subject have recently been submitted by the Central Rights of Way Committee and also by one of the study groups which reported to last week's conference on the Countryside in 1970. They are now being carefully studied in connection with the Government's wider proposals for the countryside which my right hon. Friend the Minister of Land and Natural Resources announced at that conference.My right hon. Friend will keep in close touch with the Central Rights of Way Committee and other interested bodies in working, out the detailed legislative proposals.




asked the Minister of Power what estimate of the reduction in manpower in the coal industry in Scotland in 1965 and 1966 was made by Her Majesty's Government in

Date of expiry of appointmentPresent Age
The Rt Hon. Lord Robens of Woldingham, P.C., D.C.L.31.1.7154
Deputy Chairman
Sir Humphrey Browne, C.B.E., M.A., M.I.Min.E., F.B.I.M.31.8.7054
Full-time Members
A. W. John, O.B.E., F.C.A.12.2.6652
W. J. P. Webber, C.B.E., M.A.31.12.6664
H. E. Collins, C.B.E., M.Eng., M.I.Min.E.3.3.6762
C. A. Roberts, C.B.E., B.A.31.12.6957
D. J. Ezra, M.B.E.30.6.7046
Part-time Members
Sir Reginald Ayres, K.B.E., C.B.30.4.6665
L. G. Whyte, F.F.A.31.5.6659
S. Watson, C.B.E., D.C.L., D.L., J.P.30.6.6667

Stocks (Dispatch To Merchants)

asked the Minister of Power if he will give a general direction, in the public interest, to the National Coal Board to move stocks of coal from the pithead before the winter to merchant's yards to avoid potential shortages in January and February.

No. I understand that the National Coal Board are now offering merchants a wide range of house coal for early dispatch, and arrangements have been made for close liaison between the Coal Board and British Rail about the movement of coal in the winter months.

preparing page 122 of Command Paper No. 2764, the National Plan.

None. The estimates in the Plan were made by the National Coal Board. I have asked the Chairman to write to the hon. Member.

National Coal Board (Membership)

asked the Minister of Power what changes there have been in the membership of the National Coal Board since 15th October, 1964; and if he will state the residual service and age of each present member of the Board, both full-time and part-time.

Mr. A. H. A. Wynn's term of office as a full-time member expired on 20th February, 1965. Mr. D. J. Ezra was appointed a full-time member of the Board on 1st July, 1965, in succession to Mr. F. Wilkinson who retired on 30th June. The date of expiry of each member's appointment and his present age are given below:

Ministry Of Power

Appointments To Public Bodies

asked the Minister of Power if he will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT the names and addresses of persons appointed by him to public bodies and the remuneration they receive.

I would refer my hon. Friend to the information published in:—

  • (a) the White Paper on Public Boards, Cmnd. 2544;
  • (b) Annual Reports of the Iron and Steel Board and statements relating to Members' salaries laid before Parliament under Section 2(9) of the Iron and Steel Act, 1953;
  • (c) Annual Reports of the Industrial and Domestic Coal Consumers' Councils, and those of the Electricity and Gas Consultative Councils (annexed to the Annual Reports of the Area Electricity and Gas Boards). Service on these Councils is unpaid.
  • Gas

    Wales (Price)

    asked the Minister of Power what consultations he had with the Wales Gas Board before they fixed the price of their gas; and by what criteria this price was decided.

    In accordance with the normal practice, the Board consulted me about its proposals and I considered them in the light of the Board's financial position and the Government's prices policy. It would not be proper for me to disclose the nature of confidential discussions I have with the Chairmen of Boards, particularly where, as in this case, the matter is under consideration by the National Board for Prices and Incomes.

    Overseas Development



    asked the Minister of Overseas Development what progress has been made with the resettlement scheme in Kenya; how many European farms have been bought and how many African farmers settled; and what plans she has for assisting the Kenya Government to purchase further European mixed farms.

    Purchase of land under the Million Acres and the O1 Kalou schemes is virtually complete. About 1,000 European farms have been bought under the Million Acre scheme, on which about 25,000 African farmers have so far been settled. A further 83 farms have been bought under the O1 Kalou scheme.As regards further assistance for the purchase of European mixed farms, perhaps I may refer the hon. Member to my reply to the Written Question on the same subject by my right hon. Friend the Member for Derby, South (Mr. Philip Noel-Baker).

    asked the Minister of Overseas Development if she will now make a statement on her meeting with Kenyan Ministers.

    I have offered the Kenya Government, subject to Parliamentary approval, financial aid in the form of interest-free loans which will lead to disbursements of £18 million during the four-year period beginning in April, 1966. These loans will meet the cost of further purchases of European mixed farms at the rate of 100,000 acres per annum and will also be used for other development purposes to be agreed between the two Governments, including land consolidation. The Kenya Government have accepted this offer.I have also indicated that I am prepared to provide a limited sum over and above the £18 million to enable the Kenya Government to continue to purchase land belonging to farmers who are deemed eligible on compassionate grounds on the same criteria as hitherto.I am placing a copy of the joint communiqué, issued at the end of the talks yesterday afternoon, in the Library of the House. I hope also to place in the Library later in the week a fuller statement of the background of the talks.

    National Plan For 1970


    asked the Minister of Overseas Development what total of aid for the developing countries is allowed for in the National Plan for 1970.

    No figures have been given in the National Plan. As the plan points out, the amount of aid we give must be subject to restraint while our balance of payments difficulties persist. Only a small rise over current levels has been provided for, but the size of the aid programme will be reviewed periodically in the light of the progress made in overcoming our economic problems.

    South Pacific Region (Post-Secondary Education)


    asked the Minister of Overseas Development when the report on post-Secondary Education in the South Pacific Region is to be published.

    The mission is expected to complete its visit to the area shortly before Christmas and the question of the timing and publication of its report will then be considered.

    Assisted Countries

    asked the Minister of Overseas Development, if she will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT the names and populations of those territories which come under her jurisdiction.

    I assume that my hon. Friend wishes for a list of countries to which we give aid. The list is a long one. I will therefore send it to him by letter.


    Machine Tool Industry


    asked the Minister of Technology what assistance he is giving to the machine tool industry.

    Progress is being made on the various lines of action set out in my statement to the House on 14th June. I have already approved a proposal by the N.R.D.C. to support the development of a numerically-controlled lathe. A first list has been drawn up of machine tools and associated equipment for which it is proposed to place orders for preproduction models. Other ways of stimulating the use of numerically-controlled machine tools are under active consideration.

    National Finance

    Investment Clubs (Capital Gains)


    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will now introduce simpler procedures for calculating the capital gains of investment clubs.

    Yes. A simplified procedure has been evolved which is in principle satisfactory to the National Association of Investment Clubs.

    Income Tax (Dividends And Interest)


    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what rate of Income Tax should, under his regulations, be deducted from dividends paid by United Kingdom companies on or after April, 1966, to residents in countries with which the United Kingdom has no double taxation treaty.


    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what tax, under his regulations, is to be deducted on and after 6th April, 1966, on interest payment on intercorporate loans between wholly or partly owned United Kingdom subsidiary and foreign parent companies.

    Income tax should be deducted at the standard rate, except where the company is authorised to pay in full under arrangements for the relief of double taxation.

    Government Contracts (Scotland)


    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will make a statement on the number and nature of privately-owned firms in Scotland to which Government contracts have been given during each of the last 10 years.

    I regret that this information is not available. I will, however, write to my hon. Friend shortly giving him such relevant information as is available.

    Balance Of Payments Statistics

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what steps he is taking to review the presentation of Great Britain's balance of payments statistics.

    Ways of improving the balance of payments statistics are continuously under review. In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the amount of information published. The last major change in the general presentation of the accounts was in 1959. Too frequent changes are not desirable, but the advantages and disadvantages of possible alternative presentations are being re-examined.

    The hon. Member will have noticed that the quarterly balance of payments figures for 1964 and 1965 published in Economic Trends have included an "analysis of financing" table. Its purpose is to show for recent periods the contribution of the out-turn on current and long-term capital accounts and of movements of short-term capital to the total which had to be financed in recent periods from the reserves and by short-and medium-term official borrowing from overseas.

    Corporation Tax And Income Tax

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what is the estimated yield of Corporation Tax at 35 per cent., 36 per cent., 37 per cent., 38 per cent., 39 per cent., and 40 per cent. and the estimated yield of Income Tax at the

    19591960196119621963£ million 1964
    Non-Sterling Countries
    North America3366215†
    Federal Republic of Germany27‡47‡60687785
    Other Europe161713161715
    Other Countries668677
    Overseas Sterling Countries
    Middle East (including East Africa)172433353538
    Far East (excluding Hong Kong)444652526477
    Hong Kong88109910
    Other Countries344618
    * Expenditure in the invisibles account of the U.K. balance of payments. Defence aid includes gifts of military equipment and services provided free of charge.
    † Includes £9 million in respect of logistic support of Commonwealth Forces during the war in Korea.
    ‡ In 1959 and 1960 the Federal Republic of Germany made direct financial contributions to the support of the B.A.O.R. (£24 million and £12 million respectively).

    British Forces, Germany (Foreign Exchange Cost)

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how much has been spent in this country by the German Government against the £45 million promised for the year to 5th April, 1966.

    standard rates of 7s. 7s. 3d., 7s. 6d. 7s. 9d., 8s. and 8s. 3d., all for the financial year 1966–67.

    Overseas Military Expenditure

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will give an analysis by currency and area of defence expenditure across the exchanges in each year from 1959.

    The information is given in the following table. As I explained in answer to a Question by the hon. Member on 13th May, an analysis of payments by the currencies in which they were made is not available.that additional exports to a value of £45 million in respect of the two-year period ending on 31st March, 1966, were to be financed half from German funds already deposited in London and half from new payments across the exchanges. None of these exports has yet taken place but a number of contracts are under negotiation.

    Civil Service (Executive Officer Grade)

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many applications have been received in 1965 to date for entry to the Civil Service at Executive Officer grade; and how many appointments have been made from the applications.

    Applications for established posts in the Executive Officer Grade this year up to 11th November number 5,492. Of these 1,274 have so far been appointed.

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many posts were available in the Executive Officer Grade of the Civil Service in 1963, 1964, and 1965, respectively.

    The number of vacancies in the Executive Officer Grade for candidates for open competitions were:

    1963at least 1,366
    1965 (up to 11th November)2,565

    Government Contracts

    asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will take steps to ensure that the power of Her Majesty's Government in awarding contracts to privately-owned firms is used as an instrument to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfactory export performance by such firms.

    The Government aims to secure the best possible value for money in awarding contracts. We are examining means by which public procurement policies might be more effectively directed towards these purposes.

    Public Building And Works

    Plasterboard (Supply)


    asked the Minister of Public Building and Works what steps he is taking to ensure an adequate supply of plasterboard in all parts of the country.

    My right hon. Friend met the manufacturers' representatives in November, 1964, and arrangements were then made to distribute supplies as equitably as possible.

    Iron Doors, Westminster Hall

    asked the Minister of Public Building and Works whether he will replace the iron doors on the east and west walls of Westminster Hall with glass to show the original Norman arches.

    Home Department

    Commonwealth Immigrants (Dependent Children)


    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if dependent children between 16 and 18 years of age still undergoing full-time education will normally be permitted to join or accompany parents who are Commonwealth immigrants to Great Britain.

    Commonwealth Immigrants (Conditions Of Admission)

    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many of the 54,319 Commonwealth immigrants admitted to the United Kingdom during the month of September came for employment and counted against the 10,000 maximum per annum; what check there is on the balance; for what purpose they came; whether they can stay indefinitely; whether they can seek employment subsequently; and if he will make a statement.

    Commonwealth citizens subject to Part I of the Commonwealth Immigrants Act, 1962, who were admitted during September, 1965, were classified as follows:

    Other immigrants236
    Returning residents14,084
    Visitors for more than six months1,717
    Remaining incoming passengers (mainly visitors for periods of less than six months)29,504
    Most of those in the last three categories were admitted on conditions limiting the period of their stay; and, in some cases, there was an additional condition restricting freedom to take employment. A Commonwealth citizen is free to stay in the United Kingdom or, as the case may be, to take employment save when doing so conflicts with the conditions on which he has been admitted to the United Kingdom. On 2nd August the issue of vouchers was reduced to a rate of 8,500 a year. A voucher normally remains valid for six months and some of the voucher-holders who were admitted during September will have been granted their vouchers before the rate of issue was reduced.

    Civil Defence (Review)

    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department when he intends to announce the result of his review of Civil Defence.

    The review is still in progress, and I cannot yet say when I

    Quarter Ending
    30th June, 1962Officers4242
    Other Ranks1,2061,226
    30th September, 1962Officers10263
    Other Ranks3,0142,003
    31st December, 1962Officers12928
    Other Ranks3,9081,201
    31st March, 1963Officers15338
    Other Ranks4,5341,315
    30th June, 1963Officers18425
    Other Ranks4,2671,725
    30th September, 1963Officers19933
    Other Ranks3,9241,719
    31st December, 1963Officers21220
    Other Ranks4,3891,861
    31st March, 1964Officers22627
    Other Ranks5,3122,188
    30th June, 1964Officers23421
    Other Ranks5,8732,182
    30th September, 1964Officers23617
    Other Ranks6,1151,127
    31st December, 1964Officers25028
    Other Ranks6,3811,161
    31st March, 1965Officers25118
    Other Ranks6,5181,088
    30th June, 1965Officers24626
    Other Ranks6,204982
    30th September, 1965Officers24721
    Other Ranks6,081834

    Phantom Aircraft

    asked the Secretary of State for Defence if he will make a statement on the possible purchase of American Phantom aircraft; and what plans he has for the installation of British engines and electronic equipment in such aircraft.

    shall be able to make a statement.

    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he is aware of the uncertainty felt by members of the Civil Defence services regarding the future of that service; what action he will take; and if he will make a statement.

    I understand the need to end this uncertainty, and I shall make a statement as soon as the review of civil defence preparations has been completed.

    Ministry Of Defence

    Territorial Army Emergency Reserve


    asked the Secretary of State for Defence if he will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT a table showing the strength and recruiting figures for the Territorial Army Emergency Reserve for each quarter since its formation.

    Present plans provide for Phantom aircraft to come into squadron service in 1968–69 with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, and initial orders have been placed for the aircraft. As regards the installation of British equipment, I would refer the hon. Member to the Answer given by my right hon. Friend the Minister of Aviation on 4th August, 1965.

    Ministry Of Labour

    Manufacturing And Industrial Workers (Wage Rates)


    asked the Minister of Labour what was the increase in his Department's wage index for male wage earners in manufacturing and industrial grades during the period from 1st July, 1963 to 1st July, 1965.

    Between 30th June, 1963 and 30th June, 1965 the weekly wage rates index for men in manufacturing industries increased by 7·9 per cent. The comparable increase for men in all industries and services combined was 9 per cent.During the same period the index of hourly wage rates for men in manufacturing industries increased by 10·2 per cent. and in all industries and services combined by 11·3 per cent.All the figures relate to manual workers only.

    Offices, Shops And Railway Premises Act, 1963 (Inspections)

    asked the Minister of Labour, whether he is satisfied with the rate of progress in relation to inspections under the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act, 1963; if he will state by categories the number of inspections already carried out; and what is his estimate of the number which will have to be carried out to complete the inspection of premises now in existence.

    I am reasonably satin; fled with the rate of progress so far, though it will inevitably be a long term task to inspect all existing premises and inspection is not a once-for-all process.Figures of inspections in 1964 are given in Table 3 of my first report on the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act, 1963. Later figures are not available since they are collected from local authorities annually. It is not, therefore, possible at this stage to give a reliable estimate of the number of inspections which would be necessary to complete the initial inspection of existing premises.

    Ministry Of Health

    Public Health Inspectors


    asked the Minister of Health, to what extent the local government requirements for public health inspectors are not being met; if he will state the reasons for any shortfall; and what steps he is taking to deal with the situation.

    An inquiry made by the Public Health Inspectors Education Board showed that in December, 1963, about 12 per cent. of public health inspectors posts were unfilled. The shortage is due particularly to extension of the scope of their duties under recent legislation. As the number of public health inspectors entering training has been rising substantially, my right hon. Friend has no present proposals for further action.

    Agriculture, Fisheries And Food

    Farm Business Recording Scheme

    asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will make a statement on the pilot scheme of grants for farm business record keeping.

    As my hon. Friend is aware, my Department recently announced that the Farm Business Recording Scheme would be introduced on 1st November to cover the counties of Cheshire, Norfolk, Staffordshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire, and gave details of the Scheme. The Scheme was also introduced on the same day in parts of Scotland and in Northern Ireland. We intend to extend it to cover the whole country as quickly as possible, making any changes our experience in the pilot areas shows to be necessary. Adequate business records are of great benefit to the farmer and the Government hope that the new Scheme will encourage both the keeping of business records and the formation of professional record-keeping services.

    Fowl Pest, Nottinghamshire

    asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will give the comparable incidence of fowl pest in Nottinghamshire in relation to the country as a whole; and if he will give comparative figures for vaccination against fowl pest.

    There have been 121 outbreaks of fowl pest in Nottinghamshire in the 12 months ending October, 1965, as compared with 690 in the whole of England and Wales. At the time when the Ministry ceased to supply subsidised vaccine at the end of March, 1965, it was estimated that vaccine was being used by poultry-keepers at a rate sufficient to provide protection for some three-quarters of the national poultry flock. Information received since from the vaccine manufacturers suggests that this rate is at least being maintained. It is, however, not possible to say how much vaccine is being used in Nottinghamshire, nor what proportion of that county's poultry flocks are being properly protected by a regular programme of vaccination.

    Economic Affairs

    Coal Prices (National Board For Prices And Incomes)

    asked the First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, in view of the fact that the price of coal and coke has risen by more than the increase in transport costs in the last six months, if he will refer the price of coal and coke to the National Board for Prices and Incomes.

    We have already made known our intention to refer to the National Board for Prices and Incomes increases in coal prices considered necessary by the National Coal Board.

    Commonwealth Relations

    Pakistan And India (Detained Ships And Cargoes)

    asked the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations what representations have been made to the Governments of Pakistan and India for the release of ships and cargoes detained by them, in which there is a substantial British financial interest.

    A substantial amount of cargo, six ocean-going ships and a number of river vessels have been detained at Pakistan and Indian ports. This property is to a large extent insured or reinsured in this country. A good deal of the cargo is also British-owned. The British Government have made clear to the Governments of both Pakistan and India their view on the desirability of the early release of these ships and cargoes. They have noted with satisfaction the offer of the Government of India to agree on a reciprocal basis to such releases and the termination of contraband control. The response of the Government of Pakistan to this offer is awaited.

    Education And Science

    School Classes (Sizes)

    asked the Secretary of State for Education and Science how many children are being taught in primary school classes containing more than 40 children; how many children are being taught in secondary school classes with more than 30 children; and what percentages of the totals are involved in each case.

    The relevant information, as at January, 1964, has been published in "Statistics of Education 1964, Part One" (Tables 13 and 14). Data for January, 1965 will be available in about two months' time.

    Pensions And National Insurance

    National Assistance (Fuel Costs)

    asked the Minister of Pensions and National Insurance what instructions she has given to the National Assistance Board as regards assisting applicants with their fuel costs during the winter season; and if she will make a statement.

    None. The Board's local officers already make allowances for the cost of extra fuel in the weekly grants of recipients where expenditure on heating needs to be above the normal level.

    "Everybody's Guide To National Insurance"

    asked the Minister of Pensions and National Insurance if she will publish an up-to-date version of "Everybody's Guide to National Insurance", last published in May, 1964.

    Yes. An up-to-date edition of the Guide was published today and is now on sale at Government bookshops, booksellers, and local National Insurance Offices. I have sent copies to all Members.


    Police Forces

    asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many Scottish police authorities were below their authorised strengths at the latest available date; how many were up to authorised strength; and what shortage existed in the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee areas.

    At 31st October, 1965, 28 police forces were below authorised male establishment, but of these, 12 were within 5 per cent. of establishment; three forces were up to establishment. The corresponding figures for women were 18 forces below and 12 up to strength. (One force does not have policewomen.) Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee were below establishment by 9·3, 10·3, 1·2, and 12·4 per cent. respectively, men and women together.

    NamePublic BodyRemuneration
    Mr. R. H. W. Bruce, Sand Lodge, Sandwick, Shetland.(1) Highland Transport Board (Chairman)2,000
    (2) Crofters Commission1,000
    Dr. W. J. Lyon Dean, O.B.E., J.P., St. Gerardines, Lossiemouth, Morayshire.(1) Herring Industry Board*1,000
    (2) White Fish Authority and Scottish Committee of that Authority*1,500
    Rt. Hon. Lord Lloyd, Clouds Hill, Offley, Hitchin, Herts.(1) Herring Industry Board*1,000
    (2) White Fish Authority*1,000
    Mr. James A. Keyden, St. Malo, Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire.(1) Highland Transport Board1,000
    (2) Cumbernauld Development Corporation500
    (3) Scottish Milk Marketing Board
    * Appointed jointly by the Secretary of State for the Home Department, the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
    † Such emoluments as the Board, subject to the agreement of producers, may decide.

    Teachers (Dependants' Pensions Scheme)

    asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many men teachers were in service in Scotland on 1st April, 1965, who could elect to enter or not to enter the scheme for pensions for widows and children; how many did make such election; and of those who did make election how many elected to join the scheme and how many opted out.

    Buildings (Scotland) Act 1959 (Garden Sheds And Greenhouses)

    asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he will simplify or remove the regulations affecting small garden sheds and small greenhouses contained in the Buildings (Scotland) Act 1959.

    Some relaxations are proposed in draft amending Regulations which were published in September. If the hon. Member has any particular point in mind, perhaps he would write to me.

    Public Bodies (Appointees And Remuneration)

    asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will publish in the OFFICIAL. REPORT the names and addresses of persons who have been appointed by him to more than one public body in Scotland; and if he will give their remuneration.

    I have appointed a considerable number of people to more than one public body, but most of those appointments carry no remuneration.The following are those whom I have appointed to more than one remunerative position:

    About 16,500, of whom 14,700 made elections; 4,961 have elected to join the scheme and 9,739 opted out.

    asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many teachers in Scotland have made application for a quotation of contribution rates in respect of possible nominations under the scheme for pensions for dependants; how many nominations have been made; and how many have been accepted.

    There have been 50 applications and 14 nominations. Three have been accepted; the remaining 11 are under consideration.

    Board Of Trade

    Industrial Development, King's Lynn (Land Requirements)

    asked the President of the Board of Trade what area of land has been required by new firms in the King's Lynn area, per man employed, for industrial development certificates granted from 1st January, 1964 to date; and what extra acreage will be needed on a similar basis to provide jobs for the expected population increase.

    Applications for industrial development certificates specify the floor space to be covered by the buildings, and the numbers to be employed; they do not specify the total area of the site, and since this information is not required for the, purpose of determining applications it is not collected by the Board of Trade. It is the responsibility of the local planning authority to assess the amount of land required for industrial development having regard to the long-term needs of the King's Lynn area.

    Industrial Development, West Durham

    asked the President of the Board of Trade if, in view of the

    Goods liable to the Temporary Charge on Imports*Goods not liable to the Temporary Charge on Imports*
    Valuemillion)Percentage change from a year earlierValuemillion)Percentage change from a year earlier
    November and December
    January to September
    November, 1963 to September, 19641,4833,620
    November, 1964 to September, 19651,499+1·13,742+3·4
    * The figures given are not exact but represent a close approximation to the two categories.

    continued contraction of the mining industry in West Durham, he will draw the attention of industrialists to vacant sites in the area where there is scope for considerable development; and if he will take the initiative by making an early allocation of an advance factory.

    Officials will continue to draw the attention of industrialists to suitable sites in West Durham. The advance factory at Crook, announced a year ago, should be ready for occupation shortly, and every effort is being made to find a suitable tenant. It is too soon to add to the advance factory programme announced in September, but when the position is reviewed the claims of West Durham will be considered together with those of other development districts.


    asked the President of the Board of Trade what was the total value of all goods imported into the United Kingdom subject to the import surcharge in the year ended 31st October, 1965, and in the year ended 31st October, 1964; what was the total value of all goods imported into the United Kingdom not subject to the import surcharge in each of those two years; and, in each case, what was the percentage change from year to year.

    Detailed import figures are not yet available for October, 1965. Figures covering the 11 months ending 30th September are as follows:

    Footwear (Exports To Efta And Eec Countries)

    asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that, although there have been increases in both the value and volume of exports of footwear to the European Free Trade Association and the European Economic Community countries taken as a group in the first seven months of 1965 compared with the first seven months of 1964, British exports to Belgium and Italy have declined; and what is the reason for this.

    The general increase in our footwear exports to E.F.T.A. and E.E.C. countries reflects great credit on the the British industry. I know of no special reason why Belgium and Italy should, I hope temporarily, show a different trend, though some fluctuation in exports to particular markets must be expected.

    Standard Telephones And Cables Limited

    asked the President of the Board of Trade what Government grants were given to Standard Telephones and Cables Limited in 1963 and 1964.

    I have nothing to add to the answer which my right hon. Friend gave to my hon. Friend on 12th November last.


    Schoolchildren (Concessionary Fares)

    asked the Minister of Transport, if, in view of the older school leaving age, he will now increase the half fare concession for school children above the age of 14 years.

    No. I would refer the hon. Member to the Answer given yesterday to my hon. Friend the Member for Derbyshire, South-East (Mr. Park).

    Staff (Working Hours)

    asked the Minister of Transport, what were the average hours worked by male and female road and rail staff of London Transport in April, 1965 or at any other recent date; and if he will, in future, seek to publish such information in the Ministry of Labour Gazette at the same time as he publishes the earnings figures of the London Transport Board.

    I understand from the London Transport Board that there are at present no figures readily available to show the average hours worked by London Transport staff in April, 1965, or for a more recent date. However, the Ministry of Labour and the Board are considering the possibility of producing such figures in future in the Ministry of Labour Gazette.

    Drivers (Motoring Offences)

    asked the Minister of Transport, how many driving licences were issued to males and females, respectively, during 1964; and how many males and females, respectively, were convicted in 1960–64 of careless driving, dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drink or drugs, and causing death by dangerous driving.

    It is estimated that 8,100,000 licences were issued or renewed during 1964 and that at the end of 1964 there were 14,300,000 persons in Great Britain holding a current driving licence. The numbers of persons convicted of various driving offences during 1962, 1963 and 1964 are given below.Figures for earlier years and separate figures for males and females are not readily available.

    YearCareless or dangerous drivingDriving under the influence of drink or drugsCausing death by dangerous driving


    Trunk Road Schemes, Warwickshire

    asked the Minister of Transport, to what extent the trunk road building programme in Coventry and Warwickshire is affected by the recent proposed reductions in capital expenditure; and which projects are affected.

    No trunk road schemes in Coventry have been affected by the current deferment of public expenditure.The following trunk road major improvement schemes in the administrative

    county of Warwickshire, originally due to start before the end of next January, have been deferred:—

    Estimated cost
    A.5—Dordon—Green Lane£98,000
    A.5—Green Lane—Quarry Hill£47,000
    A.423—Tunnel Canal Bridge£55,000
    These schemes are now expected to start in the spring.