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Classified Road Programme, 1969–70

Volume 722: debated on Tuesday 14 December 1965

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asked the Minister of Transport if he will announce the further extension of the classified road programme to 1969–70.

My provisional list of schemes costing over £100,000 each for 1969–70 outside London and the conurbations is set out below. These, together with one or two other schemes still under consideration, are estimated

Highway AuthorityDescription SchemeEstimated Cost (Grant Element)
South Eastern Division
Portsmouth C.B.CClass I Potential Inner Ring Road—Southern Section, Commercial Road (A.3) to Victoria Avenue.800,000 (600,000)
Surrey C.CClass II—Smithambottom-Burgh Heath-Betchworth Road (B.2032), Pebblehill-Pass between South Orbital Road and Maidstone-Guildford Road (A.25).600,000 (360,000)
Kent C.CClass I—Maidstone-Chatham Road (A.229) between M.2. and A.20 (M).1,000,000 (750,000)
East Sussex C.CA.21—Flimwell Diversion550,000 (412,500)
Surrey C.CClass I—Guildford, Farnham-Alton Road (A.31), Dual carriageways from junction with B.3009 at Tongham to Puttenham Cross Roads (B.3000).480,000 (360,000)
Surrey C.CClass I—London-Eastbourne Road (A.22), Godstone By-pass between South Orbital Road and the Maidstone-Guildford Road (A.25) to Godstone.420,000(315,000)
West Sussex C.C. (Worthing B.C.).Class I—London-Worthing Road (A.24), Reconstruction of Broadwater Bridge and Approaches, Worthing.300,000 (225,000)
South Western Division
Devon C.CA.379—Teignmouth Central Area, new road, Potential Class 1, £132,000, Potential Class III, £17,000.149,000 (107,000)
Somerset C.C. (Yeovil T.C.)A.37—Kingston-Yeovil Through Route, Part II, Red Lion Inn-Fiveways.150,000 (112,500)
Dorset C.C. (Poole T.C.)Potential Class I—Overbridge at level crossing, Poole Old Town, Stage I.550,000 (412,500)
Plymouth C.B.CA.388—North Cross Roundabout. Stage I650,000 (487,500)
Somerset C.C. (Weston-super-Mare T.C).A.371—Locking Moor Road-Windwhistle Road250,000 (187,500)
South Midland Division
Salisbury City/WiltsCity Relief Road—Stage II, Weeping Cross (A.30) to Castle Road (A.345).380,000 (285,000)
Bucks CCA.412—Dualling from Five points, Iver Heath to Denham Roundabout.474,000 (355,500)

to cost about £36 million, towards which the Government expect to contribute approximately £28 million.

As in previous years, I am asking the highway authorities concerned to confirm that they are ready to start work on the schemes in the year indicated and also that the estimated cost and other details already notified to me still hold good.

Inclusion of schemes in this list is without prejudice to the outcome of any necessary planning and land acquisition procedures, or to the acceptance, in some cases, of the potential classification indicated.

Classified road schemes costing under £100,000 each and those within London and the conurbations are programmed separately but it is expected that, overall, approximately £150 million worth of new classified road schemes will go ahead in 1969–70, towards which the Government plan to contribute some £108 million in grants.

Highway Authority

Description of Scheme

Estimated Cost (Grant Element) £

Bristol C.B.C.Inner Circuit Road—Stage V, Colstone Avenue to Horsefair.574,000 (430,500)
Gloucestershire C.C.Avonmouth-Aust Coast Road (B.4055)387,000 (232,200)
Gloucester C.B.CInner Relief Road—Part II, St. Oswald Road to Bruton Way.300,000 (150,000)
Berkshire C.CWokingham Road (A.329)—Dualling500,000(375,000) Provisional
Berks C.CA.420—Cumnor and Botley By-Pass750,000 (550,000)
Bristol C.B.C. and Gloucester C.C.Parkway—Stage I, Hambrook Spur (M.4) to Muller Road.3,100,000 (2,325,000)

West Midland Division

Warwickshire C.CA.444—North of Bedworth By-Pass to Coton Arches, Nuneaton.431,000 (323,250)
Shrewsbury B.CPotential Class II—Meole Island to the Column513,000 (308,000)
Worcestershire C.CA.435—Station Road, Wythall to south of Gorcott Hill1,300,000 (975,000)
Warwickshire C.CA.452—Kenilworth Western By-pass to Morlands Bridge (section between north of Balsall Common and Morlands Bridge).433,000 (325,000)

North Western Division

Blackburn C.B.CPotential Class I—Internal Relief Road, Stage I1,000,000 (750,000) Provisional
Ellesmere Port T.CPotential Class I—Rossmore Road to Oil Sites Road, Ellesmere Port, proposed new road.1,200,000 (900,000)
Lancashire C.C. and Bolton C.B.C.Potential Class I—New link road from A.673 west of Bolton to M.61.865,000 (649,000)
Warrington C.B.CA.49—Bridge Foot Flyover450,000 (338,000)
Cheshire C.CPotential Class I—Nantwich town enctre, Redevelopment, Stage I, of By-pass to town centre.160,000 (120,000) Provisional
Lancashire C.CA.674—New link road from A.674 to M.61400,000 (300,000)
Chester C.B.CA.56—Brook Street Improvement from Inner Ring Road (proposed north-east section) to Brook Street Bridge near Black Diamond Street.250,000 (188,000)

Northern Division

Middlesbrough C.B.C.Northern Route and Tees Newport Bridge—Potential, Class I.1,142,000 (857,000)
Durham C.C.Durham City Through Road—Stage II, Elvet Bridge180,000 (135,000)
Carlisle C.B.CCivic Centre—Caldew Bridge A.595300,000 (225,000)
Middlesbrough C.B.C.Class I—Marton Road, Improvement344,000 (258,000)
Durham C.C.Durham City Through Road—Stage III, A. 177319,000 (239,000)
Durham C.C. (Washington New Town).A. 182—Shipley Row Improvement300,000 (225,000)
Durham C.C. (Washington New Town).B.1289—Hylton-Washington reconstruction250,000 (150,000)

York and Humberside Division

Kingston-upon-Hull C.B.CPotential Class I (part) and Class II (part)—Extension of Ferensway and Hessle Road to Myton Place and improvement of Hessle Road from Bean Street to Porter Street.950,000 (712,500) Provisional
Sheffield C.B.CPotential Class I—Widening of Eyre Street from Furnival Street to St. Mary's Road.200,000 (150,000)
Sheffield C.B.CA.61—Improvement at Wadsley Bridge265,000 (199,000)
Rotherham C.B.CPotential Class I—Inner By-pass-Section 2680,000 (510,000)
YorkCB.CA.19—Gillygate Improvement165,000 (123,000)

Highway Authority

Description of Scheme

Estimated Cost (Grant Element)£

Doncaster C.B.C.Potential Class I—Eastern Inner By-pass, Stage I560,000 (420,000)
East Riding C.C.A.1035—Hull Bridge Tickton Diversion250,000 (187,500)
Lindsey C.C.A.161—Crowle Over Bridge317,000 (238,000)

East Midland Division

Nottingham C.B.C.Eastern Sector, Inner Ring Bridge, Phase II3,550,000 (2,663,000)
Leicestershire C.C.A—50 Dualling between Glenfield and City Boundary210,000 (158,000)
Lincoln C.B.C.Inner Ring Road—Stage II430,000 (322,000)
Northampton C.B.C.A.5123, A.50 and B.567—Improvement at Plough Hotel Junction.300,000 (225,000)
Notts. C.C. and Mansfie B.C. (claiming authority).Inner Ring Road (Nottingham Road to Leeming Street) (A.60).220,000(165,000) Provisional

Eastern Division

Hertfordshire C.C.Class—I Watford Central Area, Phase III2,600,000 (1,950,000)
Essex C.CClass I—Chelmsford Inner Relief Road (Stage 2(b))306,000 (229,000)
Cambridgeshire C.C.A.130—Sawston By-pass (single 2Lcarriageway only)180,000 (135,000)
Gt. Yarmouth C.B.C.A.47—Fullers Hill and Bure Bridge187,000 (140,000)
Hertfordshire C.C.A.1010—Waltham Cross Link Road524,000 (393,000)
Norwich C.B.C.A.47—Foundry Bridge Junction340,000 (255,000)
Essex C.CClass II—Inner Ring Road, Colchester-southern leg from Lexden Road to Osborne Street.1,120,000 (672,000)
Hertfordshire C.C.A.412—Uxbridge Road, Rickmansworth. Widening236,000 (177,000)
Essex C.C. (Borough of Colchester).A. 133—Greenstead Roundabout to Clengoe Hill520,000 (390,000)