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Overseas Aid Money

Volume 728: debated on Wednesday 18 May 1966

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Resolution reported,

That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to make provision as to the power of the Minister of Overseas Development to provide assistance to, or for the benefit of, overseas countries and territories; to enable effect to be given to an international agreement for the establishment and operation of an Asian Development Bank; to enable the said Minister to make further contributions to the Indus Basin Development Fund and to remit interest on certain advances to the Commonwealth Development Corporation; to amend section 2 of the Colonial Development and Welfare Act 1959 and section 1 of the Commonwealth Teachers Act 1960; and to provide for the establishment and administration of an Overseas Service Pensions Scheme, it is expedient to authorise payments out of moneys provided by Parliament and out of the Consolidated Fund, payments into the Exchequer, the borrowing of money and the remission of debt, under the following heads:
  • A. The payment out of moneys provided by Parliament—
  • (1) of any expenses incurred by the Minister of Overseas Development (hereinafter referred to as "the Minister") in furnishing any person or body with financial, technical or other assistance for the purpose of promoting the development of, or maintaining the economy of, a country or territory outside the United Kingdom or the welfare of its people;
  • (2) of any expenses so incurred in undertaking, or promoting the undertaking of, research for the purpose of enabling the Minister to furnish technical assistance to any person or body as mentioned in paragraph (1) above;
  • (3) of any sums required by the Minister for making payments to, or to the order of, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the purposes of the Indus Basin Development Fund, not exceeding in the aggregate the sum of £13,978,571;
  • (4) of any increase in the sums payable out of moneys so provided attributable to a provision of the said Act of the present Session—
  • (a) abolishing the limit imposed by section 1(3) and (4) of the Commonwealth Teachers Act 1960 on the sums which under that Act and the Commonwealth Scholarships Act 1959 are authorised to be defrayed out of moneys so provided;
  • (b) providing for so extending the said Act of 1960 as to enable the Minister to make payments for encouraging persons from the Republic of Ireland to become temporarily employed in countries and territories outside the United Kingdom as teachers or in connection with teaching and for facilitating the return to, and resettlement in, the said Republic of persons so employed;
  • (5) of any sums required by the Minister for paying the whole, or a proportion of, any contribution payable under any scheme established under the said Act of the present Session for the purpose of providing, out of a fund established for the purposes of the scheme, pensions to, or in respect of, persons who serve in employment in an overseas territory, being a contribution payable to that fund by a participant in that scheme:
  • B.(1) The issue out of the Consolidated Fund of sums required—
  • (a) for making payments on behalf of Her Majesty's Government under the said Agreement;
  • (b) to redeem any non-interest-bearing and non-negotiable notes or other obligations issued or created by the Minister and accepted by the said Bank under the said Agreement;
  • (2) the raising of money under the National Loans Act 1939 for the purpose of providing sums to be issued as mentioned in the foregoing paragraph or for replacing sums so issued:
  • C.(1) The payment into the Exchequer of any sums received by the Minister by way of payment of interest on, or repayment of, any loan by means of which any financial assistance is furnished as mentioned in head A(1) above, or by way of payment for any assistance, other than financial, so furnished;
  • (2) the payment into the Exchequer, and the issue out of the Consolidated Fund, of any sums received by the Minister in pursuance of the said Agreement:
  • D. The remission of any obligation of the Commonwealth Development Corporation to make payments under section 14(1) of the Overseas Resources Development Act 1959 in respect of interest on any advance made, whether before or after the passing of the said Act of the present Session, to that Corporation for the purpose of defraying expenditure in the exercise of powers conferred on that Corporation by section 2 of the said Act of 1959.
  • Resolution agreed to.