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Volume 889: debated on Tuesday 25 March 1975

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asked the Secretary of State for Industry if he will list each of the shipbuilding firms which has received Government assistance since 1970 and the extent of that assistance; and how many

£ million
Company1970–711971–721972–731973–741974–75 (to 31st December)Total
Cammell Laird Shipbuilders Ltd.1·5001·500
Govan Shipbuilders Ltd5·0005·000(1)10·000
Harland & Wolff Ltd4·0004·000
(1) Conversion of loan made under Industry Act 1972.
(2) In addition to the above, during 1974, the Government purchased Court Line's shipbuilding, ship repairing and associated interests for an agreed sum of about £16 million of which about £12.8 million has so far been paid.
£ million
Company1970–711971–721972–731973–741974–75 (to 31st December)Total
Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd.0·2500·8141·064
Brooke Marine Ltd.1·5600·0601·620
Cammell lard Shipbuilders Ltd1·2045·0961·2597·559
Cochrane & Sons Ltd.0·2000·200
Drypool Eng. & Dry Dock Co. Ltd0·1340·134
Govan Shipbuilders Ltd3·0005·5006·25014·750*
Harland & Wolff Ltd5·0006·00011·000
Charles D. Holmes Ltd0·0850·085
Porthleven Shipyard (Cornwall) Ltd0·0150·015
Robb Caledon Shipbuilders Ltd.(and Caledon Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd.)0·2000·200
Ryton Marine Ltd.0·1000·0500·150
Scott Lithgow Group2·1281·6713·799
Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd.6·0006·000
Liquidator of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd.2·7002·700
Yarrow Ltd.4·5004·500
* Of which £ 5 million advanced to Govan Shipbuilders Ltd. was converted into equity in December 1974.

people are employed in shipbuilding activities of each firm.

the tables below give details of Government financial assitance to shipbuilding companies by the Shipbuilding Industry Board, under Part II of the Industry Act 1972, Northern Ireland legislation, and other special arrangements. They exclude construction grants, which were payable to all shipbuilders and assistance available to industry generally.Details of numbers employed on shipbuilding activities by company are not publicly available but the numbers employed by the larger shipbuilding companies in 1972 are shown in the Report "British Shipbuilding 1972", which was published by HMSO.


£ million


1970–711971–721972–731973–741974–75 (to 31st December)


Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd.0·0350·035
Cochrane & Sons Ltd.0·0150·015
Drypool Eng. & Dry Dock Co. Ltd.0·0010·001
Richard Dunston (Hessle) Ltd. (and Richard Dunston Ltd.)0·0080·008
Govan Shipbuilders Ltd.1·0512· 2043· 255
Hall Russell Ltd.0·0110·011
Harland & Wolff Ltd.4·9152·27513·8033·7241·14425· 861
Porthleven Shipyard (Cornwall) Ltd.0·0150· 015
Robb Caledon Shipbuilders Ltd. (and Caledon Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd.)0·1040·104
Scott Lithgow Group0·7580·6781·436
Swan Hunter Group0·5521·1761·728
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. (including assistance to liquidator of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders)0·2657·4357·700
Vickers Ltd.0·1400·0370·177
Vosper Ltd.0·0890·089
Yarrow (Shipbuilders) Ltd.0·0960·1530·249

* These totals include small amounts of selective assistance amounting in all to £0.083 million advanced to a number of companies during 1974.