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Volume 897: debated on Monday 4 August 1975

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Tidworth Hospital

With your permission, Mr. Deputy Speaker, and that of the House, I wish to present a petition

To the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament Assembled. The humble petition of the Tidworth Hospital Action Group.
The petition showeth
That the petitioners call for the retention of full hospital facilities in Tidworth.
Wherefore your petitioners pray
That the Tidworth Hospital, at present operated as the Tidworth Military Hospital, should not be closed.
And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
This petition is signed by Mr. Donald Dickey of 15 Abbatt Close, Ludgershall, near Andover, Hampshire, and is signed by 5,839 constituents of the hon. and gallant Member for Winchester, the hon. Member for Devizes (Mr. Morrison) and the hon. Member for Salisbury (Mr. Hamilton).

To lie upon the Table.


Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[ Mr. Pendry.]

Tomato Growers (Essex)

11.10 p.m.

After the matters of high drama and principle which we have recently debated, I wish to refer to matters in the calmer waters of tomato growing in Essex.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to raise a matter which is of vital importance to several of my constituents and which may be of much wider importance nationally. I refer to the damage caused to commercial tomato crops by the pollution of the public water supply and the apparent residual effects of pollution which occurred some two years ago. Not only is it causing a number of my constituents to face bankruptcy, but this problem lends wider emphasis to what the Minister of State, Department of the Environment recently called one of the great dilemmas of our time. I refer to the matter of water quality control.

It is clear that without more precise control of the chemicals that daily find their way into the water supply which we drink and use in our gardens, and which we use in industry and horticulture, we shall soon face a situation which increasingly will detrimentally affect not only the food chain but also the existence of the human population in this country. I say this well knowing that this is a time of tremendous pressure on public resources and public spending, but nevertheless I think that it is a matter of great importance.

The problem affecting my constituents first became apparent in March 1973 when unusual symptoms began to appear in the leaves of young tomato plants. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food was called in, together with the Essex River Authority, the National Farmers' Union and a firm of consultants, Douglas Gowan & Partners. Eventually it was determined that although other pollutants such as 2–4–D were also present in the water supply, the chemical known as TBA was responsible for the damage.

This chemical, a deep root weed killer, is manufactured by a well-known firm at Harston near Cambridge. Manufacturing residues were discharged under consent into the river system, and this level of TBA was added to by site seepage. The water from the receiving river was pumped down into Essex and distributed to the nurseries, and eventually damage was suffered on 52 horticultural holdings, the total damage being estimated in the region of £150,000. In addition to this the growers have suffered considerable additional expense in analytical investigation and in payment to professional advisers.

In April 1974 it was suggested that a relief fund should be established. As a result of that suggestion a fund was set up, and it was recently announced in the Press that the sum contributed by the authorities involved was £80,000 plus interest to the date of final distribution. It is a condition of payment from the fund that the grower concerned shall waive all legal rights to recovery of his losses by any other means. Although the fund is not in accord with the estimated actual losses, it is none the less clearly the objective of the contributing authorities to provide some substantial measure of relief. Although it is disappointing to learn that payment is not expected for some time, one must be grateful for the response so far shown. It is, however, disappointing that the fund is considered to be final.

In the early part of this year a number of growers were alarmed to see what was considered to be a recurrence of the symptoms suffered in 1973. Initial analysis has indicated that levels of TBA are present on at least four nurseries which have suffered damage. Two of those growers are currently facing the prospect of bankruptcy. The losses suffered this year by the four nurseries are currently estimated to be about £25,000.

When advised of the further outbreak, the authorities began to carry out investigations. On 10th June the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food advised one of my constituents in Latchingdon that there was sufficient TBA in his soil to cause distortion in tomato plants. Subsequently, lower but nevertheless material levels of TBA were found in the soils of other nurseries.

As a result of these findings, representations were made to the authorities as to the possibility of helping out growers who were in a desperate financial situation not only in terms of compensation but also in respect of specific advice as to what future they had, if any, in growing commercial crops on contaminated soil. The initial response from the authorities was extremely helpful, but on 15th June the firm concerned stated that it did not consider that the levels of TBA present in the soil correlated with the observed damage. It also suggested that various husbandry practices might have had an influence and that another chemical was present in the soil. One might find it surprising, if another chemical was present, that the firm did not indicate its name to the grower concerned.

On 29th July the Anglian Water Authority advised that the chemical concerned was Picloram, which is another herbicide used as a weed killer. Investigations have shown that that herbicide has never been used at any of the nurseries involved and that it is used in conjunction with 2–4–D, yet another of the herbicides used in daily life. It is interesting to note that 2–4–D was found at one of the affected nurseries in 1973, and at that time TBA was thought to be totally responsible for the damage suffered.

Some chemists also advise that Picloram would potentiate with TBA, or vice versa. Whatever the precise cause, the fact remains that it would appear that waterborne contaminants caused damage in 1973 and that effects were left—which may have been exacerbated since—which have produced further damage and taken good, honest, industrious growers to the point of bankruptcy.

As for the suggestions of bad husbandry, these could be answered in specific terms. It is alleged that one grower in particular used a tomset and that its improper use led to plant damage. It is quite clear that damage to three trusses on the damaged plants existed before the Ministry of Agriculture advised the grower concerned to use tomset, and in any event that advice was not followed.

One can have only the greatest sympathy with the attempts of manufacturing industry to control minute amounts of chemicals escaping into watercourses. One can have only the greatest sympathy with water authorities which have to control chemical substances capable of detection only by the most sophisticated methods. Notwithstanding that, my constituents have suffered grave damage and appear to be suffering further damage. It seems vital that some action to help the growers should be mounted immediately.

That action can be best defined under three headings: first, the setting up of a properly-integrated programme of research leading to the provision of good advice to growers; second, the provision of adequate compensation to the growers not only for the loss of revenue but also for the very heavy costs they have to bear; and third, the setting up of control procedures which will ensure the impossibility of a like event happening again. This must be coupled with an overall improvement of the water quality in Essex, which has been the subject of considerable criticism in past years.

I hope that the Government will consider most sympathetically the position of these growers, all of whom operate on a relatively small scale, and will be able to express that sympathy in some positive form.

11.21 p.m.

I open by expressing appreciation to the hon. Member for Maldon (Mr. Wakeham) not only for raising this matter on behalf of his constituents but for the reasonable and constructive way in which he has done so and for giving me adequate notice of the various points he wished to raise. I am sure he will appreciate that all these matters arose from happenings in 1973, which was not only before the present Government took office but also before the water service of the country was reorganised.

I am glad the hon. Gentleman is in agreement. Nevertheless, I have tremendous sympathy with the plight of his constituents, although I must confess that I have had great difficulty in finding where ministerial responsibility lies. But I have done my best, and will continue to do so, to help the hon. Gentleman.

The hon. Gentleman has said rightly, that the damage was attributed to the presence of a chemical known as TBA in the water supply. This is used in the manufacture of herbicide, and a quantity entered the river system from the factory and found its way into the water supply.

I emphasise that there was no medical risk from the concentrations found in the water; there was no risk to human beings, animals or fish. No other crop was affected. But tomato plants are peculiarly sensitive to this chemical, even in concentrations as low as one part in very many millions. That is the extraordinary set of circumstances which has led to these difficulties. Special measures were taken to arrest the discharge of this pollutant immediately it was discovered. Special measures have continued since to protect growers from any recurrence from this source.

I understand from the Anglian Water Authority that last October it and others concerned decided to set up the fund to which the hon. Gentleman has referred as a gesture of sympathy to the growers and to provide some measure of relief. The authority tells me that it has consulted and agreed with growers' representatives about terms for distributing the total sum of money contributed. The NFU has asked the growers whether they want to participate in the scheme, and some of their replies are still awaited.

It occurred to me that the hon. Gentleman, who has been so reasonable and constructive, could well have criticised the delay in the distribution of the fund and had he done so I would at first glance have had considerable sympathy with him. However, I am advised that not all the growers have stated yet whether they wish to participate in the scheme.

The hon. Gentleman will understand that my Department has no responsibility for the fund or for the arrangements made for distributing it, and I cannot therefore comment on particular points which might occur out of what is really the distribution of ex gratia payments.

Steps were taken to prevent a recurrence of the 1973 trouble. Effluent from the TBA manufacturing plant at the factory concerned has not been discharged into the river system since but has been tankered away for safe disposal. Daily samples of the remaining effluent from the factory are analysed for TBA. The water authority regularly monitors a number of different points in the river system for TBA. These are in the River Cam system, the Ely-Ouse system at Denver and at Black Dyke Farm. It has also completed a special sampling programme on Abberton and Hanningfield reservoirs. These special tests for TBA are in addition to the normal monitoring programme which tests for up to 45 different substances in the water.

This programme goes on throughout the whole of the water authority's area. As an example, the routine programme in Essex includes 14 separate sampling points on the River Stour downstream of the point where Ely-Ouse water enters it, and nine points on the River Pant and the non-tidal Blackwater below the Ely-Ouse entry.

This will give the House an indication of the constant and careful check maintained by water authorities on river water quality. Of course, numerous further checks are made as the water goes from river to treatment works and through the various processes before it is considered fit to enter the mains supply. The ultimate and continuous test is that the water should be safe and wholesome for domestic use.

The hon. Gentleman will realise that problems such as that which arose in Essex in 1973 are very difficult to anticipate. This happens because of the complex chemical nature of many effluents discharged to river systems, the very diverse uses to which water is put and the exceptionally low concentrations at which some substances can produce undesirable effects. For example the concentration of TBA, about which the hon. Gentleman is concerned, in water sufficient to damage young tomato plants is close to the extreme limits of detection even with the most sophisticated methods of analysis.

The hon. Gentleman has raised the question of the level of spending by water authorities in connection with water quality control. This, as with other spending, must be a matter for them to decide within available capital investment and the need to contain increases in charges in the interests of consumers. But am satisfied that water authorities are very well aware of their responsibilities for water quality which is central to their functions. They give full priority to the protection of water put into public supply.

I should like to comment on damage to tomato plants this year. The Anglian Water Authority has had two cases reported to it. The natural reaction was that the damage might have been caused by residual effects following the problems of 1973. The water authority immediately mounted a thorough programme to analyse soil samples from a number of nurseries in the area. I am glad to report that this is continuing. The results indicate that TBA is not the primary cause. I understand that the Ministry of Agriculture advisory service, which has conducted its own tests has now modified its original view that TBA could, I think I am right in saying, have caused the difficulties. The information which the hon. Gentleman quoted about individual cases has now been revised by them in the light of further tests.

I can imagine that following the events of 1973 people in Essex have asked why they have to use water transferred to their area by the Ely-Essex Ouse system. The answer is that without the extra water from that source, the growing demand in Essex would exceed natural supplies. The major Ely-Essex Ouse scheme was undertaken to augment water in the Stour and Blackwater rivers and to enable increasing demand in Essex to be met until the mid-1980s.

Natural supplies of water are not, unfortunately for the water industry, distributed evenly throughout the country. The general tendency is obviously for heavy rainfall to take place in the West and to be much more plentiful there than in, say, Essex. It makes sense, therefore, to try to balance these resources. Water is transferred from one river basin to another. On a smaller scale, transfers of water from the lower reaches of one river to the upper reaches of another as in the Ely-Essex Ouse scheme also make the maximum use of existing resources. If water which is running to waste can be transferred by river to an area of comparative shortage, the need for water storage can be reduced. Nobody wishes to use valuable land to build reservoirs if this can be avoided.

Increasingly in this country these processes of recycling and reusing water several times over in the river system and in transferring water from one part of the country where there is an area of plenty to an area where there is great shortage are likely to create difficulties to which the hon. Member has drawn our attention. The Department and the industry are paying close attention to them.

When dealing with chemicals where very minute quantities can adversely affect horticulture, as in this case, we must be continually on our guard to protect what is a legitimate industrial, farming or horticultural interest. It demands increased vigilance as we use and transfer water in this way.

The Government and the water authorities are fully apprised of the need for increased vigilance. I am glad to say that a good deal of research is going on into all aspects of water transfers. The Water Research Centre which carries out collective research for the industry is dealing with the problem of continuous monitoring to detect relatively large increases in organic pollutants. The centre is also carrying out research and development into ways of removing such substances. The Central Water Planning Unit has a major research programme on the water quality problems associated with transfers of water between river basins. In short, on the water authority front control has been tightened and research into problems such as these continues. On the horticultural front, the Ministry of Agriculture's advisory service is willing to provide advice. I understand that its staff has visited more than half the growers affected in 1973 in the hon. Gentleman's constituency and has found no evidence of damage except in the cases already referred to.

Tomato plants are particularly susceptible. I understand that the staff of the advisory service are continuing to visit the tomato growers who have been affected. I have no doubt that if the hon. Gentleman wishes to consult them, or if any of his constituents wishes to consult them, the staff will be readily available to make their expertise available to his constituents and also to undertake consultations regularly with the water authorities about the continuing problem which affects us all.

I am sorry that I cannot add much more this evening to that rather official reply about what the two Departments are doing, beyond expressing our considerable sympathy and assuring the hon. Gentleman that since the Water Act came into operation we have been doing all we can to tighten procedures and to give every assistance to his constituents. I greatly hope that if he has any problems he will continue to be in touch with my Department, on behalf of his constituents.

For our part we shall be very anxious, because we have so much sympathy with them, to give all the assistance we can. We hope that there will not be any further recurrence of these difficulties. Further tests hold out hope for the belief that this year's difficulties do not come from the cause which was originally thought to be the case. I hope that the hon. Gentleman will accept my assurance of our continuing concern for his constituents and our continuing desire to do what we can to assist them in the great difficulties they have undoubtedly encountered.

Question put and agreed to.

Adjourned accordingly at twenty-five minutes to Twelve o'clock.

Housing Finance (Special Provisions) Bill

Division Lists Nos. 319 to 322

Division No. 319.]


[8.01 p.m.

Adley, RobertGoodhart, PhilipMiscampbell, Norman
Aitken, JonathanGoodhew, VictorMitchell, David (Basingstoke)
Alison, MichaelGoodlad, AlastairMoate, Roger
Amery, Rt Hon JulianGorst, JohnMonro, Hector
Arnold, TomGow, Ian (Eastbourne)Montgomery, Fergus
Atkins, Rt Hon H. (Spelthorne)Gower, Sir Raymond (Barry)Moore, John (Croydon C)
Baker, KennethGrant, Anthony (Harrow C)More, Jasper (Ludlow)
Banks, RobertGray, HamishMorgan-Giles, Rear-Admiral
Beith, A. J.Griffiths, EldonMorris, Michael (Northampton S)
Bell, RonaldGrist, IanMorrison, Charles (Devizes)
Benyon, W.Grylls, MichaelMorrison, Hon Peter (Chester)
Berry, Hon AnthonyHall, Sir JohnMudd, David
Bitten, JohnHall-Davis, A. G. F.Neave, Airey
Biggs-Davison, JohnHamilton, Michael (Salisbury)Nelson, Anthony
Blaker, PeterHampson, Dr KeithNeubert, Michael
Body, RichardHannam, JohnNewton, Tony
Boscawen, Hon RobertHarrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye)Normanton, Tom
Bottomley, PeterHastings, StephenNott, John
Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kemptown)Havers, Sir MichaelOnslow, Cranley
Boyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent)Hawkins, PaulOppenheim, Mrs Sally
Braine, Sir BernardHayhoe, BarneyPage, John (Harrow West)
Brittan, LeonHeseltine, MichaelPage, Rt Hon R. Graham (Crosby)
Brocklebank-Fowler, C.Hicks, RobertPardoe, John
Brotherton, MichaelHolland, PhilipPattie, Geoffrey
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath)Hordern, PeterPenhaligon, David
Bryan, Sir PaulHowe, Rt Hon Sir GeoffreyPercival, Ian
Buchanan-Smith, AlickHowell, David (Guildford)Peyton, Rt Hon John
Buck, AntonyHowell, Ralph (North Norfolk)Pink, R. Bonner
Budgen, NickHunt, JohnPrice, David (Eastleigh)
Bulmer, EsmondHurd, DouglasPrior, Rt Hon James
Carlisle, MarkHutchison, Michael ClarkPym, Rt Hon Francis
Carr, Rt Hon RobertIrvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)Raison, Timothy
Chalker, Mrs LyndaIrving, Charles (Cheltenham)Rathbone, Tim
Channon, PaulJames, DavidRawlinson, Rt Hon Sir Peter
Churchill, W. S.Jenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd & W'df'd)Rees, Peter (Dover & Deal)
Clark, William (Croydon S)Jessel, TobyRenton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts)
Cockcroft, JohnJohnson Smith, G. (E Grinstead)Renton, Tim (Mid-Sussex)
Cooke, Robert (Bristol W)Jones, Arthur (Daventry)Rhys Williams, Sir Brandon
Cope, JohnJopling, MichaelRidley, Hon Nicholas
Cordle, John H.Joseph, Rt Hon Sir KeithRidsdale, Julian
Cormack, PatrickKaberry, Sir DonaldRifkind, Malcolm
Corrie, JohnKershaw, AnthonyRippon, Rt Hon Geoffrey
Costain, A. P.Kershaw, AnthonyRoberts, Michael (Cardiff NW)
Crawshaw, RichardKimball, MarcusRoberts, Wyn (Conway)
Critchley, JulianKing, Evelyn (South Dorset)Rodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks)
Crouch, DavidKing, Tom (Bridgwater)Ross, Stephen (Isle of Wight)
Crowder, F. P.Kirk PeterRossi, Hugh (Hornsey)
Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford)knight Mrs JillRost, Peter (SE Derbyshire)
Dean, Paul (N. Somerset)Knox DavidRoyle, Sir Anthony
Douglas-Hamilton, Lord JamesLamont, NormanSainsbury, Tim
Drayson, BurnabyLane, DavidSt. John-Stevas, Norman
du Cann, Rt Hon EdwardLatham, Michael (Melton)Scott, Nicholas
Durant, TonyLawrence, IvanShaw, Giles (Pudsey)
Dykes, HughLawson NigelShaw, Michael (Scarborough)
Eden, Rt Hon Sir JohnLe Marchant, SpencerShelton, William (Streatham)
Edwards, Nicholas (Pembroke)Lester, Jim (Beeston)Shepherd, Colin
Elliott, Sir WilliamLewis, Kenneth (Rutland)Silvester, Fred
Emery PeterLloyd, IanSims Roger
Emery, PeterLoveridge, JohnSinclair, Sir George
Eyre, ReginaldLuce, RichardSkeet, T. H. H.
Fairbairn, NicholasMcAdden, Sir StephenSmith, Cyril (Rochdale)
Fairgrieve, RussellMcCrindle, RobertSmith, Dudley (Warwick)
Farr, JohnMacfarlane, NeilSpeed, Keith
Fell, AnthonyMacGregor, JohnSpence, John
Finsberg, GeoffreyMacmillan, Rt Hon M. (Farnham)Spicer, Michael (S Worcester)
Fisher, Sir NigelMcNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury)Sproat, Iain
Fletcher, Alex (Edinburgh N)McNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest)Stainton, Keith
Fletcher-Cooke, CharlesMadel, DavidStanbrook, Ivor
Fookes, Miss JanetMarshall, Michael (Arundel)Stanley, John
Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd)Marten, NeilSteel, David (Roxburgh)
Fox, MarcusMates, MichaelSteen, Anthony (Wavertree)
Freud, ClementMather, CarolStokes, John
Fry, PeterMaude, AngusStradling Thomas, J
Gardiner, George (Reigate)Maudling, Rt Hon ReginaldTaylor, R. (Croydon NW)
Gardner, Edward (S Fylde)Mawby, RayTaylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Gilmour, Rt Hon Ian (Chesham)Maxwell-Hyslop, RobinTebbit, Norman
Gilmour, Sir John (East Fife)Mayhew, PatrickTemple-Morris, Peter
Glyn, Dr AlanMiller, Hal (Bromsgrove)Thatcher, Rt Hon Margaret
Godber, Rt Hon JosephMills, Peter

Thomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)Wakeham, JohnWiggin, Jerry
Thorpe, Rt Hon Jeremy (N Devon)Walker, Rt Hon P. (Worcester)Winterton, Nicholas
Townsend, Cyril D.Walker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir DerekWood, Rt Hon Richard
Trotter, NevilleWall, PatrickYoung, Sir Q. (Ealing, Acton)
Tugendhat, ChristopherWalters, DennisYounger, Hon George
van Straubenzee, W. R.Warren, Kenneth
Vaughan, Dr GerardWeatherill, BernardTELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Viggers, PeterWells, JohnMr. Adam Butler and
Wainwright, Richard (Colne V)Whitelaw, Rt Hon WilliamMr. Cecil Parkinson.


Allaun, FrankEdwards, Robert (Wolv SE)Lewis, Arthur (Newham N)
Anderson, DonaldEllis, John (Brigg & Scun)Lewis, Ron (Carlisle)
Archer, PeterEllis, Tom (Wrexham)Lipton, Marcus
Armstrong, ErnestEnglish, MichaelLitterick, Tom
Ashton, JoeEnnals, DavidLoyden, Eddie
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N)Evans, Fred (Caerphilly)Luard, Evan
Atkinson, NormanEvans, Ioan (Aberdare)Lyon, Alexander (York)
Bagier, Gordon A. T.Evans, John (Newton)Lyons, Edward (Bradford W)
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich)Ewing, Harry (Stirling)McCartney, Hugh
Barnett, Rt Hon Joel (Heywood)Faulds, AndrewMacFarquhar, Roderick
Bates, AlfFitch, Alan (Wigan)Mackenzie, Gregor
Bean, R. E.Flannery, MartinMaclennan, Robert
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony WedgwoodFletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C)
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N)Fletcher, Ted (Darlington)Madden, Max
Bidwell, SydneyFoot, Rt Hon MichaelMagee, Bryan
Bishop, E. S.Forrester, JohnMahon, Simon
Blenkinsop, ArthurFowler, Gerald (The Wrekin)Mallalieu, J. P. W.
Booth, AlbertFraser, John (Lambeth, N'w'd)Marks, Kenneth
Boothroyd, Miss BettyFreeson, ReginaldMarquand, David
Bottomley, Rt Hon ArthurGarrett, John (Norwich S)Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole)
Boyden, James (Bish Auck)Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend)Marshall, Jim (Leicester S)
Bradley, TomGeorge, BruceMason, Rt Hon Roy
Brown, Hugh D. (Provan)Gilbert, Dr JohnMaynard, Miss Joan
Buchan, NormanGinsburg, DavidMeacher, Michael
Buchanan, RichardGould, Bryan Gourlay HarryMellish, Rt Hon Robert
Butler, Mrs Joyce (Wood Green)Graham, TedMendelson, John
Callaghan, Rt Hon J. (Cardiff SE)Grant, George (Morpeth)Mikardo, Ian
Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P)Grocott, BruceMillan, Bruce
Campbell, IanHamilton James (Bothwell)Miller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride)
Canavan, DennisHamilton James (Bothwell)Mitchell, R. C. (Soton, Itchen)
Cant, R. B.Hardy, PeterMolloy, William
Carmichael, NeilMoorman, Eric
Carter, RayHarrison, waiter (Wakefield)Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw)
Carter-Jones, LewisHart, Rt Hon JudithMoyle, Roland
Cartwright, JohnHattersley, Rt Hon RoyMulley, Rt Hon Frederick
Castle, Rt Hon BarbaraHatton, FrankMurray, Rt Hon Ronald King
Clemitson, IvorHayman, Mrs HeleneNewens, Stanley
Cocks, Michael (Bristol S)Healey, Rt Hon DenisNoble, Mike
Cohen, StanleyHeifer, Eric S.Ogden, Eric
Coleman, DonaldHooley, FrankO'Halloran, Michael
Colquhoun, Mrs MaureenHoram, JohnO'Malley, Rt Hon Brian
Concannon, J. D.Howell, Dennis (B'ham, Sm H)Orbach, Maurice
Conlan, BernardHoyle, Doug (Nelson)Orme, Rt Hon Stanley
Cook, Robin F. (Edin C)Huckfield, LesOvenden, John
Corbett, RobinHughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey)Owen, Dr David
Cox, Thomas (Tooting)Hughes, Mark (Durham)Padley, Walter
Craigen, J. M. (Maryhill)Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N)Palmer, Arthur
Cronin, JohnHughes, Roy (Newport)Park, George
Crosland, Rt Hon AnthonyHunter, AdamParker, John
Cryer, BobIrving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford)Parry, Robert
Cunningham, G. (Islington S)Jackson, Colin (Brighouse)Pavitt, Laurie
Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh)Jackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln)Peart, Rt Hon Fred
Dalyell, TamJanner, GrevillePendry, Tom
Davidson, ArthurJay, Rt Hon DouglasPerry, Ernest
Davies, Bryan (Enfield N)Jeger, Mrs. LenaPhipps, Dr Colin
Davies, Denzil (Llanelli)Jenkins, Hugh (Putney)Prescott, John
Davies, Ifor (Gower)Johnson, James (Hull West)Price, C. (Lewisham W)
Davis, Clinton (Hackney C)Johnson, Walter (Derby S)Price, William (Rugby)
Deakins, EricJones, Alec (Rhondda)Radice, Giles
Dean, Joseph (Leeds West)Jones, Barry (East Flirt)Richardson, Miss Jo
Delargy, HughJones, Dan (Burnley)Roberts, Albert (Normanton)
Dell, Rt Hon EdmundJudd, FrankRoberts, Gwilym (Cannock)
Dempsey, JamesKaufman, GeraldRobertson, John (Paisley)
Dormand, J. D.Kelley, RichardRodgers, George (Chorley)
Douglas-Mann, BruceKerr, RussellRooker, J. W.
Duffy, A. E. P.Kilroy-Silk, RobertRoper, John
Dunn, James A.Lamborn, HarryRyman, John
Dunnett, JackLamond, JamesSandelson, Neville
Dunwoody, Mrs GwyrtethLatham, Arthur (Paddington)Sedgemore, Brian
Eadie, AlexLee, JohnSelby, Harry
Edelman, MauriceLestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough)Shaw, Arnold (Ilford South)
Edge, GeoffLever, Rt Hon HaroldSheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne)

Shore, Rt Hon PeterThomas, Mike (Newcastle E)White, James (Pollok)
Short, Rt Hon E. (Newcastle C)Thomas, Ron (Bristol NW)Whitehead, Phillip
Short, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)Tinn, JamesWhitlock, William
Silkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)Tomlinson, JohnWilley, Rt Hon Frederick
Silkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)Tomney, FrankWilliams, Alan (Swansea W)
Sillars, JamesTorney, TomWilliams, Alan Lee (Hornch'ch)
Silverman, JuliusTuck, RaphaelWilliams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Skinner, DennisUrwin, T. W.Williams, W. T. (Warrington)
Small, WilliamVarley, Rt Hon Eric G.Wilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Smith, John (N Lanarkshire)Wainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)Wilson, Rt Hon H. (Huyton)
Snape, PeterWalden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)Wilson, William (Coventry SE)
Spearing, NigelWalker, Harold (Doncaster)Wise, Mrs Audrey
Spriggs, LeslieWalker, Terry (Kingswood)Woodall, Alec
Stallard, A. W.Ward, MichaelWoof, Robert
Stewart, Rt Hon M. (Fulham)Watkins, DavidWrigglesworth, Ian
Stott, RogerWatkinson, JohnYoung, David (Bolton E)
Strang, GavinWeetch, Ken
Summerskill, Hon Dr ShirleyWeitzman, DavidTELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Swain, ThomasWellbeloved, JamesMr. Joseph Harper and
Taylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton W)White, Frank R. (Bury)Mr. David Stoddart.

Division No. 320.]


[9.05 p.m.

Allaun, FrankDell, Rt Hon EdmundJanner, Greville
Anderson, DonaldDempsey, JamesJay, Rt Hon Douglas
Archer, PeterDouglas-Mann, BruceJeger, Mrs. Lena
Armstrong, ErnestDuffy, A. E. P.Jenkins, Hugh (Putney)
Ashton, JoeDunn, James A.Johnson, James (Hull West)
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N)Dunnett, JackJohnson, Walter (Derby S)
Atkinson, NormanDunwoody, Mrs GwynethJones, Alec (Rhondda)
Bagier, Gordon A. T.Eadie, AlexJones, Barry (East Flint)
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich)Edelman, MauriceJones, Dan (Burnley)
Barnett, Rt Hon Joel (Heywood)Edge, GeoffJudd, Frank
Bates, AlfEdwards, Robert (Wolv SE)Kaufman, Gerald
Bean, R. E.Ellis, John (Brigg & Scun)Kelley, Richard
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony WedgwoodEllis, Tom (Wrexham)Kerr, Russell
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N)English, MichaelKilroy-Silk, Robert
Bidwell, SydneyEnnals, DavidLamborn, Harry
Bishop, E. S.Evans, Fred (Caerphilly)Lamond, James
Blenkinsop, ArthurEvans, Ioan (Aberdare)Latham, Arthur (Paddington)
Booth, AlbertEvans, John (Newton)Lee, John
Boothroyd, Miss BettyEwing, Harry (Stirling)Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough)
Bottomley, Rt Hon ArthurFaulds, AndrewLever, Rt Hon Harold
Boyden, James (Bish Auck)Fitch, Alan (Wigan)Lewis, Arthur (Newham N)
Bradley, TomFlannery, MartinLewis, Ron (Carlisle)
Brown, Hugh D. (Provan)Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)Lipton, Marcus
Buchan, NormanFletcher, Ted (Darlington)Litterick, Tom
Buchanan, RichardFoot, Rt Hon MichaelLoyden, Eddie
Butler, Mrs Joyce (Wood Green)Forrester, JohnLuard, Evan
Callaghan, Rt Hon J. (Cardiff SE)Fowler, Gerald (The Wrekin)Lyon, Alexander (York)
Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P)Fraser, John (Lambeth, N'w'd)Lyons, Edward (Bradford W)
Campbell, IanFreeson, ReginaldMcCartney, Hugh
Canavan, DennisGarrett, John (Norwich S)MacFarquhar, Roderick
Cant, R. B.Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend)Mackenzie, Gregor
Carmichael, NeilGeorge, BruceMaclennan, Robert
Carter, RayGilbert, Dr JohnMcMillan, Tom (Glasgow C)
Carter-Jones, LewisGinsburg, DavidMadden, Max
Cartwright, JohnGould, BryanMagee, Bryan
Castle, Rt Hon BarbaraGourlay, HarryMahon, Simon
Clemitson, IvorGraham, TedMallalieu, J. P. W.
Cocks, Michael (Bristol S)Grant, George (Morpeth)Marks, Kenneth
Cohen, StanleyGrocott, BruceMarquand, David
Coleman, DonaldHamilton, James (Bothwell)Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole)
Colquhoun, Mrs MaureenHardy, PeterMarshall, Jim (Leicester S)
Concannon, J. D.Harrison, Walter (Wakefield)Mason, Rt Hon Roy
Conlan, BernardHart, Rt Hon JudithMaynard, Miss Joan
Cook, Robin F. (Edin C)Hatton, FrankMeacher, Michael
Corbett, RobinHayman, Mrs HeleneMellish, Rt Hon Robert
Cox, Thomas (Tooting)Healey, Rt Hon DenisMendelson, John
Craigen, J. M. (Maryhill)Heifer, Eric S.Mikardo, Ian
Cronin, JohnHooley, FrankMillan, Bruce
Crosland, Rt Hon AnthonyHoram, JohnMiller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride)
Cryer, BobHowell Dennis (B'ham, Sm H)Mitchell, R. C. (Soton Itchen)
Cunningham, G. (Islington S)Howell, Dennis (B'ham, Sm H)Molloy, William
Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh)Hoyle, Doug (Nelson)Moonman, Eric
Dalyell, TamHuckfield, LesMorris, Charles R. (Openshaw)
Davidson, ArthurHughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey)Moyle, Roland
Davies, Bryan (Enfield N)Hughes, Mark (Durham)Mulley, Rt Hon Frederick
Davies, Denzil (Llanelli)Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N)Murray, Rt Hon Ronald King
Davies, Ifor (Gower)Hughes, Roy (Newport)Newens, Stanley
Davis, Clinton (Hackney C)Hunter, AdamNoble, Mike
Deakins, EricIrving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford)Ogden, Eric
Dean, Joseph (Leeds West)Jackson, Colin (Brighouse)O'Halloran, Michael.
Delargy, HughJackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln)

O'Malley, Rt Hon BrianShore, Rt Hon PeterVarley, Rt Hon Eric G.
Orbach, MauriceShort, Rt Hon E. (Newcastle C)Wainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)
Orme, Rt Hon StanleyShort, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)Walden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)
Ovenden, JohnSilkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)Walker, Harold (Doncaster)
Owen, Dr DavidSilkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)Walker, Terry (Kingswood)
Padley, WalterSillars, JamesWard, Michael
Palmer, ArthurSilverman, JuliusWatkins, David
Park, GeorgeSkinner, DennisWatkinson, John
Parker, JohnSmall, WilliamWeetch, Ken
Parry, RobertSmith, John (N Lanarkshire)Weitzman, David
Pavitt, LaurieSnape, PeterWellbeloved, James
Peart, Rt Hon FredSpearing, NigelWhite, Frank R. (Bury)
Pendry, TomSpriggs, LeslieWhite, James (Pollok)
Perry, ErnestStallard, A. W.Whitehead, Phillip
Phipps, Or ColinStewart, Rt Hon M, (Fulham)Whitlock, William
Prescott, JohnStoddart, DavidWilley, Rt Hon Frederick
Price, C. (Lewisham W)Stott, RogerWilliams, Alan (Swansea W)
Price, William (Rugby)Strang, GavinWilliams, Alan Lee (Hornch' ch)
Radice, GilesStrauss, Rt Hon G. R.Williams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Richardson, Miss JoSummerskill, Hon Dr ShirleyWilliams, W. T. (Warrington)
Roberts, Albert (Normanton)Swain, ThomasWilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Roberts, Gwilym (Cannock)Taylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton W)Wilson, Rt Hon H. (Huyton)
Robertson, John (Paisley)Thomas, Mike (Newcastle E)Wilson, William (Coventry SE)
Rodgers, George (Chorley)Thomas, Ron (Bristol NW)Wise, Mrs Audrey
Rooker, J. W.Thorne, Stan (Preston South)Woodall, Alec
Roper, JohnTinn, JamesWool, Robert
Sandelson, NevilleTomlinson, JohnWrigglesworth, Ian
Sedgemore, BrianTomney FrankYoung, David (Bolton E)
Selby, HarryTorney, TomTELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Shaw, Arnold (Ilford South)Tuck, RaphaelMr. Joseph Harper and
Sheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne)Urwin, T. W.Mr. J. D. Dormand.


Adley, RobertDean, Paul (N. Somerset)Hayhoe, Barney
Aitken, JonathanDouglas-Hamilton, Lord JamesHeseltine, Michael
Alison, MichaelDrayson, BurnabyHicks, Robert
Amery, Rt Hon Juliandu Cann, Rt Hon EdwardHolland, Philip
Arnold, TomDurant, TonyHordern, Peter
Atkins, Rt Hon H. (Spelthorne)Dykes, HughHowe, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey
Awdry, DanielEden, Rt Hon Sir JohnHowell, David (Guildford)
Baker, KennethEdwards, Nicholas (Pembroke)Howell, Ralph (North Norfolk)
Banks, RobertElliott, Sir WilliamHunt, John
Berth, A. J.Emery, PeterHurd, Douglas
Bell, RonaldEyre, ReginaldHutchison, Michael Clark
Benyon, W.Fairbairn, NicholasIrvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)
Bitten, JohnFarr, JohnIrving, Charles (Cheltenham)
Biggs-Davison, JohnFell, AnthonyJames, David
Blaker, PeterFinsberg, GeoffreyJenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd & W'df'd)
Body, RichardFisher, Sir NigelJessel, Toby
Boscawen, Hon RobertFletcher, Alex (Edinburgh N)Johnson Smith, G. (E Grinstead)
Bottomley, PeterFletcher-Cooke, CharlesJones, Arthur (Daventry)
Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kemptown)Fookes, Miss JanetJopling, Michael
Boyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent)Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd)Joseph, Rt Hon Sir Keith
Braine, Sir BernardFox MarcusKaberry, Sir Donald
Brittan LeonFreud, ClementKershaw, Anthony
Brocklebank-Fowler, C.Fry, PeterKimball, Marcus
Brotherton, MichaelGardiner, George (Reigate)King, Evelyn (South Dorset)
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath)Gardner, Edward (S Fylde)King, Tom (Bridgwater)
Bryan, Sir PaulGilmour Rt Hon Ian (Chesham)Kirk, Peter
Buchanan-Smith, AlickGilmour, Sir John (East Fife)Knight, Mrs Jill
Buck, AntonyGlyn, Dr AlanKnox, David
Budgen, NickGodber, Rt Hon JosephLamont, Norman
Bulmer, EsmondGoodhart, PhilipLane, David
Butler, Adam (Bosworth)Goodhew, VictorLangford-Holt, Sir John
Carlisle, MarkGoodlad, AlastairLatham, Michael (Melton)
Carr, Rt Hon RobertGorst, JohnLawrence, Ivan
Chalker, Mrs LyndaGow, Ian (Eastbourne)Lawson, Nigel
Channon, PaulGower, Sir Raymond (Barry)Le Merchant, Spencer
Churchill, W. S.Grant, Anthony (Harrow C)Lester, Jim (Beeston)
Clark, Alan (Plymouth, Sutton)Gray, HamishLewis, Kenneth (Rutland)
Clark, William (Croydon S)Griffiths, EldonLloyd, Ian
Cockcroft, JohnGrist, IanLoveridge, John
Cooke, Robert (Bristol W)Grylls, MichaelLuce, Richard
Cope, JohnHall, Sir JohnMcAdden, Sir Stephen
Cordle, John H.Hall-Davis, A. G. F.McCrindle, Robert
Cormack, PatrickHamilton, Michael (Salisbury)Macfarlane, Neil
Corrie, JohnHampson, Dr KeithMacGregor, John
Costain, A. P.Hannam, JohnMacmillan, Rt Hon M. (Farnham)
Crawshaw, RichardHarrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye)McNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury)
Critchley, JulianHastings, StephenMcNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest)
Crouch, DavidHavers, Sir MichaelMadel, David
Crowder, F. P.Hawkins, PaulMarshall, Michael (Arundel)
Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford)

Marten, NellPink, R. BonnerSproat, lain
Mates, MichaelPrice, David (Eastleigh)Stainton, Keith
Mather, CarolPrior, Rt Hon JamesStanbrook, Ivor
Maude, AngusPym, Rt Hon FrancisStanley, John
Maudling, Rt Hon ReginaldRaison, TimothySteen, Anthony (Wavertree)
Mawby, RayRathbone, TimStokes, John
Maxwell-Hyslop, RobinRawlinson, Rt Hon Sir PeterStradling Thomas, J.
Mayhew, PatrickRees, Peter (Dover & Deal)Taylor, R. (Croydon NW)
Meyer, Sir AnthonyRees-Davies, W. R.Taylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Miller, Hal (Bromsgrove)Renton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts)Tebbit, Norman
Mills, PeterRenton, Tim (Mid-Sussex)Temple-Morris, Peter
Miscampbell, NormanRhys Williams, Sir BrandonThatcher, Rt Hon Margaret
Mitchell, David (Basingstoke)Ridley, Hon NicholasThomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)
Moate, RogerRidsdale, JulianThorpe, Rt Hon Jeremy (N Devon)
Monro, HectorRifkind, MalcolmTownsend, Cyril D.
Montgomery, FergusRippon, Rt Hon GeoffreyTrotter, Neville
Moore, John (Croydon C)Roberts, Michael (Cardiff NW)Tugendhat, Christopher
More, Jasper (Ludlow)Roberts, Wyn (Conway)van Straubenzee, W. R.
Morgan-Giles, Rear-AdmiralRodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks)Vaughan, Dr Gerard
Morris, Michael (Northampton S)Ross, Stephen (Isle of Wight)Viggers, Peter
Morrison, Charles (Devizes)Rossi, Hugh (Hornsey)Wainwright, Richard (Colne V)
Morrison, Hon Peter (Chester)Rost, Peter (SE Derbyshire)Wakeham, John
Mudd, DavidRoyle, Sir AnthonyWalker, Rt Hon P. (Worcester)
Neave, AireySainsbury, TimWalker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir Derek
Nelson, AnthonySt. John-Stevas, NormanWail, Patrick
Neubert, MichaelScott, NicholasWalters, Dennis
Newton, TonyShaw, Giles (Pudsey)Warren, Kenneth
Normanton, TomShaw, Michael (Scarborough)Weatherill, Bernard
Nott, JohnShelton, William (Streatham)Wells, John
Onslow, CranleyShepherd, ColinWhitelaw, Rt Hon William
Oppenheim, Mrs SallySilvester, FredWiggin, Jerry
Page, John (Harrow West)Sims, RogerWinterton, Nicholas
Page, Rt Hon P. Graham (Crosby)Sinclair, Sir GeorgeWood, Rt Hon Richard
Pardoe, JohnSkeet, T. H. H.Young, Sir G. (Ealing, Acton)
Parkinson, CecilSmith, Cyril (Rochdale)Younger, Hon George
Pattie, GeoffreySmith, Dudley (Warwick)
Penhaligon, DavidSpeed, KeithTELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Percival, IanSpence, JohnMr. Russell Fairgrieve and
Peyton, Rt Hon JohnSpicer, Michael (S Worcester)Mr. Anthony Berry.

Division No. 321.]


[9.30 p.m.

Allaun, FrankConlan, BernardFletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)
Anderson, DonaldCook, Robin F. (Edin C)Fletcher, Ted (Darlington)
Archer, PeterCorbett, RobinFoot, Rt Hon Michael
Armstrong, ErnestCox, Thomas (Tooting)Forrester, John
Ashton, JoeCraigen, J. M. (Maryhill)Fowler, Gerald (The Wrekin)
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N)Cronin, JohnFraser, John (Lambeth, N'w'd)
Atkinson, NormanCrosland, Rt Hon AnthonyFreeson, Reginald
Bagier, Gordon A. T.Cryer, BobGarrett, John (Norwich S)
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich)Cunningham, G. (Islington S)Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend)
Barnett, Rt Hon Joel (Heywood)Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh)George, Bruce
Bates, AlfDalyell, TamGilbert, Dr John
Bean, R. E.Davidson, ArthurGinsburg, David
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony WedgwoodDavies, Bryan (Enfield N)Gould, Bryan
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N)Davies, Denzil (Llanelli)Gourlay, Harry
Bidwell, SydneyDavies, Ifor (Gower)Graham, Ted
Bishop, E. S.Davis, Clinton (Hackney C)Grant, George (Morpeth)
Blenkinsop, ArthurDeakins, EricGrocott, Bruce
Booth, AlbertDean, Joseph (Leeds West)Hardy, Peter
Boothroyd, Miss BettyDelargy, HughHarper, Joseph
Bottomley, Rt Hon ArthurDell, Rt Hon EdmundHarrison, Walter (Wakefield)
Boyden, James (Bish Auck)Dempsey, JamesHart, Rt Hon Judith
Bradley, TomDormand, J. D.Hattersley, Rt Hon Roy
Brown, Hugh D. (Provan)Douglas-Mann, BruceHatton Frank
Buchan, NormanDuffy, A. E. P.Hayman, Mrs Helens
Buchanan, RichardDunn, James AHealey, Rt Hon Denis
Butler, Mrs Joyce (Wood Green)Dunnett, JackHeffer, Eric S.
Callaghan, Rt Hon J. (Cardiff SE)Dunwoody, Mrs GwynethHooley, Frank
Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P)Eadie, AlexHoram, John
Campbell, IanEdelman, MauriceHowell, Dennis (B'ham Sm H)
Canavan, DennisEdge, GeoffHoyle, Doug (Nelson)
Cant, R. B.Edwards, Robert (Wolv SE)Huckfield, Les
Carmichael, NeilEllis, John (Brigg & Scun)Hughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey)
Carter, RayEllis, Tom (Wrexham)Hughes, Mark (Durham)
Carter-Jones, LewisEnglish, MichaelHughes, Robert (Aberdeen N)
Cartwright, JohnEnnals, DavidHughes, Roy (Newport)
Castle, Rt Hon BarbaraEvans, Fred (Caerphilly)Hunter, Adam
Clemitson, IvorEvans, Ioan (Aberdare)Irving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford)
Cocks, Michael (Bristol S)Evans, John (Newton)Jackson, Colin (Brighouse)
Cohen, StanleyEwing, Harry (Stirling)Jackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln)
Coleman, DonaldFaulds, AndrewJanner, Greville
Colquhoun, Mrs MaureenFitch, Alan (Wigan)Jay, Rt Hon Douglas
Concannon, J. D.Flannery, Martin

Jeger, Mrs. LenaMoyle, RolandSpriggs, Leslie
Jenkins, Hugh (Putney)Mulley, Rt Hon FrederickStallard, A. W.
Johnson, James (Hull West)Murray, Rt Hon Ronald KingStewart, Rt Hon M. (Fulham)
Johnson, Walter (Derby S)Newens, StanleyStott, Roger
Jones, Alec (Rhondda)Noble, MikeStrang, Gavin
Jones, Barry (East Flint)Ogaen, EricStrauss, Rt Hon G. R.
Jones, Dan (Burnley)O'Halloran, MichaelSummerskill, Hon Dr Shirley
Judd, FrankO'Malley, Rt Hon BrianSwain, Thomas
Kaufman, GeraldOrbach, MauriceTaylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton W)
Kelley, RichardOrme, Rt Hon StanleyThomas, Mike (Newcastle E)
Kerr, RussellOvenden, JohnThomas, Ron (Bristol NW)
Kilroy-Silk, RobertOwen, Dr DavidThorne, Stan (Preston South)
Lamborn, HarryPadley, WalterTinn, James
Lamond, JamesPalmer, ArthurTomlinson, John
Latham, Arthur (Paddington)Park, GeorgeTomney, Frank
Lee, JohnParker, JohnTorney, Tom
Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough)Parry, RobertTuck, Raphael
Lever, Rt Hon HaroldPavitt, LaurieUrwin, T. W.
Lewis, Arthur (Newham N)Peart, Rt Hon FredVarley, Rt Hon Eric G.
Lewis, Ron (Carlisle)Pendry, TomWainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)
Lipton, MarcusPerry, ErnestWalden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)
Litterick, TomPhipps, Dr ColinWalker, Harold (Doncaster)
Loyden, EddiePrescott, JohnWalker, Terry (Kingswood)
Luard, EvanPrice, C. (Lewisham W)Ward, Michael
Lyon, Alexander (York)Price, William (Rugby)Watkins, David
Lyons, Edward (Bradford W)Radice, GilesWatkinson, John
McCartney, HughRichardson, Miss JoWeetch, Ken
MacFarquhar, RoderickRoberts, Albert (Normanton)Weitzman, David
Mackenzie, GregorRoberts, Gwilym (Cannock)Wellbeloved, James
Maclennan, RobertRobertson, John (Paisley)White, Frank R. (Bury)
McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C)Rodgers, George (Chorley)White, James (Pollok)
Madden, MaxRooker, J. W.Whitehead, Phillip
Magee, BryanRoper JohnWhitlock, William
Mahon, SimonRyman, JohnWilley, Rt Hon Frederick
Mallalieu, J. P. W.Sandelson, NevilleWilliams, Alan (Swansea W)
Marks, KennethSedgemore, BrianWilliams, Alan Lee (Hornch'ch)
Marquand, DavidShaw, Arnold (lltord South)Williams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole)Sheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne)Williams, W. T. (Warrington)
Marshall, Jim (Leicester S)Shore, Rt Hon PeterWilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Mason, Rt Hon RoyShort, Rt Hon E. (Newcastle C)Wilson, Rt Hon H. (Huyton)
Maynard, Miss JoanShort, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)Wilson, William (Coventry SE)
Meacher, MichaelSilkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)Wise, Mrs Audrey
Mellish, Rt Hon RobertSilkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)Woodall, Alec
Mendelson, JohnSillars, JamesWoof, Robert
Mikardo, IanSilverman, JuliusWrigglesworth, Ian
Millan, BraceSkinner, DennisYoung, David (Bolton E)
Miller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride)Small, William
Mitchell, R. C. (Soton, Itchen)Smith, John (N Lanarkshire)TELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Molloy, WilliamSnape, PeterMr. James Hamilton and
Moonman, EricSpearing, NigelMr. David Stoddart.
Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw)


Adley, RobertBulmer, EsmondEyre, Reginald
Aitken, JonathanButler, Adam (Bosworth)Fairbairn, Nicholas
Alison, MichaelCarlisle, MarkFarr, John
Amery, Rt Hon JulianCarr, Rt Hon RobertFell, Anthony
Arnold, TomCarson, JohnFinsberg, Geoffrey
Atkins, Rt Hon H. (Spelthorne)Chalker, Mrs LyndaFisher, Sir Nigel
Awdry, DanielChannon, PaulFletcher, Alex (Edinburgh N)
Baker, KennethChurchill, W. S.Fletcher-Cooke, Charles
Banks, RobertClark, Alan (Plymouth, Sutton)Fookes, Miss Janet
Beith, A. J.Clark, William (Croydon S)Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd)
Bell, RonaldCockcroft, JohnFreud, Clement
Benyon, W.Cooke, Robert (Bristol W)Fry, Peter
Berry, Hon AnthonyCope, JohnGardiner, George (Reigate)
Bitten, JohnCordle, John H.Gardner, Edward (S Fylde)
Biggs-Davison, JohnCormack, PatrickGilmour, Rt Hon Ian (Chesham)
Blaker, PeterCorrie, JohnGilmour, Sir John (East Fife)
Body, RichardCostain, A. P.Glyn, Dr Alan
Boscawen, Hon RobertCritchley, JulianGodber, Rt Hon Joseph
Bottomley, PeterCrouch, DavidGoodhart, Philip
Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kemptown)Crowder, F. P.Goodhew, Victor
Boyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent)Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford)Goodlad, Alastair
Braine, Sir BernardDean, Paul (N. Somerset)Gorst, John
Brittan, LeonDouglas-Hamilton, Lord JamesGow, Ian (Eastbourne)
Brocklebank-Fowler, C.Drayson, BurnabyGower, Sir Raymond (Barry)
Brotherton, Michaeldu Cann, Rt Hon EdwardGrant, Anthony (Harrow C)
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath)Durant, TonyGray, Hamish
Bryan, Sir PaulDykes, HughGriffiths, Eldon
Buchanan-Smith, AlickEden, Rt Hon Sir JohnGrimond, Rt Hon J.
Buck, AntonyEdwards, Nicholas (Pembroke)Grist, Ian
Budgen, NickElliott, Sir WilliamGrylls, Michael

Hall, Sir JohnMates, MichaelRoss, Stephen (Isle of Wight)
Hall-Davis, A. G. F.Mather, CarolRoss, William (Londonderry)
Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury)Maude, AngusRossi, Hugh (Hornsey)
Hampson, Dr KeithMaudling, Rt Hon ReginaldRost, Peter (SE Derbyshire)
Hannam, JohnMawby, RayRoyle, Sir Anthony
Harrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye)Maxwell-Hyslop, RobinSainsbury, Tim
Hastings, StephenMayhew, PatrickSt. John-Stevas, Norman
Havers, Sir MichaelMeyer, Sir AnthonyScott, Nicholas
Hawkins, PaulMiller, Hal (Bromsgrove)Shaw, Giles (Pudsey)
Hayhoe, BarneyMills, PeterShaw, Michael (Scarborough)
Heseltine, MichaelMiscampbell, NormanShelton, William (Streatham)
Hicks, RobertMitchell, David (Basingstoke)Shepherd, Colin
Holland, PhilipMoate, RogerSims, Roger
Hordern, PeterMolyneaux, JamesSinclair, Sir George
Howe, Rt Hon Sir GeoffreyMonro, HectorSkeet, T. H. H.
Howell, David (Guildford)Montgomery, FergusSmith, Cyril (Rochdale)
Howell, Ralph (North Norfolk)Moore, John (Croydon C)Smith, Dudley (Warwick)
Hunt, JohnMore, Jasper (Ludlow)Speed, Keith
Hurd, DouglasMorgan-Giles, Rear-AdmiralSpence, John
Hutchison, Michael ClarkMorris, Michael (Northampton S)Spicer, Michael (S Worcester)
Irvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)Morrison, Charles (Devizes)Sproat, lain
Irving, Charles (Cheltenham)Morrison, Hon Peter (Chester)Stainton, Keith
James, DavidMudd, DavidStanbrook, Ivor
Jenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd & W'df'd)Neave, AireyStanley, John
Jessel, TobyNelson, AnthonySteen, Anthony (Wavertree)
Johnson Smith, G. (E Grinstead)Neubert, MichaelStokes, John
Jones, Arthur (Daventry)Newton, TonyStradling Thomas, J.
Jopling, MichaelNormanton, TomTaylor, R. (Croydon NW)
Joseph, Rt Hon Sir KeithNott, JohnTaylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Kaberry, Sir DonaldOnslow, CranleyTebbit, Norman
Kershaw, AnthonyOppenheim, Mrs SallyTemple-Morris, Peter
Kimball, MarcusPage, John (Harrow West)Thatcher, Rt Hon Margaret
King, Evelyn (South Dorset)Page, Rt Hon P. Graham (Crosby)Thomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)
King, Tom (Bridgwater)Paisley, Rev IanThorpe, Rt Hon Jeremy (N Devon)
Kirk, PeterPardoe, JohnTownsend, Cyril D.
Knight, Mrs JillParkinson, CecilTrotter, Neville
Knox, DavidPattie, GeoffreyTugendhat, Christopher
Lamont, NormanPenhaligon, Davidvan Straubenzee, W. R.
Lane, DavidPercival, IanVaughan, Dr Gerard
Langford-Holt, Sir JohnPeyton, Rt Hon JohnViggers, Peter
Latham, Michael (Melton)Pink, R. BonnerWainwright, Richard (Colne V)
Lawrence, IvanPrice, William (Rugby)Wakeham, John
Lawson, NigelPrior, Rt Hon JamesWalker, Rt Hon P. (Worcester)
Le Merchant, SpencerPym, Rt Hon FrancisWalker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir Derek
Lester, Jim (Beeston)Raison, TimothyWall, Patrick
Lewis, Kenneth (Rutland)Rathbone, TimWalters, Dennis
Loveridge, JohnRawlinson, Rt Hon Sir PeterWarren, Kenneth
Luce, RichardRees, Peter (Dover & Deal)Weatherill, Bernard
McAdden, Sir StephenRees-Davies, W. R.Wells, John
McCrindle, RobertRenton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts)Whitelaw, Rt Hon William
McCusker, H.Renton, Tim (Mid-Sussex)Wiggin, Jerry
Macfarlane, NeilRhys Williams, Sir BrandonWinterton, Nicholas
MacGregor, JohnRidley, Hon NicholasWood, Rt Hon Richard
Macmillan, Rt Hon M. (Farnham)Ridsdale, JulianYoung, Sir G. (Ealing, Acton)
McNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury)Rifkind, MalcolmYounger, Hon George
McNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest)Rippon, Rt Hon Geoffrey
Madel, DavidRoberts, Michael (Cardiff NW)TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Marshall, Michael (Arundel)Roberts, Wyn (Conway)Mr. Russell Fairgrieve and
Marten, NeilRodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks)Mr. Fred Silvester.

Division No. 322.]


[10.53 p.m.

Allaun, FrankBrown, Hugh D. (Provan)Corbett, Robin
Anderson, DonaldBuchan, NormanCox, Thomas (Tooting)
Archer, PeterBuchanan, RichardCraigen, J. M. (Maryhill)
Armstrong, ErnestButler, Mrs Joyce (Wood Green)Cronin, John
Ashton, JoeCallaghan, Rt Hon J. (Cardiff SE)Crosland, Rt Hon Anthony
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N)Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P)Cryer, Bob
Atkinson, NormanCampbell, IanCunningham, G. (Islington S)
Bagier, Gordon A. T.Canavan, DennisCunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh)
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich)Cant, R. B.Dalyell, Tam
Barnett, Rt Hon Joel (Heywood)Carmichael, NeilDavidson, Arthur
Bates, AlfCarter, RayDavies, Bryan (Enfield N)
Bean, R. E.Carter-Jones, LewisDavies, Denzil (Llanelli)
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony WedgwoodCartwright, JohnDavies, Ifor (Gower)
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N)Castle, Rt Hon BarbaraDavis, Clinton (Hackney C)
Bidwell, SydneyClemitson, IvorDeakins, Eric
Bishop, E. S.Cocks, Michael (Bristol S)Dean, Joseph (Leeds West)
Blenkinsop, ArthurCohen, StanleyDelargy, Hugh
Booth, AlbertColeman, DonaldDell, Rt Hon Edmund
Boothroyd, Miss BettyColquhoun, Mrs MaureenDempsey, James
Bottomley, Rt Hon ArthurConcannon, J. D.Dormand, J. D.
Boyden, James (Bish Auck)Conlan, BernardDouglas-Mann, Bruce
Bradley, TomCook, Robin F. (Edin C)Duffy, A. E. P.

Dunn, James A.Kelley, RichardRoper, John
Dunnett, JackKerr, RussellRyman, John
Dunwoody, Mrs GwynethKilroy-Silk, RobertSandelson, Neville
Eadie, AlexLamborn, HarrySedgemore, Brian
Edelman, MauriceLamond, JamesShaw, Arnold (Ilford South)
Edge, GeoffLatham, Arthur (Paddington)Sheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne)
Edwards, Robert (Wolv SE)Lee, JohnShore, Rt Hon Peter
Ellis, John (Brigg & Scun)Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough)Short, Rt Hon E. (Newcastle C)
Ellis, Tom (Wrexham)Lever, Rt Hon HaroldShort, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)
English, MichaelLewis, Arthur (Newham N)Silkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)
Ennals, DavidLewis, Ron (Carlisle)Silkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)
Evans, Fred (Caerphilly)Litterick, TomSillars, James
Evans, Ioan (Aberdare)Loyden, EddieSilverman, Julius
Evans, John (Newton)Lyon, Alexander (York)Skinner, Dennis
Ewing, Harry (Stirling)McCartney, HughSmith, John (N Lanarkshire)
Fitch, Alan (Wigan)Mackenzie, GregorSnape, Peter
Flannery, MartinMaclennan, RobertSpearing, Nigel
Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C)Spriggs, Leslie
Fletcher, Ted (Darlington)Madden, MaxStallard, A. W.
Foot, Rt Hon MichaelMahon, SimonStewart, Rt Hon M. (Fulham)
Forrester, JohnMallalieu, J. P. WStoddart, David
Fowler, Gerald (The Wrekin)Marks, KennethStott, Roger
Fraser, John (Lambeth, N'w'd)Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole)Strang, Gavin
Freeson, ReginaldMarshall, Jim (Leicester S)Summerskill, Hon Dr Shirley
Garrett, John (Norwich S)Mason, Rt Hon RoySwain, Thomas
Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend)Maynard, Miss JoanTaylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton W)
George, BruceMeacher, MichaelThomas, Mike (Newcastle E)
Gilbert, Dr JohnMellish, Rt Hon RobertThomas, Ron (Bristol NW)
Ginsburg, DavidMendelson, JohnThorne, Stan (Preston South)
Gould, BryanMikardo, IanTinn, James
Gourlay, HarryMillan, BruceTomlinson, John
Graham, TedMiller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride)Tomney, Frank
Grant, George (Morpeth)Mitchell, R. C. (Soton, Itchen)Torney, Tom
Grocott, BruceMolloy, WilliamTuck, Raphael
Hamilton, James (Bothwell)Moonman, EricUrwin, T. W.
Hardy, PeterMorris, Charles R. (Openshaw)Varley, Rt Hon Eric G.
Harper, JosephMoyle, RolandWainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)
Harrison, Walter (Wakefield)Mulley, Rt Hon FrederickWalker, Harold (Doncaster)
Hart, Rt Hon JudithMurray, Rt Hon Ronald KingWalker, Terry (Kingswood)
Hattersley, Rt Hon RoyNewens, StanleyWard, Michael
Hatton, FrankNoble, MikeWatkins, David
Hayman, Mrs HeleneOgden, EricWatkinson, John
Healey, Rt Hon DenisO'Halloran, MichaelWeetch, Ken
Heffer, Eric S.O'Malley, Rt Hon BrianWeitzman, David
Hooley, FrankOrbach MauriceWellbeloved, James
Horam, JohnOrme, Rt Hon StanleyWhite, Frank R. (Bury)
Howell, Denis (B'ham, Sm H)Ovenden, JohnWhite, James (Pollok)
Hoyle, Doug (Nelson)Owen, Dr DavidWhitehead, Phillip
Huckfield, LesPadley, WalterWhitlock, William
Hughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey)Palmer, ArthurWilley, Rt Hon Frederick
Hughes, Mark (Durham)Park, GeorgeWilliams, Alan (Swansea W)
Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N)Parker, JohnWilliams, Alan Lee (Hornch'ch)
Hughes, Roy (Newport)Parry, RobertWilliams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Hunter, AdamPeart, Rt Hon FredWilliams, W. T. (Warrington)
Irving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford)Pendry, TomWilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Jackson, Colin (Brighouse)Perry, ErnestWilson, Rt Hon H. (Huyton)
Janner, GrevillePhipps, Dr ColinWilson, William (Coventry SE)
Jeger, Mrs LenaPrescott, JohnWise, Mrs Audrey
Jenkins, Hugh (Putney)Price, C. (Lewisham W)Woodall, Alec
Johnson, James (Hull West)Price, William (Rugby)Woof, Robert
Johnson, Walter (Derby S)Radice, GilesWrigglesworth, Ian
Jones, Alec (Rhondda)Richardson, Miss JoYoung, David (Bolton E)
Jones, Barry (East Flint)Roberts, Albert (Normanton)
Jones, Dan (Burnley)Roberts, Gwilym (Cannock)TELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Judd, FrankRobertson, John (Paisley)Miss Margaret Jackson and
Kaufman, GeraldRodgers, George (Chorley)Mr. Laurie Pavitt.
Rooker, J. W.


Adley, RobertBiggs-Davison, JohnBuck, Antony
Aitken, JonathanBlaker, PeterBudgen, Nick
Alison, MichaelBody, RichardBulmer, Esmond
Amery, Rt Hon JulianBoscawen, Hon RobertCarlisle, Mark
Arnold, TomBottomley, PeterCarr, Rt Hon Robert
Atkins, Rt Hon H. (Spelthorne)Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kemptown)Carson, John
Awdry, DanielBoyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent)Chalker, Mrs Lynda
Baker, KennethBraine, Sir BernardChannon, Paul
Banks, RobertBrittan, LeonChurchill, W. S.
Beith, A. J.Brocklebank-Fowler, C.Clark, Alan (Plymouth, Sutton)
Bell, RonaldBrotherton, MichaelClark, William (Croydon S)
Benyon, W.Brown, Sir Edward (Bath)Cockcroft, John
Berry, Hon AnthonyBryan, Sir PaulCooke, Robert (Bristol W)
Biffen, JohnBuchanan-Smith, AlickCope, John

Cordle, John H.Jopling, MichaelRawlinson, Rt Hon Sir Peter
Cormack, PatrickJoseph, Rt Hon Sir KeithRees, Peter (Dover & Deal)
Corrie, JohnKaberry, Sir DonaldRees-Davies, W. R.
Costain, A. P.Kershaw, AnthonyRenton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts)
Crawshaw, RichardKimball, MarcusRenton, Tim (Mid-Sussex)
Critchley, JulianKing, Evelyn (South Dorset)Rhys Williams, Sir Brandon
Crouch, DavidKing, Tom (Bridgwater)Ridley, Hon Nicholas
Crowder, F. P.Kirk, PeterRidsdale, Julian
Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford)Knight, Mrs JillRifkind, Malcolm
Dean, Paul (N Somerset)Knox, DavidRippon, Rt Hon Geoffrey
Douglas-Hamilton, Lord JamesLamont, NormanRoberts, Michael (Cardiff NW)
Drayson, BurnabyLane, DavidRoberts, Wyn (Conway)
du Cann, Rt Hon EdwardLangford-Holt, Sir JohnRodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks)
Durant, TonyLatham, Michael (Melton)Ross, Stephen (Isle of Wight)
Dykes, HughLawrence, IvanRoss, William (Londonderry)
Eden, Rt Hon Sir JohnLawson, NigelRossi, Hugh (Hornsey)
Edwards, Nicholas (Pembroke)Le Marchant, SpencerRost, Peter (SE Derbyshire)
Elliott, Sir WilliamLester, Jim (Beeston)Royle, Sir Anthony
Eyre, ReginaldLewis, Kenneth (Rutland)Sainsbury, Tim
Fairbairn, NicholasLoveridge, JohnSt. John-Stevas, Norman
Fairgrieve, RussellLuce, RichardScott, Nicholas
Farr, JohnMcAdden, Sir StephenShaw, Giles (Pudsey)
Fell, AnthonyMcCrindle, RobertShaw, Michael (Scarborough)
Finsberg, GeoffreyMcCusker, H.Shelton, William (Streatham)
Fisher, Sir NigelMacfarlane, NeilShepherd, Colin
Fletcher, Alex (Edinburgh N)MacGregor, JohnSilvester, Fred
Fletcher-Cooke, CharlesMacmillan, Rt Hon M. (Farnham)Sims, Roger
Fookes, Miss JanetMcNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury)Sinclair, Sir George
Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd)McNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest)Skeet, T. H. H.
Fox MarcusMadel, DavidSmith, Cyril (Rochdale)
Freud, ClementMarshall, Michael (Arundel)Smith, Dudley (Warwick)
Fry, PeterMarten, NellSpeed, Keith
Gardiner, George (Reigate)Mates, MichaelSpence, John
Gardner, Edward (S Fylde)Mather, carol Maude, AngusSpicer, Michael (S Worcester)
Gilmour, Rt Hon Ian (Chesham)Maudling, Rt Hon ReginaldSproat, lain
Gilmour, Sir John (East Fife)Maudling, Rt Hon ReginaldStainton, Keith
Glyn, Dr AlanMawby, RayStanbrook, Ivor
Godber, Rt Hon JosephMaxwell-Hyslop, RobinStanley, John
Goodhart, PhilipMayhew, Patrick Meyer, Sir AnthonySteel, David (Roxburgh)
Goodhew, VictorMiller, Hal (Bromsgrove)Steen, Anthony (Wavertree)
Goodlad, AlastairMills, PeterStokes, John
Gorst, JohnMiscampbell, NormanStradling Thomas, J.
Gow, Ian (Eastbourne)Mitchell, David (Basingstoke)Strauss, Rt Hon G. R.
Gower, Sir Raymond (Barry)Moate, RogerTaylor, R. (Croydon NW)
Grant, Anthony (Harrow C)Molyneaux, JamesTaylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Gray, HamishMonro, HectorTebbit, Norman
Griffiths, EldonMontgomery, FergusTemple-Morris, Peter
Grimond, Rt Hon J.Moore, John (Croydon C)Thatcher, Rt Hon Margaret
Grist, IanMore, Jasper (Ludlow)Thomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)
Grylls, MichaelMorgan-Giles, Rear-AdmiralThorpe, Rt Hon Jeremy (N Devon)
Hall, Sir JohnMorris, Michael (Northampton S)Townsend, Cyril D.
Hall-Davis, A. G. F.Morrison, Charles (Devizes)Trotter, Neville
Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury)Morrison, Hon Peter (Chester)Tugendhat, Christopher
Hampson, Dr KeithMudd, Davidvan Straubenzee, W. R.
Hannam, JohnNeave, AireyVaughan, Dr Gerard
Harrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye)Nelson, AnthonyViggers, Peter
Hastings, StephenNeubert, MichaelWainwright, Richard (Colne V)
Havers, Sir MichaelNewton, TonyWakeham, John
Hawkins, PaulNormanton, TomWalker, Rt Hon P. (Worcester)
Hay hoe, BarneyNott, JohnWalker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir Derek
Heseltine, MichaelOnslow, CranleyWall, Patrick
Hicks, RobertOppenheim, Mrs SallyWalters, Dennis
Holland, PhilipPage, John (Harrow West)Warren, Kenneth
Hordern, PeterPage, Rt Hon R. Graham (Crosby)Weatherill, Bernard
Howe, Rt Hon Sir GeoffreyPaisley, Rev IanWells, John
Howell, David (Guildford)Pardoe, JohnWhitelaw, Rt Hon William
Howell, Ralph (North Norfolk)Pattie, GeoffreyWiggin, Jerry
Hunt, JohnPenhaligon, DavidWinterton, Nicholas
Hurd, DouglasPercival, IanWood, Rt Hon Richard
Hutchison, Michael ClarkPeyton, Rt Hon JohnYoung, Sir G. (Ealing, Acton)
Irvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)Pink, R. BonnerYounger, Hon George
Irving, Charles (Cheltenham)Powell, Rt Hon J. Enoch
James, DavidPrice, David (Eastleigh)TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Jenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd S W'df'd)Prior, Rt Hon JamesMr. Adam Butler and
Jessel, TobyPym, Rt Hon FrancisMr. Cecil Parkinson
Johnson Smith, G. (E Grinstead)Raison, Timothy
Jones, Arthur (Daventry)Rathbone, Tim