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Ministerial Appointments

Volume 932: debated on Thursday 19 May 1977

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asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will fist all the public appointments for which he is responsible, the names of the present holders of these appointments and their salaries and allowances.

Information in respect of the paid appointments for which I am responsible is set out in the following table.Current remuneration ranges from £16 a day for certain part-time appointments to £10,600 a year for certain full-time appointments. Travelling and subsi-

Equal Opportunities CommissionMiss Betty Lockwood*Lady Howe (Deputy Chairman)*
Miss Margaret Allen†
Lord Allen of Fallowfield†
Mr. John Beale†
Miss Ethel Chipchase†
Miss Ann Mackie†
Mr. Alexander Nicol†
Miss Agnes Patrick†
Mrs. Marie Patterson†
Mr. Eric Robinson†
Mrs Caroline Woodruffe†
Mr Philip Jones†
Mr. Peter Urquhart†
* Full-time.
† Part-time.
Gaming Board for Great BritainSir Stanley Raymond†Mr. R. McPhail†
Capt. the Hon. Richard Stanley†
Sir James Starritt†
Lord Allen of Abbeydale†
† Part-time.
Horserace Betting Levy BoardSir Desmond Plummer†Mr. John Marriage†
† Part-time.
Horserace Betting Levy Appeal Tribunal for England and Wales.Mr. N. Kohler†
Mr. J. T. W. Scruby†
† Part-time.
Horserace Totalisator BoardMr. Woodrow Wyatt†The Duke of Devonshire†
Dame Elizabeth Ackroyd†
Sir Alexander Glen†
Mr. Tony Stratton Smith†
Mr. Frank Chappell†
† Part-time.
Parole BoardSir Louis Petch†Dr. D. Anton-Stephens†
Mr. G. W. Appleyard†
Miss E. E. Barnard†
Dr. O. V. Briscoe†
The Hon. Mr. Justice Bristow†
Mrs. D. L. Butt†
Mr. S. G. Clarke†
Viscountess Colville of Culross†
His Honour Judge da Cunha†
Mr. A. R. Davis†
Mr. S. R. Elliott†
Dr. A. Falla†
Mr. Justice Forbes†
Mr. L. R. Frayne†
Lady Katherine Giles†
His Honour Judge Green†
The Hon. Mr. Justice Griffiths†
Sir Richard Hayward†
Mr. K. L. Hollingsworth†
Mr. P. W. Hopson†
Dr. E. Jacoby†
Miss M. B. Jobling†
Miss J. K. Lawrence†
Mr. I. P. Llewellyn-Jones†
Mrs. D. Marlow†
Mrs. A. Morris†
Her Honour Judge Suzanne Norwood†
Mr. R. H. Pamplin†
Mr. P. W. Paskell†
Canon C. Pinder†
Mrs. P. Richardson†
Miss M. I. Roeves†
Dr. A Storr†
Mr. J. E. Hall Williams†
Dr. M. R. Penry Williams†
† Part-time.

stence expenses are in addition paid where appropriate.




BBC(a)Sir Michael Swann†The Hon. Mark Bonham Carter (Vice-Chairman)†
Professor A. E. Thompson†
Dr. Glyn Tegai Hughes†
Mr. Bill O'Hara†
Lord Allen of Fallowfield†
Mr. Roy Fuller†
Mr. George Howard†
Lord Greenhill of Harrow†
Mrs. Stella Clarke†
Mr. E. P. Chappell†
(a) Appointments to the BBC are made by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister on the advice of the Home Secretary.
IBALady Plowden†Mr. C. Bland (Deputy Chairman)†
Professor Huw Morris-Jones†
Dr. W. J. Blease†
Dr. T. F. Carberry†
Professor J. Ring†
Mr. W. Anderson†
Mrs. H. M. Warnock†
The Marchoness of Anglesey†
Mrs. A. M. Coulson†
Mr. A. J. R. Purssell†
Criminal Injuries Compensation BoardMr. Michael Ogden QC†Mr. D. A. Barker QC†
Mr. I. J. Black QC†
Mr. J. S. Boyle†
Sir William Carter†
Mr. B. W. Chedlow QC†
Sir Alun Davies QC†
Mr. J. Law QC†
Miss J. Littlewood†
Mr. D. G. A. Lowe QC†
Mr. R. I. Sutherland QC†
Mr. D. B. Weir QC†
Mr. C. H. Whitby QC†
Community Relations CommissionLord Pitt†The Very Rev. Alfred Jowet† (Deputy Chairman)†
Mr. C. T. H. Plant†
Dr. A. F. A. Sayeed†
Mrs. R. L. Wolff†
Race Relations BoardSir Geoffrey Wilson*Mr. L. Freedman (Deputy Chairman)†
Sir Roy Wilson (Deputy Chairman)†
Mrs. E. Christie†
Mr. Rank Malik†
Miss A. M. Patrick†
Mr. C. T. H. Plant†
Miss S. Roberts†
Mr. T. S. Roberts†
Mr. M. Singh†
NOTE: The Community Relations Commission and the Race Relations Board will cease to exist on 13th June 1977 when the Race Relations Act 1976 comes into force and the Commission for Racial Equality becomes fully operational.
Commission for Racial EqualityMr. David Lane*Mr. Clifton Robinson (Deputy (Chairman)*
Mr. Pranlal Sheth (Deputy Chairman)†
Councillor Bashir Maan (Deputy Chairman)†
Mrs. Juliet Cheetham†
Mr. Frank Cummins†
Mr. Tom Jackson†
Mrs. Anowara Jahan†
Mr. Courtney A. Laws†
Mr. William Morris†
Mr. Robert J. Ramsey†
Miss Gwenneth M. Rickus†
Dr. Preetam Singh QC†
Mr. Alan N. Wilson†
Women's Royal Voluntary ServiceBaroness Pike†


† Part-time.