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Lord President Of The Council (Public Appointments)

Volume 932: debated on Wednesday 25 May 1977

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asked the Lord President of the Council, whether he will list all the public appointments for which he is responsible, the names of the present holders of these appointments and their salaries and allowances.

, pursuant to his reply [Official Report, 19th May 1977; Vol. 932, c. 236], gave the following information:Except where shown none of these appointments is salaried. Any allowances which may exist are not paid by my Department and I am, therefore, unable to give details of the amounts actually received.

Body and Names

General Dental Council

Sir Rodney Swiss (President), Miss C. Avent, Mr. W. H. G. Cocks, Mr. G. D. Gibb, Mr. J. Sutherland, Dr. J. L. Trainer.

General Medical Council

Dr. T. T. Baird, Sir John Brotherston, Baroness Fisher of Rednal, Dr. M. F. Green, Professor Sir Denis Hill, my hon. Friend the Member for Aberdeen, North (Mr. Hughes), Professor J. J. A. Reid, Professor M. Stacey.

General Optical Council

Sir Eric Richardson (Chairman), Mrs. D. Bellerby, Mr. W. Scott Charles, Dr. E. Colin-Russ, Dame Mary Green, Professor J. P. Quilliam, Mr. A. F. Williams.

Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Council—Dr. L. Adamson, Mrs. M. Puxon, 1 vacancy.

Chairman of the Statutory Committee—Sir Gordon Willmer.*

* Receives an officially approved fee of £1,250 per annum from the Society.

Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine

Sir Norman Lindop (Chairman), Miss B Brookes, Mrs. M. J. Davis, Mr. J. C. Whyte.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Mr. F. Abbey, Mr. A. C. L. Brown, my hon. Friend the Member for Morpeth (Mr. Grant) the hon. Member for Gainsborough (Mr. Kimball)

Council for the Education and Training of Health Visitors

Dr. C. C. Butler ( Chairman)

Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work

Sir Derman Christopherson ( Chairman)

General Nursing Council for England and Wales

Mr. M. Brooke, Mr. D. James

General Nursing Council for Scotland Mrs. M. B. A. Denny. 1 vacancy

Art, Royal College of

Court—Mr. F. H. K. Henrion

Aston in Birmingham, University of

Council—Mr. W. Baker, Mr. G. A. Cadbury

Bath, University of

Court—Lord Allen of Fallowfield, Mr. J. McLaren, Dr. F. S. Tinnion

Birmingham, University of

Court and Council—Mr. R. O'Brien

Bradford, University of

Court—Lord Bullock, Councillor J. Mernagh, Mr. J. E. Mortimer

Bristol, University of

Court—Mrs. M. Bowie-Menzler, Mr. P. G. Cardew, Sir John Wills

Brunel University

Court—Miss N. Hornsby, Sir James Taylor. Mr. E. A. Webb

Cardiff, University College

Council—Lady Ffrangcon-Williams, Mr. T. S. Roberts

Chelsea Physic Garden

Committee of Management—General Sir Antony Read

Children Act 1948—Appeals Tribunal

Welfare Panel—Mr. M. Phillips, Mr. P. Righton, Miss O. Stevenson

City University

Court—Mrs. I. Bonham, Professor M. Gowing, Lord Hunt. Lord Ironside

Cranfield Institute of Technology

Court—Professor J. F. Coales. Sir Derek Ezra, Mr. D. K. Fraser, Sir James Lighthill, Sir Frederick Warner

East Anglia, University of

Court—Lord Ashby, Lieut.-Colonel J. Innes, Lord Walston

Essex, University of

Court—Councillor A. T. Blowers, Councillor A. J. Coles, Sir Sigmund Sternberg.

Exeter, University of

Court—Mr. A. H. F. Fooks, Dr. R. Newton. Imperial College of Science and Technology

Governing Body—My hon. Friend the Member for Tottenham Mr. Atkinson, Sir Frederick Hayday, Sir Laurence Kirwan, Dr. S. Kitchener, Sir Edward Playfair, Mr. W. A. Prideaux.

Kent at Canterbury, University of

Court—Mr. T. B. Bunting, Dame Evelyn Denington, Dr K. Porter.

Lancaster, University of

Court—Professor G. Ashworth, Councillor J. Entwistle, Councillor H. Parker, Lady James of Rusholme.

Leeds, University of

Court—Sir John Armytage, Rt. Rev. John Moorman.

Court and Council—Mr. N. Free.

London, University of

Court—Sir Michael Clapham, Mr. P. Parker, Rt. Hon. Sir Leslie Scarman, Rt. Hon. Lord Shawcross.

University College, London

Lord Northcliffe Chair of Modern English Literature—Mr. K. Miller.*

Heriot-Watt University

Convocation—Hon. Lord Birsay, Mr. D. W. A. Donald, Mr. W. S. Robertson. Holloway College, Royal

Council—Sir Ronald Gould.

Hull, University of

Court—Mr. K. E. Bantock, Mr. J. R. Blackburne, Miss C. Lambert.

Keele, University of

Court—Mr. J. D. Bradshaw, Mr. R. Howson, Rt. Hon. Sir Leslie Scarman.

Leicester, University of

Court—Mr. G. Bromley, 2 vacancies.

Liverpool, University of

Court—Dame Janet Vaughan.

Loughborough University of Technology

Court—Mr. J. M. Hardy, Mr. E. P. McTighe, Mr. R. L. Wessel

Manchester, Victoria University of

Court—Lady Bowden, Rt. Rev. Patrick Rodger, Dame Mabel Tylecote, Mr. C. M. G. Wallwork, Lord Winstanley.

Manchester, University of, Institute of Science and Technology

Court—Sir Neville Butterworth, Mrs. D. Jeuda, Mr. F. A. Russell, Sir Alex Smith.* Salaried university appointment.

North Wales, University College of

Court—Dr. R. Elfyn Hughes, Mr. T. Jones, Baroness White.

Nottingham, University of

Court—Mrs. P. Germany, Dr. B. Kilkenny, Mr C. A. Unwin.

Open University

Council—Mr. A. Bridgewater, Mr. T. A. Casey, Lord Ritchie-Calder, Professor J. R. Webster.

Academic Advisory Committee—Professor J. C. Gunn, Mr. C. Hill, Professor H. T. Himmelweit, Dr. S. Holgate, Dr. H. Kay, Professor K. W. Keohane, Dr. W. Taylor, Lord Wynne-Jones.

Reading, University of

Court—Mrs. J. A. K. Periton, Hon. Mrs. P. Samuel, Mrs. R. Thomson.

Salford, University of

Court—Dr. H. P. Jost.

Sheffield, University of

Court—Sir Eric Mensforth, Councillor R. Thwaites, Councillor Mrs. P. White.

Southampton, University of

Court—Councillor A. Reynard, Mrs. E. da Rothschild, Councillor Mrs. B. Williams.

South Pacific, University of the

Court—l vacancy.

Stirling, University of

Court—Rt. Hon. Thomas Fraser, Dr. D. M. Mcintosh, Hon. Lord Stewart.

Conference—Mr. E. W. Craig, Dr. W. S Robertson, Sir George Wilson.

Strathclyde, University of

Convocation—Sir William Atwell, Mr. E. J. Dowdalls, Sir Iain Stewart.

Surrey, University of

Court—Councillor Mrs. M. King, Dr. M. G. Ormerod.

Sussex, University of

Court—Mr. N. J. Abercrombie, Mr. R. Bates, Mr. T. Jackson.

Swansea, University College of

Court—Judge Rowe Harding, Professor T. J. Morgan, Dr. T. Williams.

Ulster, New University of

Court—Mr. D. MacLaughlin, Mr. R. B. Morton, Mrs. M. G. Neill, Mr. B. Sherlock.

Veterinary College, Royal

Dr. H. Hudson.

Wales, National Library of

Court and/or Council—Miss H. C. Bassett, Mr. G. W. Bright, Hon. Jonathan Davies, My hon. Friend the Member for Wrexham (Mr. Ellis), Mrs. O. Caradoc Evans, Dr. G. Hughes, Mr. H. N. Jerman, Dr. R. Brinlev-Jones, Major F. Jones, Mrs. K. Idwal Jones, Rev. J. Jones-Davies, Mr. J. Beverley Smith, Professor J. Gwynn Williams.

National Museum of Wales

Court and/or Council—Dr. C. W. L. Bevan, Col. Sir William Crawshay, Mr. A. C. Davies, Hon. Jonathan Davies, Mrs. L. Davies, Professor Mansel Davies, Mrs. R. Jones, Professor W. J. Mathias, Mr. H. Nyman, Mr. J. E. H. Rees, Professor Charles A. Taylor, Mr. J. G. Thomas.

Wales, University of

Court and Council—Mr. C. N. D. Cole, Mr. T. Mervyn Jones, Mr. A. B. Oldfield-Davies.

Wales, University of, Institute of Science and Technology

Court—Sir Denning Pearson, Mrs. M. Rhydderch-Preece, Lord Raglan.

Wales, University College of, Aberystwyth

Court and Council—Ms. A. Clwyd, Mr. A. Davies, Baroness White.

Warwick, University of

Court—Councillor Mrs. Winifred Lakin, Professor R. H. Macmillan, Dr. D. G. Scott.

In addition to the appointments listed above my Department is responsible for occasional ad hoc appointments of the non-legal members of Independent Schools Tribunals constituted to hear appeals under the Education Act 1944.