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National Enterprise Board

Volume 958: debated on Wednesday 15 November 1978

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asked the Secretary of State for Industry whether he will list in the Official Report the dates, and the companies concerned, when the National Enterprise Board has been given directions under section 3 of the Industry Act.

On 25th March 1977 and 21st April 1978 to provide financial assistance to British Leyland Ltd.

asked the Secretary of State for Industry if he will publish in the Official Report a list of the shareholdings held by the National Enterprise Board on 15th November, showing the number and description of the shares, the percentage of total equity held by the National Enterprise Board, the cost of the shareholding and, where appropriate, the market value of the shareholding at close of business on 15th November.

At 15th November 1978 the following shareholdings had been announced by the NEB:


Number and description of shares held by NEB

Percentage of nominal value of total equity

Stock Exchange Quotation (closing price 13th November where available)

Cost £000

Agemapark Ltd.3,700 £1 ordinary30·0100
50,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity50
Aqualisa Products Ltd.4,000 £1 ordinary40·04
65, 000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity65
Automation and Technical Services (Holdings) Ltd.45,000 £1 ordinary30·050
100,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity100
Barrow Hepburn Group Ltd.1,000,000 25p ordinary4·145036p
BL Ltd.1,144,554,026 50p ordinary98·9695,52320p
British Tanners Products Ltd.2,000,000 £1 ordinary50·02,000
Brown Boveri Kent Ltd.10,856,585 25p ordinary20·03,29345p
BTB (Engineering) Ltd.30,000 £1 redeemable preference50·030
Bull Motors Ltd.500,000 £1 ordinary100·0500
Cambridge Instrument Co. Ltd.412,684,225 1p ordinary79·75,020
4,261,757 10p ordinary
50,000,000 £1 ordinaryNot equity500
R. R. Chapman (Sub Sea Surveys) Ltd.50,000 £1 ordinary42·750
Computer Analysts and Programmers (Holdings) Ltd.1,372,760 10p ordinary29·9549
Computer and Systems Engineering Ltd.349,750 5p ordinary49·9882
15,200 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity48
Date Recording Instrument Co. Ltd.3,970,337 £1 ordinary63·13,977
1,000,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity1,000
The Energy Equipment Co. Ltd.75,000 £1 preference42·975
100,000 £1 preferenceNot equity100
125,000 £1 preference125
Fairey Holdings Ltd.18,000,000 £1 ordinary100·018,000
Ferranti Ltd.10,666,666 50p ordinary50·06,933
Hemmings Plastics Ltd.100,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity100
Herbert Ltd.83,632,948 25p ordinary100·036,196
Hird Brown Ltd.250,000 £1 redeemable preference100·0250
Hydraroll Ltd.4,500 £1 ordinary48·95
60,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity60
ICL Ltd.8,148,750 £1 ordinary24·412,134425p
Inmos Ltd.370,000 25p ordinary67·392
5,000 £100 preferenceNot equity500


Number and description of shares held by NEB

Percentage of nominal value of total equity


Stock Exchange Quotation (closing price 13th November) where available

INSCA Date Systems Ltd.2,150,000 £1 ordinary100·02,150
J. & P. Engineering Ltd.45,000 £1 ordinary33·3100
Keland Electrics Ltd.100,000 £1 ordinary100·0100
Mayflower Packaging Ltd.60,000 redeemable preference33·360
60,000 redeemable preferenceNot equity60
The Mollart Engineering Co. Ltd.46,822 £1 ordinary70·6382
Monotype Holdings Ltd.250,000 £1 ordinary37·5250
Negretti and Zambra Ltd.960,000 25p ordinary29·8710
460,622 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity461
Newtown Securities (Northern) Ltd.125,000 £1 ordinary50·0125
North-East Audio Ltd.54,450 £1 ordinary49·899
340,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity200
Powerdrive PSR Ltd.20,000 £1 ordinary40·020
100,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity100
150,000 £1 redeemable preference150
Power Dynamics Ltd.60,000 £1 ordinary33·360
120,000 redeemable preferenceNot equity120
Rolls-Royce Ltd.203,000,000 £1 ordinary100·0203,000
Sandiacre Electrics Ltd.30,000 £1 ordinary30·040
125,000 £1 redeemable preferenceNot equity125
Francis Shaw and Co. Ltd.1,400,000 20p ordinaryNot equity546
Sinclair Radionics Ltd.75,000 £1 ordinary73·3650
200,000 £1 preferenceNot equity2,000
2,000,000 £1 redeemable preference
Systems Designers International Ltd.3,060 £1 ordianry26·0184
Systems Programming Holdings Ltd.300 £1 'v' voting79·9600
600,000 £1 'D' non-voting
Systime Ltd.847 £1 ordinary28·1538
476 £1 preference
Twinlock Ltd.7,123,000 10p ordinary33·3997
United Medical Enterprises Ltd.4,619,440 £1 ordinary70·05,774
Vicort of London Ltd.9,608 £1 ordinary49·010
130,392 redeemable preferenceNot equity130