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Departmental Officials (Search And Entry Powers)

Volume 976: debated on Friday 21 December 1979

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asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will list every different circumstance in which officials of his Department, and of all public bodies ultimately answerable to himself, have search and entry powers into either the homes or the business premises of British citizens with, in each case, reference to the appropriate statutory authority and the number of such inspectors.

In addition to the Northern Ireland Office, my right hon. Friend is responsible for the eight Northern Ireland Departments and other public bodies in Northern Ireland. It would require a disproportionate effort to establish every different circumstance in which officials can exercise search and entry powers. However, listed below are the statutory authorities by which officials in Northern Ireland have powers of entry. Certain of these Acts and regulations also authorise, where necessary, the inspection of premises, the taking of samples and the taking and examining of records. It is not possible to give the number of such inspectors with search and entry powers.The Gas (NI) Order 1977Electricity Supply (NI) Order 1972Regulations for Securing the Safety of the Public 1934The Companies (NI) Order 1978Protection of Depositors Act (NI) 1964The Industrial Investment (General Assistance) Act (NI) 1966Industries Development (NI) Act 1966Weights and Measures Act (NI) 1967Weights and Measures Act 1979Trade Descriptions Act 1968Hallmarking Act 1973Fair Trading Act 1973European Communities, Eggs (Marketing Standards) Regulations (NI) 1973Textile Products (Indications of Fibre Content) Regulations 1973Consumer Credit Act 1974Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regulations 1975Measuring Container Bottle (EEC Requirements) Regulations 1977The Development of Tourist Traffic Act (NI) 1948Control of Pollution Act 1974Quarries Act (NI) 1927Estate Agents Act 1979Mines Act (NI) 1969Mineral Development Act (NI) 1969Minerals (Miscellaneous Provision) Act (NI) 1959Mineral Development (Application Fees and Model Clauses) Regulations (NI) 1970The Petroleum Production (Licences) Regulations (NI) 1965The Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1972The Explosives Act 1875The Northern Ireland Emergency Provisions Act 1978The Miscellaneous Transferred Excise Duties Act (NI) 1978The Rates (NI) Order 1977The Boundary Survey (Ireland) Act 1854The Wages Council Act (NI) 1945The Factories Act (NI) 1965The Offices and Shop Premises Act (NI) 1966The Truck Acts 1831–1940Enterprise Ulster (NI) Order 1976Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1979The Selective Employment Payments Act (NI) 1966Forestry Act (NI) 1953Importation of Wood (Prohibition) Order (NI) 1976

Poultry Improvement Act (NI) 1968

Destructive Imported Animals Act (NI) 1933

Agriculture Act 1937

Agriculture Act 1957

Agriculture Act 1967

Agriculture Act 1970

Livestock Breeding Act (NI) 1922

Artificial Reproduction of Animals (NI) Order 1975

Agricultural Wages (Regulation) (NI) Order 1977

Farm and Horticulture Development Regulations 1978

Plant Health Act (NI) 1967

Marketing of Potatoes Act (NI) 1964

The Non-Marketing of Milk and Milk Products and the Dairy Herd Convertion Premiums Regulations 1979

Diseases of Animals (NI) Order 1975

Noxious Weeds (NI) Order 1977

Seeds Act (NI) 1965

Diseases of Animals (Amend) (NI) Order 1975

The Fat Sheep (Protection of Guarantee) Order 1976

Common Agricultural Policy (Agriculture Produce) (Protection of Community Arrangements) (No. 2) Order 1973

Agricultural Produce (Meat Regulations and Pig Industry) Act 1962

Marketing of Poultry Act (NI) 1949

Slaughter of Animals Act (NI) 1932 as amended by the Slaughter of Animals (Amendment) Act 1956

Slaughterhouses Act (NI) 1953

Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (NI) 1970

Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Order (NI) 1975

Eggs (Feed Poultry Allowance) Scheme (NI) 1973

Poultry Meat Hygiene Regulations (NI) 1977

Marketing of Eggs (see Transport subvention) Scheme (NI) 1973

Poultry (Feed Price Allowance) (Amendment) Scheme 1976

Poultry (Feed Price Allowance) Scheme (NI) 1971

Eggs (Feed Price Allowance) (Amendment) (NI) 1976

Agriculture Marketing Act (NI) 1964

Drainage (NI) Order 1973

Horticulture Act 1966

Health and Safety at Work Act (NI) 1978

Milk Act (NI) 1950

Marketing of Milk Products Act (NI) 1958

Prices Act 1974 and 1975

Diseases of Animals Act (NI) 1958

Diseases of Animals (Amendment) Act (NI) 1966

Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 1972

Bee Pest Prevention Act (NI) 1945

Fisheries Act (NI) 1966 (Reprint to 1969)

Foyle Fisheries Act (NI) 1952

Marketing of Eggs Act (NI) 1957

Social Security (NI) Acts 1975–77

Health and Personal Social Services (NI) Order 1972

Nursing Homes and Nursing Agencies Act (NI) 1971

Nursing and Midwives Act (NI) 1970

Mental Health Act (NI) 1961

Children and Young Persons Act (NI) 1968

Cruelty to Animals Act 1876

Pharmacy (NI) Order 1976

Poisons (NI) Order 1976

Hydrogen Cyanide (Fumigation of Buildings) Regulations (NI) 1952

Hydrogen Cyanide (Fumigation of Ships) Regulations (NI) 1952

Public Health (NI) 1967

Food and Drugs Act (NI) 1958

Supplementary Benefits (NI) Order 1977

Family Income Supplements Act (NI) 1971

Medicines Act 1968

Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Public Health (Ships) Regulations (NI) 1971

Public Health (Aircraft) Regulations (NI) 1971

Housing and Local Government (Misc. Prov) Act (NI) 1946

Housing Act (NI) 1961

Housing Executive Act (NI) 1971

Road Traffic Act (NI) 1955

Special Road Act (NI) 1963

Roads Act (NI) 1948

Local Government and Road Act (NI) 1968

Planning (NI) Order 1972

Land Development Values (Compensation) Act (NI) 1965

New Towns Act (NI) 1965

Fire Services Act (NI) 1969

Fire Service (NI) Order 1977

Transport Act (NI) 1967

Pollution Control and Local Government (NI) Order 1978

International Road Haulage Permits Act 1975

Road Traffic Act (NI) 1970

Water and Sewerage Services (NI) Order 1973

Water and Sewerage Services Regulations (NI) 1973

Water Act (NI) 1972

Dumping at Sea Act 1974

Alkali and Works Regulation Act 1906

Radioactive Substances Act 1960

Public Health Acts 1878–1967

Clean Air Act (NI) 1964

European Communities Act 1972