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Ec Directives

Volume 76: debated on Wednesday 3 April 1985

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asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list in the Official Report the details of each directive from the European Economic

NumberSubject matterMethod of implementation
79/409Conservation of wild birdsThe Nature Conservancy Council has identified some 150 sites which might qualify for listing as special protection areas under Article 4. An initial list of seven areas was forwarded to the Commission on 31 August 1982 and a further batch of sites will be forwarded for listing shortly.
Bird protection measures in Great Britain under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 comply with the Directive. Orders in Council to implement the Directive in Northern Ireland were laid before Parliament on 22 November 1984. They will become effective on 14 April 1985.
79/869Frequency of sampling and analysis of surface water intended for abstraction for drinking purposesThis Directive does not, save in certain minor respects, change existing practices, and was implemented in a circular letter to statutory water undertakers in March 1982.
79/923Quality of shellfish watersTo date 29 waters have been identified under this Directive, and consideration is being given to identifying further waters in response to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution's request. Arrangements are in hand for the preparation of reports on the quality of shellfish waters for the Commission of the European Communities.
80/68Protection of groundwaterA Joint Circular (DOE 4/82, WO 7/82) was issued on 1 March 1982. The provisions of the Directive are being implemented by the use of the Control of Pollution Act 1974.
80/778Quality of water for human consumptionThis Directive is being implemented under existing legislation and reinforces existing policy and procedures. Circular letters have been issued to statutory water undertakers and two Departmental Circulars (DOE 20/82 and DOE 25/84) to local authorities explaining how the Directive is to be implemented in detail. Action is well in hand to ensure that all public water supplies comply with the terms of the Directive by 15 July this year when it comes into operation.
80/779Air quality for SO2 and particulatesAmbient smoke levels, in areas of the country which have not, hitherto, introduced smoke control, need to be brought down by 1939, to comply with this Directive. My Department published a Circular in 1981 (DOE 11/81) on new procedures for smoke control, and has subsequently pressed relevant local authorities to introduce smoke control programmes.
82/176Mercury discharges from chloralkali industryThis Directive has been implemented and in the United Kingdom consents to discharge have been set in accordance with the standards in the Directive.
82/242Biodegradability of non-ionic surfactantsThis Directive is applied in the United Kingdom by Regulations (SI 1984/1369) made under the European Communities Act 1972.
Amending directive 73/404
82/243Biodegradability of anionic surfactants Amending directive 73/405This Directive permits the use of a new test method and is implemented by the same Regulations (SI 1984/1369) as those for the Directive on the biodegradability of non-ionic detergents.
82/883Monitoring of wastes from Ti02 industryThis Directive sets out more explicitly the monitoring requirements of Article 7 of the 1978 Directive on waste from the titanium dioxide industry. The monitoring called for in the 1982 Directive is being carried out.
82/884Limit value for lead in airEvidence from earlier monitoring suggests that there are unlikely to be any breaches of the air quality standard imposed by this Directive. My Department has, however, purchased monitoring equipment complying with the Directive's specification, and is seeking the cooperation of local authorities in industrial areas, to monitor for lead in accordance with the Directive's requirements.
83/29Amending 78/176 on Ti02 wasteThis Directive is a procedural device for changing the time-limit by which the Commission of the European Communities might bring forward proposals under Article 9 of Directive 78/176/EEC.
83/129Seal pup skins and productsThe Directive is enforced in the United Kingdom through a Modification Order to the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1976 which came into operation on 26 November 1983. As a result of the Directive, and other measures, very few young harp or hooded seal pups were taken in the Northern Atlantic during 1983 or 1984.
83/513Cadmium dischargesThis Directive was adopted in September 1983. It applies to discharges of sewage and industrial waste and is to be implemented by 1 January 1986. No delay is expected, although the number of individual discharges to be identified is large.

Community relevant to his Department for each year since and including 1979; and what subsequent action he took in respect of each.

My Department has the primary responsibility for the following directives which have been adopted since 1979. They have been, are being, or will be implemented by administrative of statutory means as indicated.


Subject matter

Method of implementation

84/156Mercury discharges other than from the chloralkali electrolysis industryThis Directive was adopted in March 1984 and is to be implemented by 1 July 1986.
It completes the earlier Directive on discharge of mercury from the chloralkali electrolysis industry.
84/360Air pollution from industrial plantsThis Directive describes a system of air-pollution control broadly similarly to that already exercised by the Industrial Air Pollution Inspectorate, in respect of major industrial plants. The Directive, however, covers certain industrial plants within local authority control, and authorities will need new powers in order to ensure that the United Kingdom complies fully with the Directive. The question of new powers is being considered as pan of the review of clean air legislation which is presently being undertaken.
84/491Discharges of hexachlorocyclohexaneThis Directive was adopted on 9 October 1984 and is due to be implemented by 1 April 1986. Work on its implementation is proceeding well and a Circular implementing this Directive and EC Directive 84/156 will be issued later this year.
84/631Transfrontier shipment of hazardous wasteThis Directive provides for pre-notification of intended transfrontier shipment of hazardous waste and for a consignment note to travel with the waste. It is to be implemented by 1 October 1985. A Working Group in Brussels has just finishing preparing the documentation which will be used. The Government intend shortly to consult on draft Regulations which will designate the competent authorities involved define their duties and identify the materials which will be controlled.
85/(not yet allocated)Air quality standards for NO2This Directive was adopted in January. My Department plans to extend monitoring of nitrogen dioxide in urban areas, to comply with the directive.