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Leicestershire (Financial Aid)

Volume 78: debated on Tuesday 30 April 1985

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asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will detail all financial aid given to (a) the county of Leicestershire and (b) the city of Leicester since 1979, including the inner area programme and all other schemes; and if he will break the figures down by year.

The readily available information is given in the table. The figures for inner area programme, slum clearance and improvement grants are not on the same basis as the overall figures for specific grants of which they form part. They are taken from central records of payments or entitlements, whereas the latter are from the authorities' outturn returns.

Financial aid to county of Leicestershire and city of Leicester










Rate support grant*
Needs and resources†75·580·0
Block grant†129·8129·7133·4136·2134·6
Transport supplementary grant||1·71·01·13·14·96·23·9
Capital grant¶0·90·62·60·4
Specific grants¶of which21·326·430·931·536·7
Inner area programme●0·60·81·31·11·1
Mandatory student awards★8·410·412·210·711·511·812·4

Leicester city

Rate support grant*
Needs and resources†14·115·7
Block grant†9·78·18·09·712·0
Housing subsidy■10·311·77·82·4
Housing benefits#3·84·74·310·124·724·126·9
Capital grants¶1·82·42·42·03·0
Specific grants,¶of which2·93·43·66·29·9
Inner area programme●0·71·31·02·11·7
Slum clearance■0·50·60·60·50·40·40·3
Improvement grants■0·71·01·42·23·24·24·9


* The rate support grant system changed in 1981–82. Figures for earlier year are not on a comparable basis. The figures for 1979–80 and 1980–81 include the needs, resources and domestic elements. Thereafter they include block grant and domestic rate relief grant.

† Figures up to 1981–82 are final entitlements. Those for 1982–83 and 1983–84 are entitlements based on outturn after holdback, and for 1984–85 entitlements based on budgets after holdback. The figures for 1985–86 are before holdback and based on budget for Leicestershire and on expenditure limit for Leicester city.

‡ Figures up to 1983–84 are final entitlements. Those for 1984–85 and 1985–86 are latest estimates.

|| The figures up to 1984–85 cover all transport, while that for 1985–86 is for roads capital only.

¶ The figures are from the authorities' outturn returns and are not available for 1984–85 and 1985–86.

● The figures are from central records of payments and are not available for 1984–85 and 1985–86.

■ The figures for 1979–80 to 1982–83 are from the authorities' final audited claims. Those for 1983–84 to 1985–86 are provisional.

★ The figures up to 1983–84 are from outturn returns and for 1984–85 and 1985–86 from budget returns.

# The figures cover payments of subsidies for rent and rate rebates and rent allowances by DOE from 1979–80 to 1982–83 (part) and by DHSS from 1982–83 (part) to 1985–86. Those for 1979–80 to 1983–84 are based on final audited claims, while those for 1984–85 are from mid-year and initial claims respectively.