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House of Commons Hansard
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Livestock Units (Expenditure)
02 May 1985
Volume 78
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asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will publish in the Official Report a table showing for each common agricultural policy product the amount spent in 1984–85 on

Crop areas and livestock numbers (a)
At June of each year
Average of 1973–7519801981198219831984 (provisional)
A. Crop areas ('000 hectares)
Total area19,09918,95318,80818,78318,73518,772
of which
Mixed corn4313111088
Total cereals (b)3,7223,9383,9794,0303,9614,053
Sugar beet196213210204199200
Oilseed rape (c)2692125174222169
Vegetables grown in the open194190178179152147
Orchard fruit564644434139
Soft fruit (d)181918181717
Ornamentals (e)161213131212
Total horticulture (f)286270255254224218
Total tillage (g)4,8355,0315,0715,1275,1245,206
All grasses under five years old (h)2,2691,9651,9111,8591,8461,806
Total arable7,1046,9966,9826,9866,9707,012
All grasses five years old and over (i)5,0335,1405,1035,0975,1075,124
Rough grazing:
Sole right5,4725,1195,0214,9844,9274,905
Common (estimated)1,1261,2141,2141,2141,2121,212
Other land (j)364484488502519519
B. Livestock numbers ('000 head)
Total cattle and calves14,83413,426(k)13,138(k)13,24413,29013,255
of which
Dairy cows3,3613,2283,1913,2503,3333,265
Beef cows1,8291,478(k)1,420(k)1,3891,3581,354
Heifers in calf997838863851847810

each hectare or livestock unit in the United Kingdom under the European Economic Community budget in direct subventions, export rebates, and so on.

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Expenditure in 1984–85 on market regulation under the CAP is summarised by principal commodity in table 28 of the "Annual Review of Agriculture 1985" (Cmnd. 9423). Against total forecast expenditure of £1,424·1 million the Community budget was expected to contribute £1,087·1 million as follows:

£ million
Beef and veal*228·4
Processed products32·9
Milk products†293·2


* Including the suckler cow premiums scheme.

† Including the premium schemes for the non-marketing of milk and the conversion of dairy herds.

‡ Including annual premium on ewes.

Details of crop areas and livestock numbers are given in table 3 of Cmnd. 9423.

Average of 1973–75





1984 (provisional)

Total sheep and lambs of which28,32331,446






Total pigs of which8,3727,8157,8288,0238,1747,744
Sows in pig and other sows for breeding787722725742746703
Gilts in pig123109112122110107
Total poultry of which140,752135,105132,286135,363128,260128,493
Table fowls (including broilers)57,27959,91757,83060,07558,88759,658
Laying fowls50,84746,01244,47344,79241,51841,138
Growing pullets18,72414,45714,21914,76612,07912,399

(a) The data in this table vary between the different countries as follows:—

England and Wales: For all years the figures relate to all known agricultural holdings including minor holdings (previously called statistically insignificant holdings).

Scotland: From 1973 the figures relate to all known agricultural holdings with 40 smd or more. (A standard man-day (smd) represents 8 hours' productive work by an adult worker under average conditions.) Prior to June 1977 following the 1976 minor holding census 1,700 holdings were transferred fom the main to the minor category.

Northern Ireland: From 1973 to 1980 the figures relate to all known agricultural holdings with (i) 40 smd or more, or (ii) 4 hectares or more of total area, or (iii) one or more full-time workers, excluding the owner. The figures for 1981 onwards relate to all known holdings with: (i) one European Size Unit (ESU) or more, or (ii) 6 hectares or more of total area, or (iii) one or more full-time workers, excluding the owner. (A European Size Unit equals 1,000 European Units of Account of standard gross margin at average 1972–74 values.) The change between 1980 and 1981 resulted in the net deletion of 7,000 holdings but their exclusion has had an insignificant effect on the cropping and stocking figures.

(b) Cereals for threshing, exluding maize.

(c) Collected separately in Scotland from 1982 and in Northern Ireland from 1984.

(d) Includes small area of soft fruit grown under orchard trees in England and Wales.

(e) Hardy nursery stock, bulbs and flowers.

(f) Most of the difference between total horticultural area and the sum of individual sectors is made up by the glasshouse area.

(g) Includes area of other crops and bare fallow not shown in the table.

(h) Before 1975 collected as:

In England and Wales—"clover, sainfoin and temporary grasses";

In Scotland—"grass under 7 years old";

In Northern Ireland—"grass 1st, 2nd and 3rd year".

(i) Before 1975 collected as:

In England and Wales—"permanent grass";

In Scotland—"grass 7 years old and over";

In Northern Ireland—"grass 4th year or older".

(j) In June 1973 "other land" in Great Britain was collected as woodland and areas under roads, yards, buildings, etc., the use of which was ancillary to farming of the land; in Northern Ireland it included land within agricultural holdings which was under bog, water, roads, buildings, etc., and waste land not used for agriculture. In June 1974 the definition was changed in England and Wales to include all other land forming part of the holding and in Scotland it was extended to include ponds and derelict land. The Northern Ireland definition is unchanged.

(k) Small adjustments made retrospectively following the 1983 census of minor holdings in England.

Public expenditure under the CAP and on national grants and subsidies (a)

April—March (financial years)

£ million





1984–85 (forecast)

I Market regulation under the CAP

(i) Expenditure by the Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce (b)
Beef and veal131·641·893·8263·9322·5
Processed products16·716·727·428·332·9
Milk products187·0168·8342·5561·3333·0
Others (c)13·216·419·421·029·2
Total (i)603·2612·41,043·51,279·21,306·1
(ii) Expenditure by the Agriculture Departments
Milk Non-Marketing Premiums30·521·217·813·312·7
Suckler Cow Premium Scheme14·616·916·415·727·8
Annual Premium on Ewes28·121·466·377·5
Total (ii)45·166·255·695·3118·0
Total I648·3678·61,099·11,374·51,424·1





1984–85 (forecast)

Against which receipts from EAGGF572·6698·6783·71,132·91,087·1
II Price guarantees
Sheep (d)32·9
Wool (e)3·97·56·20·6−4·3
Potatoes (e)8·79·61·99·37·7
Total II45·517·18·19·93·4
III Support for capital and other improvements
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Scheme (f) (g)101·785·7100·3104·194·8
Guidance Premiums10·26·55·54·03·6
Farm accounts2·12·31·91·41·1
Farm structure0·60·60·60·50·5
Northern Ireland Agricultural Development Programme (g)11·29·613·6
Agriculture and Horticulture Grant Scheme (h) (g)88·876·583·696·284·1
Co-operation grants1·42·12·43·85·1
Others (i)0·30·20·51·02·3
Total III205·1173·9206·0220·6205·1
Against which receipts from EAGGF (j)16·826·846·430·1
IV Support for agriculture in special areas
Hill Livestock Compensatory Allowances:
Additional benefit under AHDS, NIADP and AHGS17·116·628·726·430·8
Others (k)1·41·72·65·69·0
Total IV113·5102·8119·6123·5137·2
Against which receipts from EAGGF (j)16·917·021·121·022·5
V Other payments
Milk outgoers scheme10·0
Total V10·0
Total I to V1,012·4972·41,432·81,728·51,779·8
Against which receipts from EAGGF606·3742·4804·81,200·31,139·7

(a) This table excludes expenditure which may benefit farmers but where the value to them is not shown by the expenditure (e.g. expenditure on animal disease or on research, advice and education). It also excludes most expenditure on agriculture in Northern Ireland, borne on the Northern Ireland Consolidated Fund. It does, however, include some expenditure which benefits consumers and trade interests rather than producers. The figures for years up to and including 1983–84 represent actual expenditure recorded in the Appropriation Accounts. The figures for 1984–85 are the latest estimates of expenditure.

(b) The figures are made up of several elements and include refunds on intra-Community trade, import and export refunds on third country trade, the beef and sheep variable premium schemes (net of clawback for sheepmeat and charges on beef exported and sold into intervention), aid for private storage and animal feed, certain other marketing and production subsidies and the cost of purchasing commodities into intervention less proceeds from sales. The figures also take account of other receipts treated as negative expenditure, namely monetary compensatory amounts levied on intra-Community trade and the co-responsibility and supplementary levies on milk producers. The figures include the EC butter subsidy and the United Kingdom share of the EC school milk subsidy scheme.

(c) Includes eggs, poultrymeat, fruit and vegetables, hops, herbage seeds, dried fodder, peas and beans, fisheries, flax and aid to beekeepers. Also includes expenditure on products covered by the CAP but not produced to any significant extent in the United Kingdom (olive oil, rice, wine, grapemust and hemp).

(d) Price guarantee arrangements for sheep were superseded by the EC sheepmeat regime on 20 October 1980.

(e) Payments in respect of wool and potatoes relate partly to the clip or crop of the year indicated and partly to the clip or crop in the preceding year or years. The negative figure for wool reflects the stabilisation arrangements with the British Wool Marketing Board whereby advance payments made by the Exchequer are repayable from later surpluses when auction prices are above the guaranteed price.

(f) Includes the Farm and Horticulture Development Schemes.

(g) Farmers in special areas are also eligible for additional assistance under the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Scheme, Northern Ireland Agricultural Development Programme and the Agriculture and Horticulture Grant Schemes. The estimated benefit is shown separately in Section IV on the table.

(h) Includes the Farm and Horticulture Capital Grant Schemes.

(i) Includes grants in respect of investment on loan guarantees, producer organisations, agricultural drainage and milk pasteurisation equipment (for which provision was included in the 1984–85 Supply Estimates) and farm structure loans.

(j) The receipts from the Guidance Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund do not relate to expenditure incurred during the financial year but mainly to expenditure incurred in the calendar year preceding the financial year.

(k) Includes grants for forage groups, integrated development programme for Western Isles, producers in the Scottish Islands and crofting improvements. Provision for this expenditure was included in the 1984–85 Supply Estimates.