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Olive Oil

Volume 79: debated on Monday 20 May 1985

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asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what arrangements have been made for extending price support and other aid to Spanish and Portuguese producers of olive oil, wine and oranges after accession; what is the total production in these countries compared to the European Economic Community as at present constituted; and how farmgate prices for these products in Spain and Portugal compare with European Economic Community prices.

Community price support and aid measures will be applied to Spanish and Portuguese producers of the products mentioned over a transition period lasting for up to 10 years. Prices of these products vary depending upon a number of factors, including variety, quality and area of production. Generally they are lower in Spain and Portugal than in the present Community.Information on production is as follows:

Olive Oil (thousand tonnes)
Usuable production*
Oranges (thousand tonnes)
Harvested production
Wine (million hectolitres)
Usable production
CommitteeChairmanDate appointedDate reported
Public Inquiry into objections to the Proposed Britain Egg Marketing SchemeG. G. Baker9 January 19561956 (Cmnd. 9805)
Committee of Enquiry in the Export of Live Cattle to the Continent for SlaughterRt. Hon. Lord Balfour of Burleigh6 February 19571957 (Cmnd. 154)
Interdepartmental Committee on Milk Composition in United KingdomJ. W. CookMay 19581960 (Cmnd. 1147)
Committee on Transactions in Seeds Plant Breeders RightsB. C. EngholmJuly 19541960 (Cmnd. 1092)
Committee on the Proposed Experimental Importation of CharollaisLord TerringtonJune 19591960 (Cmnd. 1140)
Committee of Inquiry in the Fishing IndustrySir Alexander Fleck27 November 19571961 (Cmnd. 1266)
Committee on Salmon and Freshwater FisheriesThe Hon. B. L. Bathurst7 October 19571961 (Cmnd. 1350)
(Viscount Bledisloe)
Committee on Fowl Pest PolicyProfessor Sir A. PlantJuly 19601962 (Cmnd. 1664)
Committee on the Remuneration of Milk Distributors in the United KingdomSir Guy TharoldNovember 19591962 (Cmnd. 1597)
Committee of Inquiry in Fatstock and Carcase Meat Marketing and DistributionSir W. R. Verdon-Smith18 April 19621964 (Cmnd. 2282)
Departmental Committee of Inquiry into Recruitment for the Veterinary ProfessionThe Duke of Northumberland29 October 19621964 (Cmnd. 2430)
Interdepartmental Committee on The Demand for Agricultural GraduatesC. I. C. BosanquetNovember 19621964 (Cmnd. 2419)
Departmental Committee of Inquiry into Statutory Smallholdings. 1st Report Statutory Smallholdings provided by Local Authorities in England and WalesM. J. Wise22 July 19631966 (Cmnd. 2936)
Departmental Committee of Inquiry into Statutory Smallholdings. Final Report Statutory Smallholdings provided by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodProfessor M. J. Wise22 July 19631967 (Cmnd. 3303)
Committee on Herbage Seed SuppliesLord DonaldsonNovember 19661968 (Cmnd. 3748)
Report of the Reorganisation Commission for EggsR. Wright8 September 19671968 (Cmnd. 3669)
Committee of Inquiry on Foot and Mouth Disease 1968—Part 1The Duke of Northumberland28 February 19681969 (Cmnd. 3999)
Part 2(Cmnd. 4225)
Joint Committee on the use of Antibiotics in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary MedicineProfessor SwannJuly 19681969 (Cmnd. 4190)
Committee of Inquiry on Rabies Interim ReportR. Waterhouse6 March 19701970 (Cmnd. 4457)
Committee of Inquiry on Rabies Final ReportR. Waterhouse6 April 19701971 (Cmnd. 4696)
Committee of Inquiry on Contract FarmingSir James BarkerJune 19711972 (Cmnd. 5099)
Committee on the Export of Animals for SlaughterRt. Hon. Lord O'Brien of Lothbury26 July 19731974 (Cmnd. 5566)
Committee of Inquiry into the Veterinary ProfessionSir Michael Swann19711975 (Cmnd. 6143)
Committee of Inquiry into the Acquisition and Occupancy of Agricultural LandRt. Hon. Lord Northfield16 September 19771979 (Cmnd. 7599)

* Olive oil is a biennial crop, with considerable fluctuations from one year to the next.

† Wine production figures in the FAO production year book are quoted in metric tonnes. They have been converted to hectolitres on the basis that 10 hectolitres of wine weigh one tonne.


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Spain and Portugal: FAO Production Year Book 1983.