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Intervention Stocks

Volume 79: debated on Wednesday 22 May 1985

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asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will indicate the locations of European Economic Community intervention stocks held in the north-west region of England.

The locations of EEC intervention stores in the north-west region comprising the counties of Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria and Greater Manchester are:

St. HelensLiverpool
Skimmed Milk PowderRochdale
CockermouthSt. Helens
St. HelensWigan
UNITED KINGDOM House of CommonsBasic salary of £14,510. Maximum salary of £15,362 for those who draw the London allowance of £852 per annum, which is taxable. Whole of salary taxable.£8,752 secretarial allowance; £875 to meet cost of secretarial pension scheme; £4,376 to employ temporary assistance in event of illness of secretary; all maxima. £5,158 (max) subsistence allowance. £200 allowance to assist in drafting Private Member's Bill. £1,459 to assist in clearing up the affairs of a deceased, retired or defeated MP (year beginning April 1982).
AUSTRALIA SenateA$38,500 (£21,389), all taxableElectoral allowance of A$ 14,000 (£7,778). Effectively a general allowance.
House of RepresentativesSame as SenatorElectoral allowance of A$ 14,000 (£7,778) for constituency of 5,000 sq km or less, A$20,000 (£11,111) for constituency of more than 5,000 sq km, and A$17,000 (£9,444) for constituency of less than 5,000 sq km, but with a population of more than 140,000.
BELGIUM SenateBF1, 685,441 (£20,233), half of which is tax free allowance for expenses, BF842.720–50 (£10,117)Half the gross salary, BF842.720–50 (£10,117) is tax free and regarded as an allowance for expenses. Subsistence allowance of BF4.500 per day (£54) when Senate sitting.
Chamber of RepresentativesBF1, 700,648 (£20,416), half of which is a tax free allowance for expenses, BF850.324 (£10,208)Half the gross salary BF850.324 (£10,208) is tax free and regarded as an allowance for expenses.
CANADA House of CommonsC$46,400 (£22,201), all taxableGeneral allowance of between C$15,500 (£7,416) and C$20,600 (£9,856) varying by size and distance of constituency from Ottawa. Staff allowance of CS86,600 (£41,435) of which a minimum of C$16,638 (£7,961) is to provide salaries for constituency employees. Allowance of C$9,200 (£4,402) for constituency office rental, furniture and equipment purchases or rental and cost of telephone equipment. Furniture and equipment transferred to newly elected MP. Further C$1,000 (£478) for equipment each Parliament. Allowance for travel within the constituency of between C$1,050 (£502) and C$5,250 (£2,512) according to type of constituency.
DENMARK Folketing184,349·96kr (£12,208), all taxableGeneral allowance of between 17,653·68kr (£1,169) and 52,043·16kr (£3,447) according to location of constituency.
FEDERAL GERMAN REPUBLIC BundestagDM90,000 (£20,979), all taxableSecretarial allowance of up to DM67,200 (£15,664), which is taxable. No other allowances are taxable. Subsistence allowance of up to DM54,000 (£12,587). Constituency office allowance of up to DM18,000 (£4,196). Allowance of up to DM18,000 (£4,196) for cost of car in constituency.
FRANCE National Assembly335,200Fr (£27,702), of which 9/20ths (150,840Fr=£12,466) is regarded as an expense allowance free of tax.9/20ths of salary (150,840Fr=£12,466) is regarded as expense allowance free of tax. Staff allowance of 171,540Fr (£14,177), plus allowance of 204,776Fr (£16,924) for research assistants.
GREECE Chamber of Deputiesl,809,000drs (£14,950), half of which 904,500dr (£1,418) is tax free, plus family allowance of 21,984drs (£182) for wife and 10,992drs (£91) for child, half of which is tax free.Although half the salary is tax free, it is not regarded as an expense allowance. Allowance of 155,064drs (£1,282) for MPs in Athens and Piraeus and 232,596drs (£1,922) for other MPs to pay for office rental. Postal allowance of 72,000drs (£595) per annum.
ITALY SenateL.42,720,000 (£17,508), all taxable.Subsistence allowance of L.7, 200,000 (£2,951) per annum. Taxi allowance of L.4,000,000 (£1,639) per annum.