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Drug Abuse

Volume 82: debated on Tuesday 2 July 1985

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asked the Secretary of State for Social Services why no funds under the central initiative to provide services for drug misusers have yet been allocated to the St. Helens and Knowsley area health authority.

One application under the central initiative has been received from St. Helens and Knowsley health authority for a health education officer. This is under consideration.

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will list each grant made under the central initiative for services for drug misusers.

Description of project


Ealing Health AuthorityDrug Screening Analytical Equipment41,142
Riverside Health AuthorityMonitoring of Young Unregistered Drug Misusers147,450
Riverside Health AuthorityAnalytical Service for the 'Nucleus' project57,239
North Bedfordshire Health AuthorityAppointment of a Community Psychiatric nurse23,250

North East Thames Region

City and Hackney Health AuthorityExtension of existing services145,300
Bloomsbury Health AuthorityNurse Training Course56,604
Bloomsbury Health AuthorityLocal Routine Monitoring System (North London)83,630
Bloomsbury Health AuthorityDay Treatment Centre369,754
Barking, Havering and Brentwood Health AuthorityLocal Back-up Service to Existing Central Clinic69,070
Enfield Health AuthorityLectures and discussions on Drugs1,800
Southend Health AuthorityMulti-Disciplinary Team138,150

South East Thames Region

Bromley Health AuthorityInformation gathering—Assessment of district needs43,400
West Lambeth Health AuthorityDrug Screening Service18,541
West Lambeth Health AuthorityWord Processor for Drug Dependency Service5,000
Brighton Health AuthorityDrug Screening Service12,023
Lewisham and North Southwark Health AuthorityDrug Screening Analytical Equipment20,551
The Bethlem Royal Hospital, The Maudsley HospitalDrug Screening Equipment8,700
Greenwich Health AuthorityDrug Screening Equipment25,995

South West Thames Region

Mid-Downs Health AuthorityCounselling, treatment and education service55,833
Kingston and Esher Health AuthorityExtension of existing services (ie additional staff) at walk-in clinic24,600
Wandsworth Health AuthorityMulti-Disciplinary Team181,812
Mid Surrey Health AuthorityDrug Screening Equipment37,003

Wessex Region

Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Health AuthorityCommunity Treatment Day Centre142,077
Isle of Wight Health AuthorityWalk-in Centre95,590
East Dorset Health AuthorityDrug Screening Service18,700
East Dorset Health AuthorityStaffing77,406

Oxford Region

Oxford Regional Health AuthorityOutreach work and prevalence study38,400

South Western Region

Frenchay Health AuthorityDrug Treatment Centre—Bristol149,000
North Devon Health AuthorityDrug Resources Co-ordinator/Manager51,936

West Midlands Region

Shropshire Health AuthoritySelf-Referral Walk-in Counselling Service133,139
Worcester and District Health AuthorityDrug Problem Team80,500
West Birmingham Health AuthorityNurse Training Course48,293
Walsall Health AuthorityAdvisory and Follow-up Service and Assessment of District Needs106,450
Wolverhampton Health AuthorityNew Treatment Clinic31,616
Coventry Health AuthorityDrug Problem Team119,665
Mid-Staffordshire Health AuthorityDrug Screening Equipment3,450

Mersey Region

Mersey Regional Health AuthorityOut-patient Clinic for Drug Dependency in Liverpool541,825
Mersey Regional Health AuthorityMicro-computor for Drug Dependency Unit7,900
Halton Health AuthorityStrengthening of existing Out Patient Clinic74,357
Wirral Health AuthorityNew Detoxification and Withdrawal Unit109,173

North Western Region

North Western Regional Health AuthorityStrengthening of existing Regional Service190,992
North Western Regional Health AuthorityNurse Training Course109,851
Lancaster Health AuthorityInformation gathering—assessment of District needs34,000
Bolton Health AuthorityCounselling, assessment and rehabilitation service158,300
London Boroughs Training CommitteeDevelopment of training courses152,050
Wiltshire County CouncilTraining course for social work staff1,200
Alpha HouseFire Precautions, Kitchen Improvements6,500
Barnet Borough Voluntary Service CouncilNon-Residential Community Support Programme134,572
Blenheim ProjectStreet Agency—Equipment—West London8,464
Bournemouth ProjectMeta House (Short stay Rehabilitation Service)—improvement of existing facilities38,500
Bradford Independent Drug Guidance (BRIDGE Project)Advisory, Counselling and Referral Service137,207

Description of project


City Roads (Crisis Intervention)Short Stay Residential Unit Furniture and Equipment—Central London13,945
Coke Hole TrustRehabilitation Services—Equipment and Minibus—Hampshire14,565
Community Drug ProjectStreet Agency—removal expenses to new premises—South London8,885
Youth Worker and Training and Development Worker94,467
East Dorset Drug Advisory ServiceInformation/Administration Centre73,867
Elizabeth House AssociationRehabilitation Services—Equipment—West London3,380
Esher Association for the Prevention of AddictionAdvisory/Education Service79,339
Strengthening of existing rehabilitation services7,432
Rehabilitation Services—Furnishings and Equipment7,768
Fulham ConnectionEquipment369
Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Standing Conference on Drug Mis-UseAdvisory and Counselling Service51,239
Institute for the Study of Drug DependenceNational Library and Information Service—Purchase of New Premises272,815
Equipment and production of education leaflet175,513
Kaleidoscope ProjectEducation Unit30,000
Leatherhead and District Association for the Prevention of AddictionExpansion of existing counselling/education/monitoring of prevalence8,401
Ley CommunityResidentual Rehabilitation—Oxfordshire152,872
Rehabilitation Service—Minibus—Oxfordshire4,900
Lifeline ProjectTraining Development Unit—Manchester118,534
Merseyside Drugs CouncilCounselling/Advisory/Development Services—Wirral71,274
Counselling/Advisory/Development Services—St. Helens62,023
NACROTraining Development Unit—South West England116,844
Equipment for Training Course—North East England3,030
Newcastle Association for Mental HealthTranquilliser Support Project96,213
NucleusInformation Gathering—West London69,958
Operation ConcernYeldall Manor Rehabilitation Service—Upgrading of Building—Reading53,000
Yeldall Manor Rehabilitation Service—Micro-Computer and Minibus—Reading36,637
Phoenix HouseRehabilitation Service—Sheffield214,931
Re-Entry House—Furniture and Equipment—Sheffield12,000
Rehabilitation Service—Furniture and Equipment—South London12,837
Residential Rehabilitation House—South Tyneside273,419
Rehabilitation Service—South London3,444
Standing Conference on Drug AbuseNational Resource Agency and Advisory Service—Equipment8,263
Stevenage Drug Liason GroupAdvisory, Support and Out-Reach Service59,413
TRANXSelf-Help-Group—Tranquilliser Misuse—Harrow89,183
TRANX Release (Northampton)Advisory and Self-Help Service—Tranquilliser Misuse29,892
Turning PointBirmingham Drugline—Telephone Advice Service95,894
Sheffield Drugline—Telephone Advice Service97,817
West Midlands Development Project—Initiation of low-cost volunteer-run counselling services50,620
Hungerford Drug Project Training Package—Central London53,169
ROMA Rehabilitation Service—Upgrading of building—Hammersmith184,000
Equipment for Workers Evaluating Existing Turning Point Initiative Projects9,668
Suffolk House Rehabilitation Service Repairs—Slough4,204
West Cumbria MIND (Copeland)Self-Help Group and other Services—Tranquilliser Misuse85,442
Inward House*Expansion of existing rehabilitation service—Lancaster32,560

* A grant was made to this organisation—but it was not taken up.

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services how much central funding to support initiatives concerned with drug abuse was applied for by the Bradford district health authority; and when these funds will be made available.

Bradford health authority has applied for funds under the central funding initiative for a toxicological screening service, a senior health education officer and a nurse to undertake a liaison/education and research role. The total value of the bids is £162,500. The toxicological screening service will be approved shortly; the other proposals are under consideration.