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Labour Statistics

Volume 87: debated on Friday 29 November 1985

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asked the Paymaster General if he will publish a table showing (a) the number and percentage

Changes in the numbers of employees in employment between June 1979 and June 1985
Northern regionGreat Britain
ThousandPer cent.ThousandPer cent.
Manufacturing industries-125-31-1,743-25
Service industries-30-5+361+3
All industries and services-219-18-1,812-8
Metal goods, engineering and vehicles-60-33-781-23
Shipbuilding and repairingNANA-51-36
Mechanical engineeringNANA-250-24
Electrical and electronic engineeringNANA-104-14
Instrument engineeringNANA-15-12
The number of registrants unemployed for over one year in the northern region and Great Britain in July 1979 was 32,521 and 340,543 respectively. The number of claimants unemployed for over one year on this basis for July 1985 was 106,502 and 1,269,286. Figures for long-term unemployment are only calculated quarterly.It is difficult to make comparisons of long-term unemployment between 1979 and 1985 because of the change in the basis of the count in October 1982, the 1983 Budget provisions which mean that some men, mainly aged 60 and over, no longer need to sign on at unemployment benefit offices to receive benefit, and the change to a ward-based system for allocating claimants to localities.

asked the Paymaster General how many people were in (a) full-time and (b) part-time employment in the Wirral and Chester travel-to-work areas in 1979, and at the latest available date.

Comprehensive employment statistics for travel-to-work areas are not available except for dates when censuses of employment are taken. Censuses have been taken triennially since 1978 and the latest results are for September 1981.Results of the 1978 census of employment are not available for the travel-to-work areas announced last year, but figures for the area covered by the old Chester and Birkenhead travel-to-work areas, which corresponds most closely to the Wirral and Chester travel-to-work area, are as follows:

Employees in employment

of jobs lost in the northern region and in Britain between June 1979 and June 1985 in (i) all manufacturing industries, (ii) service industries, (iii) all industries, (iv) shipbuilding and (v) engineering industries and (b) the numbers of long-term unemployed as a proportion of all those in (1) full-time employment and (2) all employment in the northern region and in Britain in June 1979 and June 1985.

The following table contains the changes for the areas, dates and categories specified. Separate statistics are available for the shipbuilding and engineering industries only at national level. At regional level they are included in the metal goods, engineering and vehicles industries—division 3 of the 1980 standard industrial classification.More up-to-date employment figures for travel-to-work areas will become available following the publication of the 1984 census of employment in the spring of 1986.

asked the Paymaster General what is the breakdown of unemployed people (a) by sex and (b) by duration for each of the years since 1979 for the London borough of Wandsworth.

The following information is in the Library. The table gives the breakdown of unemployed claimants by sex and duration for October 1984 and October 1985. Statistics of unemployment for local authority districts are derived from the new ward-based system. At present the analysis by duration is only available from April 1984 onwards, but information back to June 1983 will shortly be available.

London borough of Wandsworth
11 October 198410 October 1985
Duration of unemployment in weeks
One or less347200307202
Over 1 and up to 2358225349217
Over 2 and up to 4562327581356
Over 4 and up to 6628425620397
Over 4 and up to 8390212395225
Over 8 and up to 13853508863457
Over 13 and up to 261,6118291,676934
Over 26 and up to 391,1864921,085525
Over 39 and up to 52897381797352
Over 52 and up to 65743303736309
Over 65 and up to 78535165533186
Over 78 and up to 104901250800220

11 October 1984

10 October 1985





Over 104 and up to 1561,1473231,163350
Over 156 and up to 208704133751198
Over 208 and up to 2603915251495
Over 2602434345996
Grand total11,4964,86811,6295,099