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Urban Programme

Volume 116: debated on Monday 11 May 1987

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asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will state the number and value of sport, leisure and play projects supported by the urban programme in 1979–80, 1982–83 and 1986–87; and if he will list the projects currently supported.

Government support through the urban programme for sport, recreation and play projects has increased as follows:

Number of projectsValue £ million
Projects currently supported are listed in the table.
Urban Programme Sport, Recreation and Play Projects
1 May 1987
NameStatusTotal approved
East Midlands Region Nottingham
Red Lion Community Association579
Ukranian Centre6,823
New Testament Church of God Community HallPRG2,666
Red Lion Centre WardenPRG12,300
Norwich Gardens Community AssociationPRG752
Station Road Bulwell POSPRG40,000
Ukaidi Running CostsPRG20,245
Broxtowe EstatePRG35,000
Wollaton Grange Community AssociationPRG313
Bakersfield Community CentrePRG2,000
St. Peter Mother and Toddler GroupPRG268
Top Valley Community AssociationPRG2,670
Hyson Green Play CentrePRG12,100
St. Peter's Mother and Toddler GroupPRG230
Improvements to PlaygroundsPRG20,000
Balloon Woods ADV Playground AssociationPRG6,570
Highbank Community Association— WardenPRG1,700
Bestwood Estates Community AssociationPRG227
Coppice Recreation Ground ExtensionPRG25,000



Total approved

West Indian CavaliersPRG34,358
Broxtowe Computer ClubPRG661
Radford Community CentrePRG6,300
Afro Caribbean Centre ManagementPRG27,747
Acna Basement ConversionPRG3,200
Marcus Garvey CentrePRG58,898
Bakersfield and Neighbourhood Community AssociationPRG34,235
Lenton Community AssociationPRG495
Bestwood Parents and Toddlers GroupPRG200

Notts (Nottm UPA)

Madrassa East IslamiaPRG15,000
Youth and Community Support FundPRG20,000
Radford Community Association—WorkerPRG11,200
New Basford Youth and Community CentrePRG12,100
Nottingham Federation of Toy LibrariesPRG6,000
Ainsley Teenage Action Group Youth BuildingPRG3,400
Muslim Women's OrganisationPRG20,000
Meadows Muslim CentrePRG20,000
Indian Community Centre—Youth WorkerPRG9,700
Nottingham Vietnamese CentrePRG20,000
Russell Youth ClubPRG400
Playgroup ExpansionPRG4,400
"Meeting Point" Study Centre AlterationsPRG16,400
Windbag Inflatables ProjectPRG8,000
Chronicle of Minorities Art (CHROMA)PRG24,000
William Olds Youth CentrePRG12,000
Hyson Green Play Centre LeaderPRG9,500
Aspley Youth CentrePRG1,700
Crabtree Family Centre WorkerPRG10,200
Acna/Indian/Pakistan CentresPRG50,400
New Basford Youth ProjectPRG12,200
Afro-Caribbean Centre Youth WorkerPRG10,500
Madni Masjid and Muslim Education CentrePRG20,000
Edwards Lane Community Sports AreaPRG36,000
Nottingham Play Resource CentrePRG53,550
Munty Hind Boys ClubPRG900

Leicestershire (Leicester UPA)

Rathbone development officerPRG25,200
Highfields youth and community centre equipmentPRG7,000
Westcotes annexe modifications/staffingPRG43,800
St. Anns adventure playground associationPRG1,875
Bestwood park community centre improvementsPRG5,200
Ambleside mother and toddler groupPRG722
Queens walk young unemployed clubPRG170
Afro Caribbean national artistic centrePRG1,833
Indian centre managementPRG27,747
Hindu temple and community centrePRG1,000
Broxtowe adventure playground associationPRG2,330
St. Matthews keep fit groupPRG70
All Saints community associationPRG565
Association of musicians and artistsPRG16,535
Highbury vale community centrePRG65,650
Jinnah societyPRG2,615
Forest recreation ground revised costsPRG35,000
Lenton community centre full time wardenPRG12,300
Portland baths leisure centrePRG9,000
Independent at Garden St. Radford day nurseryPRG660
Pakistan centre managementPRG27,747
Hyson green community associationPRG1,846
Dunkirk—Old Lenton community associationPRG366
Snape wood community centre—wardenPRG3,300
Hyson green community associationPRG4,663
St. Faiths elim church centrePRG9,100
Queens walk community associationPRG994



Total approved

Edwards lane community centrePRG31,000
Stepping out youth clubPRG250
Edwards lane community sports areaPRG36,000
Rest, of Sneinton C of E old school hallPRG500
Sheila Russell community associationPRG1,050
Russell youth clubPRG2,560
Forest fields public open spacePRG30,000
Bestwood amenities for children groupPRG30
Wollaton grange community associationPRG638
Leen valley community associationPRG610
Women's information/resource/social centrePRG105,969
Beechdale community centrePRG113,500
Silverdale community associationPRG420
Forest fields neighbourhood projectsPRG4,800
Broxtowe community centre-wardenPRG12,300
Barton lane community centrePRG105,000
Clifton village hall management committeePRG6,950


Leicester Chinese CentrePRG111,100
Bangladesh Youth and Cultural CentrePRG33,500
West End Neighbourhood/Care Mentally Ill CentrePRG45,800
Asian Sports and Cultural CentrePRG32,945
Lansdowne GardensPRG500
Leicester Bengali Language SchoolPRG18,000
Muslim Khatri AssociationPRG29,400
Saffron Girls Club Audio EquipmentPRG405
WEA Education HousePRG41,100
Moat Infants School Community WingPRG91,200
Saffron Girls Club Audio EquipmentPRG405
Roof Group Play SchemePRG12,000
Community Wing Highfields Infant SchoolPRG8,100
Belgrave Family CentrePRG59,000
City Wildlife Project Country LandscapesPRG43,600
Conversion of Linwood School/Community AspectPRG27,000
Spinney Hill Primary School Community CentrePRG1,000
After School Care SchemePRG10,000
Catherine Junior School Community WingPRG27,200
Purchase of St. Michael's Church RoomPRG20,000
Highfields Youth and Community Centre EquipmentPRG7,000
Belgrave Playhouse Youth ProjectPRG19,300
Maisuria CentrePRG22,200
Summer Youth ActivitiesPRG26,200
Riverside Linear ParkPRG207,000
Shama Women's CentrePRG156,700
Shree Sanatan CentrePRG33,100
Shree Sanatan CentrePRG109,100
Woodgate Adventure Playground Sport HallPRG31,500
Leicester City FarmPRG19,885
Belgrave Community Centre ComplexPRG3,000
Saffron Tenants Information Centre Equipment/FurnishingPRG7,800
St. Christopher's Conmunity ProjectPRG3,500
AYP Activities HallPRG
Redesign and Expansion Ofrec. Fac.— Elston FLSPRG36,800
Asian Youth Project CentrePRG45,700
Community Arts Resource CentrePRG36,000
AYP Outdoor Pursuits/Activities ProjectPRG11,700
Federation of Muslim OrganisationsPRG
Asian Sports and Cultural Centre 'PRG
St. Matthew's Childrens CentrePRG55,500
Under Fives Play Area and Development ProjectPRG23,316
Asian Youth Project Activities HallPRG54,600
Recreation and Arts Creche ProvisionPRG68,800
Muslim Community CentrePRG42,400
Leicester Kids AfloatPRG13,200



Total approved

AYP Outdoor Pursuits and Activities ProjectsPRG11,700
Young Muslim Youth Training/Recreation CentrePRG52,400
The Ajani CentrePRG62,200
Playschemes Block SumPRG77,200
Leicester Asian Youth Association/ Highfields DevelopmentPRG50,100
Bhagini CentrePRG113,000
Leicester Asian Youth Association Recreation CentrePRG14,000
St. Andrew's Centre ExtensionPRG4,400
Thirlmere St. Gardens—Play Building ExtensionPRG18,000
South Highfields Neighbourhood GardenPRG45,589


Outdoor Activities Centre DerbyTUP25,632
Derby Over 60s ClubTUP9,250
West Indian Community CentreTUP8,960
Chinese Community CentreTUP8,200


Pakistan Community CentreTUP6,800
Indian Community CentreTUP4,600
Roe Farm Community/Play CentreTUP15,000
Chesapeake Community/Play CentreTUP18,000


Victoria CentreTUP12,000


Detached Youth Worker ProjectTUP36,282


St. Giles Youth CentreTUP13,346


Sunday Streets Football LeagueTUP5,000
One o Clock ClubsTUP8,000
Hazel Leys Estate Community Association SchemeTUP
Kingswood Community CentreTUP15,000
Number of projects 176
Regional Sub-total3,868,281

South East Region: Bedfordshire

Brantwood Family CentreTUP20,000
Number of projects 1
Regional Sub-total20,000

Greater London: Hammersmithj/Fulham

Last Chance Photography660
Working With Girls1,280
Riverside Studios380
W14 Girls House730
London Sevashram Sangha642
Shepherds Bush Mosque155
Sands End Adventure Playground2,560
Old Oak Summer Playscheme1,485
Simba Play Service1,260
Robert Owen House1,475
Hammersmith and Fulham Asian Association155
Hammersmith and Fulham Playbus1,340
Rastafarian Advisory Service1,340
Friends of Mary Seacole185
Woodstock Project240
Sulgravc Boys Club100



Total approved

Last Chance Youth Club140
Junior Funhouse155
Last Chance810
White City Adventure Playground260
Sands End youth forum3,490
Leadership training summer camp1,872
West Kensington detached youth group1,071
Sands End detached youth project640
Keith Grove project220
Summer madness teenage project1,180
College Park youth club2,330
Black information unit1,382
Lancaster Court youth club870
Vince Hines1,110
West Kensington youth club526
Townmead youth club270
Shaftesbury Christian centre250
Hammersmith Womens aid1,010


Putney and Roehampton pensioners
Tune time for children
Ibsley gardens
Chivalry road open space
Doddington community workforce scheme29,000
Minstead gardens pensioners
Bedford Hill gallery


St Matthews meeting place phase 3515,654
Brixton music development6,650

Tower Hamlets

Geere House pottery roomPRG12,295


Hammersmith Penguin swimming clubPRG155
Fulham Palace handicapped adventure plgdPRG4,320
Livingstone nursery schoolPRG282
Colebrooke soc cult and welfare associationPRG1,030
Bradmore kids workshop out and aboutPRG1,020
Ginger Bread play schemePRG200
Simba youthPRG63,000
Sands End community centre (ARISE)PRG9,500
Bishop Creighton house playgroundPRG139
Sands End one o'clock clubPRO310
Fulham Court Y C 13 to 16PRG235
Caribbean Focus coordinatorPRG12,500
TAVR community sports hallPRG56,900
Last Chance centre roly poly clubPRG100
Sulgrave Boys clubPRG3,300
SS Michael and George hallPRG15,600
Maystar Summer playschemePRG150
Vanston Place tenants clubroonPRG2,500
Avonmore Summer schemePRG2,170
Dorset Wharf and Riverside summer schemePRG533
Kids Family centrePRG607
London Sevashram SanghaPRG52,000
Firsthand Ltd (Fatima centre)PRG22,900
Townmead mother and toddlerPRG155
Black Amalgamated self help cooperativePRG50,400
St. Annes One O'clock clubPRG31,700
Crisp-tenants hallPRG70,000
Palace adventure playgroundPRG35,300
Zion music workshopPRG15,400
Fulham court Y C 5 to 12PRG235
Sands end community sports hallPRG57,700
It's a toddlePRG950
Distillery mother and toddler groupPRG785
Polish social and cultural associationPRG33,500
St. Katherine's play groupPRG780
Burhani centrePRG26,050
Asian cultural artsPRG27,300
Field Road playschemePRG425



Total approved

Simba youth extensionPRG45,100
Grove mother and toddlerPRG310
Palingswick House Ltd. (fire certificate)PRG7,950
Fulham Court tenant associationPRG1,530
Rampage-Breakaway holiday projectsPRG3,500
Bishop Creighton house repair projectPRG25,954
Cuningham East open spacePRG161,000
Clem Atlee community hallPRG30,000
Old Oak community centrePRG232,000


Wandsworth black elderly projectPRG66,800
Balham recreation and community trust community centrePRG44,100
Shape projects workerPRG14,500
Golden age clubPRG25,400
Latchkey development projectPRG50,000
St. Nicholas churchPRG52,000
Tooting neighbourhood centrePRG13,500
Furzedown recreation groundPRG5,000
Arndale community projectPRG101,700
Beaumont Road open spacePRG50,000
Pakistan welfare associationPRG15,000
WCCR-Millan centrePRG51,900
Putney Vale youth groupPRG90,000
York Gardens community centrePRG46,100
Tooting CommonPRG2,700
Garfield young peoples projectPRG51,100
Asian muslim centrePRG25,000
Ethnic minority domiciliary servicePRG16,000
Wandsworth volunteer bureau—extensionPRG20,800
Southfields Sikh community centrePRG40,000
Battersea boatyardPRG113,500
Tooting trianglePRG50,000
Ethnic minorities library servicePRG28,300
St. Saviour's churchPRG67,000
Henry Prince estate clubroomPRG57,000
Eastwood nursery school parents roomPRG23,700
Elm farmPRG7,000
94e Balham High RoadPRG2,500
Alton hallPRG350,000
24 Balham high RoadPRG667
Life tabernacle renovation projectPRG5,200
St. Anne's one o'clockclubPRG31,700
Crisp-tenants hallPRG70,000
Palace adventure playgroundPRG35,300
Zion music workshopPRG15,400
Fulham court YC 5 to 12PRG235
Sands End community sports hallPRG57,700
It's a toddlePRG950
Distillery mother and toddler groupPRG785
Polish social and cultural associationPRG33,500
St. Katherine's play groupPRG780
Burhani centrePRG26,050
Asian cultural artsPRG27,300
Field road playschemePRG425
Simba youth extensionPRG45,100
Grove Mother and toddlerPRG310
Palingswick house Ltd. (Fire Certificate)PRG7,950
Fulham court tenant's associationPRG1,530
Rampage/breakaway holiday projectsPRG3,500
Bishop Creighton house repair projectPRG25,954
Coningham East open spacePRG1·61,000
Clem Attlee Community HallPRG30,000
Old Oak community centrePRG232,000


Wandsworth black elderly projectPRG66,800
Balham Rec and Comm trust Comm centrePRG44,100
Shape projects workerPRG14,500
Golden age clubPRG25,400
Latchkey development projectPRG50,000
St. Nicholas churchPRG52,000
Tooting neighbourhood centrePRG13,500



Total approved

Furzedown recreation groundPRG5,000
Arndale community projectPRG101,700
Beaumont road open spacePRG50,000
Pakistan welfare associationPRG15,000
WCCR—Millan centrePRG51,900
Putney Vale youth groupPRG90,000
York gardens community centrePRG46,100
Tooting commonPRG2,700
Garfield young people's projectPRG51,100
Asian Muslim centrePRG25,000
Ethnic minority domiciliary servicePRG16,000
Wandsworth volunteer bureau—extentionPRG20,800
Southfields Sikh community centrePRG40,000
Battersea boatyardPRG113,500
Tooting TrianglePRG50,000
Ethnic minorities library servicePRG28,300
St. Saviour's churchPRG67,000
Henry Prince estate clubroomPRG57,000
Eastwood nursery school parents roomPRG23,700
Elm farmPRG7,000
94e Balham high roadPRG2,500
Alton hallPRG350,000
24 Balham high roadPRG667
Life tabernacle renovation projectPRG5,200
Battersea Arts Centre—TheatrePRG31,000


Avonmore primary schoolPRG60,000


Roundwood Community Association new play areasPRG7,000
Churchend neighbourhood projectPRG23,000
Nesta new children's play areaPRG9,000
1–9 Dudden Hill lane open spacePRG
St. Raphael's Afro-Caribbean groupPRG39,000
London Wildlife Trust Neasden Grange projectPRG9,000
Wildlife working party Neasden libraryPRG38,000
Stonebridge fair-ground site open spacePRG90,000
Tavistock Methodist centrePRG10,000
Nesta ball games areaPRG9,000
HPCC youth projectPRG12,200
Mandhata youth and community centrePRG17,700
Roundwood Community Association new play areasPRG7,000
St. Raphael's women's workshopPRG43,200
Sikh community centrePRG97,000

GL (Wandsworth UPA)

Ackroydon Hall Management CommitteePRG
Millan community projectPRG

ILEA (Wandsworth UPA)

Pettaugh AssociationPRG

ILEA (Lambeth UPA)

United Church Welfare and Workers AssociationPTN2,500
Abeng youth clubPTN6,250
Ebenezer youth clubPTN1,484
St. Anne's Catholic settlement youth clubPTN198,171
Lambeth girls projectPTN11,667
Central Lambeth project—Stockwell Park estatePTN4,280
Stockwell park estate youth and community centrePTN6,500
Vassall detached youth projectPTN109,260
Asian community action group boys workerPTN13,600
St. Matthew's youth clubPTN4,400
Ethelred estate community youth clubPTN19,985
Railway arch youth clubPTN44,904
Willington road youth club/play centrePTN489,832
St. Thomas youth centre—minibusPTN1,485
Central Lambeth project—outreach youth workPTN6,250



Total approved

ILEA (Islington UPA)

Edward square (Caledonian road) site layoutPTN
Creative Arts CentrePTN
Clerkenwell youth clubPTN
Hargrave Park school school/community playspacePTN
Jack Ashley site—unity associationPTN
Mayton street tire station—youth clubPTN
Islington Ayo—South Isl music workshopPTN
Holloway school senior boys—youth wingPTN
Clerkenwell parochial school site extentionPTN
Turkish youth centre development projectPTN
Highbury Roundhouse-youth clubPTN
Hayward adventure playground—FencingPTN9,000
Islington project—motorbike maintenancePTN9,000
St Mary's Church of England Primary School Site ExtensionPTN
Mayville Youth Club Music WorkshopPTN
Grafton Primary School-Play CentrePTN
Hibury Roundhouse Youth Club Daytime Youth ProvisionPTN
Asian Women's Discussion Group & CrechePTN5,000
Islington Arts Factory-LightingPTN
Islington Project Workers With Ethnic GroupsPTN
Battlebridge Youth Centre Showers/ ChangingPTN18,000

ILEA (Hackney UPA)

Leaside Young MarinersPTN22,000
Improvements To Homerton House Games HLPTN
Refurbishing Statutory Centres, HackneyPTN
Stamford Hill Community Leisure CentrePTN40,000
Hackney Downs Youth CentrePTN20,000
Children's Scrap ProjectPTN
Dalston Methodist Youth Club DevelopmentPTN6,500
Homerton Youth CentrePTN20,000
Hutted Classroom's For ParentsPTN33,000


Brixton Summer FestivalPTN21,314
Caldecot School Nature Gardcn-C6/102–028PTN7,000
Oasis Children's VenturePTN14,260
The Seventh-Day Adventist Day-SDA-CentrePTN283
Slockwell Good NeighboursPTN47,900
Rasta International St. Agnes PlacePTN126,016
Thessaly Road PlayspacePTN8,488
Employment of 2 Workers For Community HousePTN3,000
Lileford Road Play Group/Common Day Care CentrePTN21,440
St Matthews Meeting PlacePTN79,880
Oasis Children's Venture Karting ProjectPTN3,000
Coldharbour Lane—301/317–333/349PTN55,356
Oasis Children's Venture Compliance of HSPTN24,680
BNCA Social Action CentrePTN366,822
CCRL Bushey Residential & Holiday CentrePTN31,959
St. Matthew's Estate Territorial Army HallPTN197,370
Elam Street Pos Phase 2PTN285,090
Kennington Park Territorial Army Mothers and ToddlersPTN1,000
UJAMAA CentrePTN10,000
Lambeth Chinese Community ProjectPTN146,910
Railton Inters HousePTN3,800
Brixton Music DevelopmentPTN127,100
Stockweli Park Estate and Community CentrePTN28,200



Total approved

Sabina Cricket ClubPTN727
South London Tennis ClubPTN250
Afro Caribbean Cultural CentrePTN57,430
Strathleven Road Open Space—C7/104PTN9,338
Lambeth Pensioners Non-Smoking ClubPTN18,000
Poynders Gardens Estate Community FlatPTN7,860
Community Activities Club/Help 71 Com HSPTN2,250
Foxley B1.BPTN38,500
Harmony Theatre ProjectPTN989
Handicapped Adventure Playground AssociationPTN32,030
Capital City Brixton Volleyball ClubPTN1,000
All Saints/St. Barnabus Church—C7/104PTN46,897
Angell Town Ta Fairfax HousePTN170,431
Bushey Residential Holiday ProjectPTN49,770
Whitgift Street—C7/104–025PTN19,075
Oval HousePTN1,200
North and Central Lambeth ScoutsPTN958
Larkhall Community FlatPTN3,410
BNCA Social Action CentrePTN13,220
Dexter Rd & Larkhall Park 1 o'clock ClubsPTN20,000
Thorlands Community CentrePTN650
Abeng Centre/Gresham Youth ProjectPTN68,410
Fitzalan Street/Lambeth Walk PosPTN7,000
Railton Community Centre EquipmentPTN1,380
Waterloo Action Centre Roof RepairsPTN2,000
Lambeth Sports CouncilPTN11,965
Kurdish Cultural CentrePTN1,000
Brixton Domino and Social ClubPTN12,750
1 Dalyell Road—C7/104–008PTN8,700
Windmill House Tenants GardenPTN25,000
London City MissionPTN21,600
Lambeth Table Tennis ClubPTN1,000
Kcmblc House/Loughsborough EstatePTN43,415
Princes Community Centre—C7/104–018PTN2,000
Wheatshcaf HallPTN110,000
Tulse Hill Gym ClubPTN873
Kennington Park Synthetic PitchPTN17,000
Zuriya African Arts and Theatre ProjectPTN31,220
Oval Way—C7/104–017PTN23,500
Brixton Cares for KidsPTN50,030
Railton Community Centre MinibusPTN2,060
CCRL Abcng Community CentrePTN240,200
Lambeth Athletics GroupPTN1,000
King Jesus Divine ChurchPTN1,000
Clapham Senior Citizens AssociationPTN2,000
First Generation OrganisationPTN73,950
St. Martins Estate Community HallPTN2,500
Und Church & Welfare Workers AssociationPTN28,110
Granby Buildings SitePTN44,370
Clapham and Larkhall under 5s OrganisationPTN2,000
Harleyford Road Community Garden— C6/102PTN55,375
Lambeth Arts CouncilPTN17,956
Vauxhall City FarmPTN17,730
Windmill Gateway Club MinibusPTN7,000
Streatham Spartans Iceball ClubPTN648
St. Matthews Church HallPTN1,000
Heme Hill Cricket ClubPTN338
Latin American Childrens ProjectPTN780
Oasis Karts and ToolsPTN6,900
Vauxhall City Farm Additional WorkersPTN17,340
Muhammad Ali Sports Development AssociationPTN11,200
Music WorkshopPTN17,650
Hurst Street Garages—C7/104–013PTN2,400
Nelson Row Community CentrePTN4,000
Angell Town PlayPTN40,537
Wheelchair access to HallsPTN11,000
Vine House Co-op access to Community GardenPTN34,540



Total approved

Loughborough Park AP—C7/104PTN7,908
Oasis Children Venture Mini BusPTN10,755
Vietnamese Lion Dance TroupePTN1,720
Railton Community Centre Administration AssistantPTN1,980
Pensioner ActivitiesPTN1,135
Oasis/Priory Grove-C6/ 102–027-C7/104–016PTN43,000
Red Devils Sports ClubPTN995
Chinese Community ProjectPTN3,500
Bushey Residential and Holiday CentrePTN31,000
Oval House Development Phase 2PTN348,150
Lansdowne Road Tenants RoomPTN58,000
Carnegie Library Electric Chair LiftPTN10,000
Larkhall Park changing facilities etcPTN2,000
Effra Parade Ecological Garden-C7/104PTN36,342
Clapham Park East Tenants AssociationPTN57,150
Palace Road PosPTN24,250
Lambeth Refugees from Vietnam projectPTN81,020
Hawke Road Landscaping—C7/104PTN32,490
Tulse Hill Estate Drop in CrechePTN390
Lambeth High St. Rec Ground-C6/102–011PTN13,500
Masda-Two BidsPTN48,040
Marverlets Dancing GroupPTN220


Holly Street Environmental ImprovementsPTN23,000
Provost Community HallPTN47,200
African Development AgencyPTN111,000
Boscobel House Environmental & Meeting Room ImprovementsPTN15,000
The Huddleston CentrePTN26,800
126 Stamford Hill Environmental ImprovementPTN5,000
Arts and Recreation ProjectPTN
Jewish Women's CentrePTN28,300
Inky Fingers' Development ProjectPTN
Dog Free Zone for under FivesPTN15,700
Equal Play Adventure ParkPTN93,400
Mobile LibraryPTN
Chasipic BandPTN
Pakistan Community CentrePTN50,000
Millfields' LodgePTN66,000
Improvement of the LibraryPTN
Leisure ProjectPTN29,400
Black Women Self Discovery ProjectPTN
Upgrading under Fives FacilitiesPTN
Hillside Estate Environmental Improvement SchemePTN25,000
George Sylvester Gymnastics ClubPTN
Clapton Park Play ProjectPTN35,600
Astra Cinema Stoke Newington RoadPTN10,000
Jewish Community Lending, Reference Ltd.PTN
Expansion of Taryag Social CentrePTN15,700
Dukom Arts and Drum Workshop ProjectPTN—-


West Indian Community AssociationPTN40,000
Hanley Crouch Community CentrePTN46,000
Islington Chinese groupPTN14,563
Centre for the unemployedPTN
Trainer for under fives NSOs and BudgetPTN
Six acres estate-kickabout areaPTN15,000
Brecknock estate playgroundPTN17,111
Canonbury court estate community centrePTN182,358
Unity associationPTN40,000
Arundel square playgroundPTN77,176
Highbury round house youth/community centrePTN29,000
Islington play lorryPTN
Islington mind network clubsPTN27,000
Hi fashion music groupPTN
York way court estate playgroundPTN31,137
Surr street playgroundPTN34,052
Sadlers Wells community theatrePTN



Total approved

Iscinin seci libraryPTN
Hilldrop estate playgroundPTN54,581
Factory community groupPTN12,500
Barnard park extensionPTN108,000
Holloway neighbourhood group Mayton streetPTN
Hillrise mansions playgroundPTN30,000
Shearling way play areaPTN1,940
Anna Scher children's theatrePTN
Charteris community centrePTN40,000
Six acres estate—junior playgroundPTN40,000
Ujima Finsbury park projectPTN51,500
Morton road playgroundPTN3,000
Youth libraryPTN
Hargreave hall gardenPTN
Asian resources centrePTN39,000
Ringcross playgroundPTN3,500
Highbury roundhouse pensioners workerPTN85,000
Six acres estate—toddlers playgroundPTN30,000
Unity association—arts and music projectPTN39,598
Hargreave park under fives projectPTN29,000
Ormond road craft centrePTN65,000
Hilldrop area community associationPTN8,500
Multi-racial library provisions programmePTN36,000
Playsafe and park improvementsPTN375,000
Greek Cypriot day centrePTN67,000
Martin Luther King adventure playgroundPTN
Muslim welfare centre—community centrePTN
Ethnic arts developmentPTN
Islington YMCAPTN
King Henry's walk open spacePTN210,000
West Mildmay N/hood area—C/O batch 1PTN5,820
Hornsey lane estate youth workerPTN9,000
Bovingdon close playgroundPTN14,245
New Orleans estate playgroundPTN110,000
Islington Indian associationPTN16,000
Sickert court estate community centrePTN197,750
Islington African projectPTN35,000
Highbury fields playgroundPTN200,000
Sussex neighbourhood area— c/o Batch 1PTN1,670
Patidar SamajPTN37,500
Granville squarePTN90,000
Delhi-Outram estate playgroundPTN26,249
Spa fields phase 2PTN39,025
Graham street new open spacePTN25,000


Priory Centre for Community ProgrammesTUP20,000
Acton Community Development ProjectTUP25,000
Milap Day Centre for the ElderlyTUP25,000


Silwood Youth CentreTUP100,374
Camberwell After School ProjectTUP39,970


Pagnell Street Youth & Community CentreTUP27,000
Ackroyd Community CentreTUP19,000


NCC Assos Community CentreTUP22,600


Malayalee Cultural and Social CentreTUP20,000


Cremorne Riverside CentreTUP9,100
Tabernacle Basement ProjectTUP100,000



Total approved


Westbourne Youth Activities CentreTUP40,000

Waltham Forest

Community Work Programme— WalthamstowTUP15,250


Westminster Boating BaseTUP11,525
Regional Sub-total11,516,401
Number of Projects404

Sport, Recreation and Play Projects

1 May 1987—Page 20



Total approved

Merseyside Task Force Knowsley

Hillside Family CentrePRG9,800
Provision of Play EquipmentPRG28,500
Lickers Lane Children's Activity CentrePRG11,450
Hillside Play AssociationPRG
Halewood Town Council Community CentrePRG
Refurbish Football Changing RoomsPRG12,000
Halewood Sports Centre Improvement WorksPRG25,000
Field Lane Environment and Open Space PRPRG40,000
Bridgefield Forum Revenue SupportPRG8,200
Refurbishment of PlaygroundsPRG24,000
Halewood Boys' ClubPRG9,000
Prescot MuseumPRG
Stockbridge Lane Community SupportPRG3,000
Kirkby Sports Centre Foyer Extension and ImprovementPRG4,000
Community Sports TrustPRG
Knowsley Youth TrustPRG18,000
Community Sports ProjectPRG3,300


Storage Facilities for Voluntary OrganisationsPRG59,820
Tam O'Shanter Urban FarmPRG20,000
Christchurch SchoolPRG49,000
St. Annes Youth CentrePRG16,892
Wirral Outdoor Education AssociationPRG5,000
Revitalisation Of Parks & Open SpacesPRG5,000
Tourism Development FundPRG69,000
Cornwell Recreation And Games AreaPRG
Woodchurch Community CentrePRG7,000
School Social Scheme Woodchurch Road SchoolPRG7,800
Old Bidston SchoolPRG35,000
Wallasey YMCAPRG1,500
Under Fives Centre Toy Library VehiclePRG12,000
Wirral Play Development CentrePRG54,000
Woodchurch Play ProvisionPRG3,247
Leasowe Community CentrePRG7,000
Birkenhead VenturePRG4,400
Our Lady And Saint Joseph's Community CentrePRG5,000
Urban Adventure Centre—Phase 3PRG5,000
Woodchurch Leisure Centre Sports BarnPRG19,000
Little TheatrePRG
Conway Park B'HeadPRG50,000
Birkenhead Gingerbread CentrePRG10,000
Shaftesbury Boys' ClubPRG5,058


Park Children's CentrePTN22,000
MPAC Central Res Unit DevelopmentPTN14,000
Stonedale Adventure PlaygroundPTN15,000
Pakistan Association LiverpoolPTN29,000
Calder Kids Adventure PlaygroundPTN5,000



Total approved

Merseyside Caribbean Council Community CentrePTN48,000
Princes Park Community CentrePTN9,000
Play DevelopmentPTN6,000
Youth Action LiverpoolPTN15,000
Mobile LibraryPTN65,000
Crawford Arts CentrePTN7,000
St. Michael & Lark Lane Community AssociationPTN
Toxteth Sports CentrePTN17,000
Deysbrook Community AssociationPTN10,000
Wavertree Athletics CentrePTN300,000
Pre-School OrganisationsPTN5,000
Garston Adventure PlaygroundPTN25,000
Netherley Centre 27PTN43,000
Adventure Playground SpekePTN17,000
Junior Football LeaguePTN2,000
St. Cleopas Drop In CentrePTN22,000
Shorefields School Sports HallPTN36,000
Croxteth/Gillmoss Way HallPTN2,000
Norris Green Youth & Community CentrePTN24,000
MPAC Calder Kids Adventure PlaygroundPTN
MPAC Central Res Unit DevelopmentPTN
Youth and Community ProjectPTN3,000
Millbank PoolPTN1,522,347
Chinese Pagoda Youth/Community CentrePTN25,000
Pakistan Association LiverpoolPTN
Holiday Play Schemes 1986PTN90,000
Regional Sub-total3,025,314
Number of projects72

Northern Region Sunderland

Sunderland Sea Anglers Association Headquarters40,000

South Tyneside

St. Matthew's School Jarrow Learner PoolPRG35,000
Linked Open Space System Jarrow/BoldonPRG20,000
South Shields Foreshore Tourism/Related DevelopmentPRG190,000
Extra Camping Equipment for Community GroupsPRG2,000
Cleadon Park Conversion of School to Youth/Community CentrePRG84,000
Trinity House Sports Hall Extension Feasibility StudyPRG2,500
Carr Ellison Park Hebburn ImprovementsPRG2,000
Temple Park Leisure Centre Con Phase IIPRG100,000
Boldon Colliery Community RoomPRG6,000
Hebburn Community Centre Sports Hall ExtensionPRG2,500

Tyne and Wear (North Tyneside UPA)

Grants to Recreational OrganisationsPRG20,000


Hendon East End Play Project Additional WorkerPRG
East Community Centre ExtensionPRG159,000
Downhill Youth Activity CentrePRG17,000
Millfield Community ProjectPRG8,000
St. Andrew's Sea Scouts Headquarters New RoofPRG7,000
South Hylton Rowing Club—New HeadquartersPRG50,000
Ford Adventure PlaygroundPRG
Juvenile Crime UnitPRG25,000
Farringdon Row/Lambton Staithes Land DevelopmentPRG100,000
Allotment Improvements ProgrammePRG27,000
Sunderland Play Council Camping EquipmentPRG6,000
Community Arts ProjectPRG121,000
Claxheugh Rec Area Landscaping and FacilPRG191,000



Total approved

Fulwell Quarry Sports Ground/AcquisitionPRG20,000
East End Playscheme—Play WorkerPRG


Middletown Park ImprovementsPRG20,000
Marton Grove and Grovchill Residents AssociationPRG
Play Provision—Pristfieds/Pallister ParkPRG50,000
St. Oswald's King and Martyr Care and Shore CPRG
Environmental Fund St. HildasPRG
Middlesbrough YMCAPRG
Play Resource CentrePRG2,000
Non-Work Opportunities for the UnemployedPRG0
Sikh TemplePRG20,000
Abindgon Road Mother and Toddler GroupPRG
Spencerbeck Corridor env. ImprovementsPRG0
Netherfield/Pallister Park Residents AssociationPRG7,000
Central Middlesbrough Landscape PlanPRG3,000
Playing Fields in East MiddlesbroughPRG
Facilities for the ArtsPRG50,000
East Middlesbrough Community/ Employment CentrePRG1,112,991
Middlesbrough Music CollectivePRG
Park Methodist ChurchPRG
Cultural Centre ImprovementsPRG12,000
Studio Recording and Rehearsal EquipmentPRG4,000
Neighbourhood Play AssociationPRG
Middlesbrough Play Resource CentrePRG
Stockton Street Recreation GroundPRG30,000
Brambles Farm Community CentrePRG

North Tyneside

Pre-school Playgroup AssociationPRG15,200
Tonbridge Avenue Play AreaPRG
Conversion of a PlaybusPRG
YMCA Redevelopment Phase IIIPRG
St. Columbas R.C. School Stage 2PRG
Metro Vandalism-Howdon Station (Kickabout ARE)PRG15,500
Lease for Centre for Unemployed North ShieldsPRG
Family Centres LongbentonPRG
Point Pleasant Park/Phase 3PRG10,400
Hunter Street. WallsendPRG10,000
Metro Vandalism (Outreach Workers)PRG19,700
Battle Hill Play AssociationPRG3,500
Motor Cycle Trail ParkPRG
Longbenton Community High School Changing AccommodationPRG57,500
Willington High School Sports Hall Phase IIPRG11,000

Cleve (M'boro UPA)

Thorntree Youth & Community Centre M-BusPRG8,000
Audio Recording FacilityPRG3,000
Grove Hill 10–14 Youth ClubPRG
Cleveland Asian Sports AssociationPRG
North Ormesby LibraryPRG
Town Centre Playgroups AssociationPRG
Town Centre PlaygroupsPRG
Cleveland Arts-Ethnic Minority Arts ActivityPRG


Children's PlayPTN
Gateshead Community BusPTN26,000
Sport/Recreation Provision School LeaverPTN7,000
Community Drama and PuppetryPTN14,000
Area Co-ordinator Mothers and ToddlersPTN
Bill Quay Park ExtensionPTN25,000
St. Cuthbert's Community DevelopmentPTN25,000



Total approved

Play SupervisorsPTN
Trinity CentrePTN17,000
Dunston Forum Multi-Purpose FacilityPTN200,000
Guards FarmPTN
Youthwork SpringwellPTN
Holiday Neighbourhood Play SchemesPTN10,000
Old Fold Community Development BudgetPTN4,000
Outline Arts ProjectPTN4,000
Peripatetic Craft InstructorPTN9,000
Community Education ProgrammePTN91,000
Schools and Community Conservation ProjectPTN14,000
Neighbourhood WorkshopsPTN29,000
Local Park Redevelopment WorksPTN150,000
Development and Grants OfficerPTN13,000
Youth Co-ordinatorPTN15,000


Quayside-Live TheatrePTN
Northbourne St. Area N. Housing AssociationPTN13,000
Brunswick Methodist ChurchPTN12,000
Monkchester Recreation Ground-DenPTN12,000
Save The Children Fund Day Centres-RiverPTN
Skin and BonesPTN25,000
Prudhoe Street Mission Phase II and IIIPTN7,000
Them WifiesPTN23,000
North Kenton Open SpacePTN25,000
Low Cost Sports Hall North Kenton ParkPTN59,000
Riverside MusicPTN20,000
Newcastle Arts Centre External ImprovePTN15,600
Lightwood Avenue Play and Community ProjectPTN219,000
Byker Photographic WorkshopPTN5,000
Moorside Mobile WorkshopPTN26,000
Children's WarehousePTN
Benwell Nature ParkPTN3,000
Ouseburn Clubhouse and MarinaPTN17,000
Pendower Community CentrePTN16,000
Walker Park RevitalisationPTN300,000
Newcastle Play CouncilPTN
Kenton School Community UsePTN
Scotswood Fergusons Lane ProjectPTN530,000
Lightfoot Sports Centre ExtensionPTN1,610,437
Tyneside Challenge ClubPTN13,000
North Kenton ProjectPTN59,000
Bruvvers TheatrePTN31,000
City Farm BykerPTN30,000
Motor Based Activity Centre Walker RiversidePTN36,000

Tyne and Wear (N/G UPA)

Expendition Centre, WhittinghamPTN
Multi Racial WeekendsPTN
Conservation Training CentrePTN
Community PlaybusesPTN

Wear Valley

Woodhouse Close Easter and Summer PlayschoolTUP375
Woodhouse Close Community ProjectTUP
St. Helens Neighbourhood Centre (Holiday Playscheme)TUP420
Holiday Playschemes 1986TUP4,700


Alnwick North Community CentreTUP


Playscheme 1986/87/88TUP7,475
Community Facilities Seaton Lane/Jutland RoadTUP88,364
Clavering Estate Community CentreTUP50,000
West View Community ProjectTUP25,376
Stranton PlayschemeTUP590
Throston Playscheme 1986/87/88TUP800



Total approved

Hartlepool People Town HouseTUP31,800
Belle Vue Way Sports CentreTUP14,840


Youth LeadershipTUP


Grangetown community opportunity projectTUP137,118
Princess Street Community Centre south bankTUP14,747
Outdoor pursuits (spring holidays)TUP1,110
Provision of permanent play facilitiesTUP
Handicapped playschemeTUP1,700
Summer playschemeTUP3,260
Langbaurgh Multi-culture Centre rev supTUP5,088
Outdoor pursuits (summer holidays)TUP2,170


Communal facilities at Pilmoor GreenTUP2,915
Firthmoor Community Centre provision of additonal facilitiesTUP3,521
Resident playscheme Louisa Street DarlingtonTUP3,848


Summer playlcadership schemeTUP7,000


Community facilities in new school BurnsideTUP
Toy library schemeTUP


Youth and community leader at South BankTUP12,280
Pre-school playgroup summerhouse schoolTUP
Mobile library service elderly and disabledTUP28,125


Holiday play schemeTUP7,000


Stockton anchorage (Youth unemployment project)TUP
Play '86TUP8,500
Community hall cafe blue hallTUP11,989

County Durham

Library service for housebound aged/disabledTUP
Villa Real mentally handicapped summer playschemeTUP900
Shildon Community Initiatives CentreTUP
Summer holiday relief scheme (playdays 86)TUP2,000
Consett County Infant School nursery unitTUP20,778
St Helen's neigbourhood projectTUP


Community play packs projectTUP
Durham community arts projectTUP
Regional Sub-total2,034,933
Number of projects173

North West Region: Blackburn

Town Centre leisure pool56,000


Craft workshops at Wigan PierODD37,000


Theatre workshop projectPRG50,000
Council holiday projectsPRG29,600



Total approved

Coppice Neighbourhood CentrePRG3,000
Hollins & Limeside Community Centre 0/11PRG2,000
Hathershaw Community CentrePRG7,000
Higher Lime playing fids changing accommodationPRG15,000
Playing fields developmentPRG30,000
Rangers youth organisation 0/11/86PRG1,500
Play facilities during summer hols 5/86PRG11,900


Green Lane Community Centre— equipmentPRG5,000
CRC Com video unit—pre school playPRG12,500
Charity football (BB/4/86)PRG160
Asian Skills CentrePRG30,000
Wensley Fold C.E. Primary School (BB/4/86)PRG420
Whitehall Youth Fellowship (BB/4/86)PRG220
St. Mary's RC playgroup (BB/4/86)PRG539
Belper Street Pool remedial suite (BB/18/86)PRG9,000
Blackburn & Darwen sea cadets— improvement to premisesPRG15,000
Football pitches—Pilmuir RoadPRG
Holiday play scheme (1)PRG12,000
Springvale playgroup (BB/4/86)PRG500
Bangor Street Community Centre—culture of musicPRG10,000
Roman Road Community Centre— extension designPRG5,000
"Bradford" the band (BB/4/86)PRG350
St. Thomas's family link unit (BB/4/86)PRG733
Inter-centre youth league (BB/4/86)PRG750
Green Lane Community Association—(BB/4/86)PRG150
Mill Hill St. Peters ground (BB/4/86)PRG750
Artificial ice skating rink (BB/11/86)PRG47,829
Blackburn Resource Centre—voluntary group (4)PRG150
The Classic Entertainers (BB/4/86)PRG150
Green Lane Football Club (BB/4/86)PRG490
West End Youth Community Centre— central heatingPRG17,000
Roe Lee pre-school playscheme (BB/4/86)PRG500
Equipment for Junior Gateway Club—(BB/4/86)PRG400
Whalley Range Community Playgroup (BB/4/86)PRG253
Blackburn Musicians Collective (BB/4/86)PRG985
Green Lane Community Centre (BB/4/86)PRG8,000
Bank Top Community Centre (BB/4/86)PRG
Manpower Services Commission support (21)PRG900
Accrington Road Parents and Toddlers GroupPRG999


Phoenix project (B/5/86)PRG500
Refurbishing playgrounds—materials (B/39)PRG25,000
Bolton under fives forum (B/5/86)PRG529
New and refurbished allotments (B/39/86)PRG5,000
Grants to playgroupsPRG8,000
Bolton Muslim Welfare Association—play equipmentPRG500
Islamic Cultural Centre (B/6/86)PRG25,000
Octagon TheatrePRG45,965
Tonge Moor Strikers Football Team—(B/5/86)PRG500
Bolton Muslim Welfare Association— recreational facilitiesPRG500
Bolton Clarion Cycling ClubPRG247
Hallucinations Theatre (B/5/86)PRG500



Total approved

Breightmet URC (B/5/86)PRG500
Northern Mill Engine SocietyPRG135
Top O' Th' Brow F.C. (B/5/86)PRG350
Daubhill brickworks playing fieldsPRG22,000
Little Holme reservoir—development of P.O.S.PRG10,000
Refurbishing parks—materials (B/39/86)PRG20,000
St. Matthew's Parish Church (B/5/86)PRG500
Children's holiday activities (Arts)PRG4,000


Recreation area, DarnhillPRG0
State Mill Childrens CentrePRG50,000
Harry Smith gateway clubPRG0
Waithlands RochdalePRG7,500
Rochdale waterways projectPRG0
Langley community sports hallPRG0
Workshop manager (temporary)PRG4,590
Peel Lane, public open spacePRG0
Robinson Street, Rochdale, IandscapingPRG5,000
People printPRG0
Community programme top up Bamford Road and Starkey StreetPRG16,000
Voluntary work development unitPRG0


Harpurhey baths low cost sports hallPTN0
Gorton leisure poolPTN460,446
Moss Side ABC and athletics club M/18/86PTN1,368
Blow up associationPTN14,370
Birlcy High SchoolPTN279,967
Ellen Wilkinson High SchoolPTN0
Collyhurst and Moston Lads ClubPTN0
Fallowfield Brow neighbourhood co-op M/120/86PTN43,562
South Manchester Community CollegePTN0
St. Agnes Parish ChurchPTN10,000
Whitworth Centre—shooting areaPTN0
Off road educational motorcycle project M/47/86PTN5,000
Abraham Moss CentrePTN0
Summer holiday playschemes M/12/86PTN243,500
Cavendish A.B. club M/18/86 part 1PTN1,382
Provision of playground Dam Head estatePTN0
Broadhurst P F football pitches M/8/86PTN161,525
Harpurhey gymnasiumPTN1,097
Longsight playbuilding M/125/86PTN191,950
Wood Side SchoolPTN0
Adventure playground Chorlton buildingPTN0
Ladybarn Community Association M/18/86PTN1,680
Computer literacy projectPTN0
Trinity Church of England high schoolPTN0
Whitworth Centre sports roomPTN0
Community arts workshop M/18/86PTN1,473
Adventure playground Chorlton ParkPTN0
Python sound system M/18/86 part 1PTN1,615
Harpurhey Cultural CentrePTN0
Catholic handicapped children M/18/86PTN1,055
South Manchester High SchoolPTN0
Moss Side adventure playground 5082/488/8PTN179,000
Beyond the glass music workshop M/18/86PTN1,100
Central library-FAC for blind—part-sightPTN13,000
Debdale Sailing Centre—landscaping impsPTN36,000
Gorton and District Sunday football league pitchPTN30,000
M/CR Radio Controlled Boat Club M/18/86PTN1,432
Chevassut County Primary SchoolPTN6,000
Play equipmentPTN0
Ashley Lane playing fieldsPTN0



Total approved

St. George's Community AssociationPTN
Boggart Hole Clough—imps to boating facsPTN23,000
Rusholme camping equipment M/18/86PTN1,811
Greenheys Junior Youth Club M/18/86PTN1,176
Miles platting lib remodellingPTN
Wythenshawe urban farmPTN
Willert Street R G playground etcPTN
Moss Side adventure playground phase 1PTN30,000
Fianna Phadraig pipeband 1 11/18/86 part 2PTN1,620
Play provision fundPTN10,000
Simpson Memorial CentrePTN22,000
Wythenshawe forum A.B.C. M/18/86PTN1,851
Platt Lane Methodist Church Community CentrePTN42,370
Plymouth Grove County Primary SchoolPTN13,000
Brookdale Park Neighbourhood Play CentrePTN
Brookburn County Primary SchoolPTN
Adventure playground Cheetham areaPTN
Moston Lane County Primary SchoolPTN
Turkey Lane and Monsall Neigh projectPTN16,000
Former Moss Side baths indoor bowlsPTN
Salford Harriers Blue Bell Hotel M/89/86PTN64,900
Ducie athletics facility M/149/86PTN330,000
Chorlton Church of England Primary SchoolPTN
Brownley Green Methodist ChurchPTN8,000
Plant Hill High School—Tweedle Hill andPTN
Adventure playground Cheetham—buildingPTN


Sports Hall Ordsall HighPTN30,000
Langworthy Park upgradingPTN
Albert Park synthetic pitchPTN
Kersal High School drainagePTN
Youth Centre South OrdsallPTN30,000
Hope High School drainagePTN
Seedley Primary School site extensionPTN
Peter Green Youth Centre games hallPTN
Lewis Street playing fieldsPTN31,000
Easter/Summer S/4/86 holiday play schemesPTN64,287
Langworthy Road School S/49/86PTN83,380
Olympic Wrestling AssociationPTN23,000
Barr Hill Lads ClubPTN44,000
North of Britannia Street S/60/86PTN9,545
Regional Sub-total2,785,295
Number of projects155

South East Region Woking

Urdu teaching programmeTUP1,000


African Youth and Roots ClubTUP36,086
East Oxford adventure playgroundTUP


Stamshaw Park adventure playgroundTUP15,000
Portsea adventure playgroundTUP45,000
Hertford Street play areaTUP35,000


Coley Park Community CentreTUP57,150
Dee Road Park conv play-activity committeeTUP
East Reading adventure playgroundTUP


Opportunity Centre for under fivesTUP142,005
Central club development projectTUP



Total approved


Qucenborough Community CentreTUP23,900


Youth and Community CentreTUP72,619
Mobile toy libraryTUP9,200


Bangladesh Welfare CentreTUP


Playbus development workTUP
Leigh Park EstateTUP
Inner city projectTUP15,910
Regional Sub-total470,320
Number of projects19

South West Region Cheltenham

Hindu Community CentreTUP


Pakistan Community and Cultural AssociationTUP10,000
St. Barnabas Community CentreTUP


Bridgwater Parents' Resource CentreTUP


South West resources for playTUP2,000


Elm Community Centre emp of wardenTUP

Forest of Dean

Dean Heritage Museum phase IITUP


Playgroup and nursery provision Isle of PortlandTUP
Playgroup and nursery provision, UnderhillTUP


School and community teachersTUP
Family readingTUP


St. Paul's neighbourhood house
Sangat Singh Sabha CentreTUP34,242
The children's scrapstoreTUP
Windmill Hill city farmTUP
St. Paul's adventure playgroundTUP12,500
Bristol playbus projectTUP
Stockwood adventure parkTUP
Hartcliffe community park farmTUP


Swindon octobus projectTUP


Bradley Community CentreTUP
Regional Sub-total58,742
Number of projects21

Yorkshire and Humberside Region: Hull

Newington Street play areaODD3,500


Body shape gym King StreetODD6,560




Total approved

Multi Cultural Centre 61–63 Carlisle StreetODD13,650


Inglemtre Community AssociationPRG2,467
Imps to play area Rossett house Walker StreetPRG275
Kingston Community Centre—kickabout areaPRG5,000
Grassed area and play area Chiltern StreetPRG3,900
Edingburgh Street Community CentrePRG6,625
Ocean Youth ClubPRG2,000
Orchard Park Community CentrePRG2,480
All-weather play facilitiesPRG91,280
Advice Centre for unemployedPRG18,325
Newington Community CentrePRG4,470
Play facilities St. John's GrovePRG44,350
Hull Community Play Schemes AssociationPRG9,095
Sobriety projectPRG11,142
Community Centre Edinburgh StreetPRG11,145
St. Georges Road playing fieldsPRG3,200
Drypool Green Community CentrePRG3,500
Community Centre—Drypool GreenPRG
North Hull adventure playgroundPRG51,900
Preston Road Community Centre—roofPRG1,200
Humberbus projectPRG11,335
Preston Road Community CentrePRG5,160
East Hull baths phase 5PRG8,000
Madley Street arts and dance theatrePRG36,079
Hull Fish Trades Boys' ClubPRG3,500
Coltman Area Community AssociationPRG6,800
Environmental imp in Sculcoates areaPRG1,500
Community centres block allocationsPRG45,000
Kingston Kayak ClubPRG1,000
Planting-Holland Street play areaPRG250
Summer holiday playschemesPRG41,600
Community meeting facilitiesPRG5,500

Humberside (Hull UPA)

Humberside Disabled Sports Association equipmentPRG5,149
Refurbishment-club Nexus/playgroup accommodationPRG20,300
Housebound library servicePRG7,430
Improvements to library theatrePRG4,200
Hull Fish Trades Boys' ClubPRG500


Burley Lodge Centre worker/running costsPRG3,100
Meanwood Valley urban farmPRG54,000
Centrepoint Community Centre Belle IslePRG5,000
Middleton A.R.L.F.C.PRG10,000
South Seacroft Youth ClubPRG11,600
Play ground imp at Potternewton/Miles HillPRG3000
Seacroft WMC sports facilitiesPRG10,400
Priority estates projectPRG100,000
All weather play area Belle Isle mid schoolPRG13,400
Gathorne terrace public open spacePRG5,700
Blackman Lane public open spacePRG33,700
South Leeds Sports Centre—land drainagePRG5,100
Interplay trust 65 Hall lanePRG6,500
Shape up northPRG4,100
Leeds children's holiday projectsPRG6,500
Caribbean Cricket ClubPRG49,600
Beeston Hill Community CentrePRG70,000
Playground fundPRG34,500
St. Matthias Street/Burley public open spacePRG11,700
Chapeltown recording studioPRG
Bansteads public open spacePRG17,200
Harehills dance umbrellaPRG2,300
Cranmore and Raylands Community CentrePRG6,700
Vietnamese Community CentrePRG52,050
Mimika workshopsPRG2,000
Kitchen extension—South Gipton Community CentrePRG12,300



Total approved

Hunslet Lake cafe projectPRG75,700
Meanwood Tenants Association, Scott Hall RoadPRG5,200


Devonshire green recreation—landscapePRG10,253
Darnall/Heeley day fostering projectPRG12,295
Park library community roomsPRG25,000
Manor Estate recreational developmentsPRG135,000
Deaf "loop" systemPRG
Hyde Park recreational developmentsPRG51,000
Hyde Park stadiumPRG3,775
St. Silas Community CentrePRG22,540
Carrfield Road CentrePRG
Cromford Street multi-games and play areaPRG60,000
Hawley Street/Edward Street projectPRG23,858
Children's scrapstore—SheffieldPRG
Waltheof campus, ManorPRG45,000
City Nipper community busPRG1,753
Community theatre—support theatre groupsPRG9,500
Burngreave Middle School playing fieldsPRG7,116
Woodthorpe—youth and community workerPRG13,307
Darnall District open spacePRG10,204
Coleridge Road open space, DarnallPRG2,849
New employment zones—Lower Don valleyPRG412,075
Italian Community centrePRG6,020
Woodthorpe tenants meeting roomPRG
Firth Park library activities roomPRG28,290
Step support—Burgoyne Road open spacePRG4,000
Duchess Road community roomsPRG10,000
Manor renewal: environmental improvementPRG
Under 55 worker—Denby Street Family CentrePRG3,330
Community resource bankPRG
Wybourn play facilitiesPRG
Manor environmental infrastructurePRG132,000
Burngreave toy libraryPRG1,783
Woodside (pye bank) recreational developmentsPRG82,000
Havelock open spacePRG1,538


Programme leaders for unemployed youthPRG39,800
Thornbury playgroup asian playleaderPRG500
Mapa Women and Girls GroupPRG5,340
Fagley Community Centre—extensionPRG3,500
Canterbury Tenants AssociationPRG12,200
Holme Wood under fives toy libraryPRG1,100
Expenses volunteer staff Girlington playgroupPRG530
Mcmillan adventure playgroundPRG6,300
Bradford community arts MGT committeePRG27,000
Bradford Parent and Toddlers AssociationPRG2,400
Kidditoys (Bierley)PRG250
Legrams Lane multi racial playgroupPRG1,900
Addingham Youth Club replacement centrePRG10,000
Asian Cultural Centre—premisesPRG1,000
Haworth volunteers OAP's clubPRG120
Keighley pre-school playgroupPRG4,600
Mr Rainbow toy libraryPRG200
Pakistan Community AssociationPRG17,500
Leisure equipment fundPRG10,000
Mobile play bus/provision and conversionPRG6,012
Bradford Area Play AssociationPRG1,700
St. George's Youth Club—improvementsPRG4,000
Bradford alternative arts associationPRG19,800
West Bowling Youth CentrePRG5,000
York house residentsPRG800
Bracken Bank—St. Michaels Church hallPRG5,400
Bierley Community Centre—new buildingPRG30,000
Westgate Baptist playgroupPRG3,000



Total approved

Frizinghall Community Association—multiculturalPRG100
Laisterdyke Centre (library/youth centre)PRG32,000
Eccleshill Community CentrePRG26,700
N. E. Windhill Community AssociationPRG29,800
Family service unit Newby squarePRG500
Oriental artsPRG2,100
1 in 12 club—purchase of a buildingPRG27,900
West Bowling Community AssociationPRG300
Fairfax Mature Students' AssociationPRG11,300
Bradford under-fives groupPRG9,400
Keighley pre-school playgroupPRG1,100
Dawood Buhra JumatPRG4,200
Greenwood Community AssociationPRG2,700
Guru Nanak charitable trustPRG11,700
Bradford childrens hospital/toy library/salPRG3,600
Legrams Lane multi racial playgroupPRG13,000
St. James' Wednesday ClubPRG100
Manningham Sports CentrePRG22,500
Bierley Community Centre AssociationPRG1,700
Parkside action groupPRG4,040
Equipment fundPRG3,360
Vietnamese community projectPRG13,800
Legrames Lane Multi Racial PlaygroupPRG13,000
St. James Wednesday ClubPRG100
Manningham Sports CentrePRG22,500
Bierley Community Centre AssociationPRG1,700
Parkside Action GroupPRG4,040
Equipment FundPRG3,360
Vietnamese Community ProjectPRG13,800


Siddal and Exley Community CentreTUP106,000
Salt Warehouse RestorationTUP75,000
Square Chapel Feasibility StudyTUP25,000


Grimethorpe Community CentreTUP24,000
East Barnsley Recreation ProjectTUP24,760


First Aid Social and Recreational CentreTUP16,000


Old Goole Community ProjectTUP46,800


Sikh Community Centre HuddersfieldTUP100,000
Savile Town Community ProjectTUP11,560
Walpole Community and Play ProjectTUP68,000
Muslim Community CentreTUP104,090


Dual Use Sports Hall ThryberghTUP34,501
Dalton Youth CentreTUP32,303
Recreation Avenue ThurcroftTUP40,000

Great Grimsby

Toy Library for HandicappedTUP4,321
Nunsthorpe Community CentreTUP10,000


Pakistani Social and Cultural AssociationTUP38,500
Adventure Playground Sheffield ParkTUP18,000
Central Community CentreTUP39,973


The Leadmill ProjectTUP21,660


Unemployed Young PeopleTUP23,800



Total approved

Humberside (TUP)

Yarborough First School Community Centre ProjectTUP35,000
Provision for Unemployed, ScunthorpeTUP28,838
Regional Sub-total3,518,646
Number of projects174
Grand total (All Urban Programme Authorities)33,722,175
Number of projects1,195
PTN = Partnership authority.
PRG = Programme authority.
TUP = former Traditional Urban Programme authority.
— = Financial information not immediately available for all projects.