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Volume 116: debated on Friday 15 May 1987

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asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will tabulate mortality rates in Britain by (i) district health authority, (ii) gender and (iii) marital status.

The full information requested is not available as population estimates by marital status are not produced for local health areas. However, the tables give the mortality rates for all causes and all ages (a) by sex for each local health area in Great Britain, and (b) by marital status and sex for Great Britain.

Table A: Crude mortality (all causes, all ages) rates per thousand population by sex for local health areas in England, Wales and Scotland (Great Britain) 1985
England and Wales—District Health Authorities (DHAs)
Northern Regional Health Authority
Hartlepool DHA12·612·612·6
North Tees DHA10·29·49·7
South Tees DHA11·910·811·3
East Cumbria DHA14·212·613·4
South Cumbria DHA13·212·813·0
West Cumbria DHA12·512·212·3
Darlington DHA13·112·913·0
Durham DHA12·711·612·2
North West Durham DHA14·613·614·1




South West Durham DHA13·812·813·3
Northumberland DHA13·512·913·2
Gateshead DHA13·512·112·8
Newcastle DHA13·614·013·8
North Tyneside DHA14·213·513·9
South Tyneside DHA14·713·013·9
Sunderland DHA12·211·711·9

Yorkshire Regional Health Authority

Hull DHA12·211·311·7
East Yorkshre DHA13·412·312·9
Grimsby DHA12·111·211·6
Scunthorpe DHA12·410·011·2
Northallerton DHA10·510·010·3
York DHA11·711·311·5
Scarborough DHA16·414·615·4
Harrogate DHA12·613·212·9
Bradford DHA12·212·312·2
Airedale DHA13·512·813·1
Calderdale DHA13·213·613·4
Huddersfield DHA12·412·712·8
Dewsbury DHA11·912·412·2
Leeds Western DHA12·712·212·4
Leeds Eastern DHA12·411·511·9
Wakefield DHA11·311·311·3
Pontefract DHA13·311·212·2

Trent Regional Health Authority

North Derbyshire DHA12·912·112·5
Southern Derbyshire DHA12·911·512·2
Leicestershire DHA10·310·210·3
North Lincolnshire DHA12·711·912·3
South Lincolnshire DHA13·211·212·2
Bassetlaw DHA11·510·911·2
Central Nottinghamshire DHA11·710·210·9
Nottingham DHA11·710·911·3
Barnsley DHA12·512·212·4
Doncaster DHA12·410·811·6
Rotherham DHA11·310·711·0
Sheffield DHA13·312·813·1

East Anglian Regional Health Authority

Cambridge DHA9·910·110·0
Peterborough DHA10·89·910·3
West Suffolk DHA10·710·010·4
East Suffolk DHA11·511·711·6
Norwich DHA13·112·312·7
Great Yarmouth and Waveney DHA13·212·712·9
West Norfolk and Wisbech DHA13·011·612·3
Huntingdon DHA8·67·98·2

North West Thames Regional Health Authority

North Bedfordshire DHA9·49·79·6
South Bedfordshire DHA8·98·48·7
North Hertfordshire DHA10·19·29·7
East Hertfordshire DHA9·08·18·5
North West Hertfordshire DHA10·19·79·9
South West Hertfordshire DHA10·511·611·1
Barnet DHA11·012·011·5
Harrow DHA10·310·110·2
Hillingdon DHA10·610·210·4
Hounslow and Spelthorne DHA10·710·310·5
Ealing DHA10·710·410·5
Brent DHA10·09·09·5
Paddington and North Kensington DHA12·09·910·9
Riverside DHA from 1 April 198511·610·811·2

North East Thames Regional Health Authority

Basildon and Thurrock DHA9·68·89·2
Mid Essex DHA9·88·89·3
North East Essex DHA13·013·513·3
West Essex DHA10·49·59·9
Southend DHA12·212·712·5
Barking, Havering and Brentwood DHA11·611·111·4




Hampstead DHA11·411·211·3
Bloomsbury DHA13·211·012·1
Islington DHA12·110·711·4
City and Hackney DHA10·811·111·0
Newham DHA12·210·211·2
Tower Hamlets DHA13·812·513·1
Enfield DHA11·111·511·3
Haringey DHA10·811·611·2
Redbridge DHA11·310·610·9
Waltham Forest DHA12·811·412·1

South East Thames Regional Health Authority

Brighton DHA15·716·616·2
Eastbourne DHA16·917·617·3
Hastings DHA18·419·118·8
South East Kent DHA13·413·413·4
Canterbury and Thanet DHA15·015·615·3
Dartford and Gravesham DHA10·710·810·7
Maidstone DHA10·69·19·9
Medway DHA10·39·19·7
Tunbridge Wells DHA11·513·012·3
Bexley DHA10·39·39·8
Greenwich DHA12·211·211·7
Bromley DHA10·510·910·7
West Lambeth DHA11·711·111·4
Camberwell DHA12·511·111·8
Lewisham and North Southwark DHA12·511·812·1

South West Thames Regional Health Authority

North West Surrey DHA10·111·510·8
West Surrey and North East Hampshire DHA7·38·27·7
South West Surrey DHA10·811·211·0
Mid Surrey DHA13·013·913·4
East Surrey DHA11·811·511·7
Chichester DHA15·916·416·2
Mid Downs DHA10·110·510·3
Worthing DHA18·019·118·6
Croydon DHA10·511·511·0
Kingston and Esher DHA10·711·611·2
Richmond, Twickenham and Roehampton DHA12·412·512·4
Wandsworth DHA12·412·912·6
Merton and Sutton DHA11·311·111·2

Wessex Regional Health Authority

East Dorset DHA14·415·014·7
West Dorset DHA12·613·313·0
Portsmouth and South East Hampshire DHA11·011·111·1
Southampton and South West Hampshire DHA12·011·411·7
Winchester DHA10·011·210·6
Basingstoke and North Hampshire9·18·88·9
Salisbury DHA12·512·512·5
Swindon DHA10·59·19·8
Bath DHA10·811·811·3
Isle of Wight DHA15·414·214·8

Oxford Regional Health Authority

East Berkshire DHA9·39·69·4
West Berkshire DHA8·59·28·9
Aylesbury Vale DHA9·19·09·0
Wycombe DHA9·49·39·4
Milton Keynes DHA7·67·07·3
Kettering DHA11·410·510·9
Northampton DHA10·69·910·2
Oxfordshire DHA8·88·98·8

South Western Regional Health Authority

Bristol and Weston DHA12·011·611·8
Frenchay DHA11·19·910·5
Southmead DHA10·610·910·8
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly DHA14·012·713·3
Exeter DHA13·614·013·8
North Devon DHA12·912·712·8
Plymouth DHA11·111·211·1




Torbay DHA16·015·515·7
Cheltenham and District DHA12·211·611·9
Gloucester DHA11·310·610·9
Somerset DHA13·512·412·9

West Midlands Regional Health Authority

Bromsgrove and Redditch DHA9·08·88·9
Herefordshire DHA12·511·712·1
Kidderminster and District DHA12·011·011·5
Worcester and District DHA11·411·511·4
Shropshire DHA11·610·711·2
Mid Staffordshire DHA10·19·19·6
North Staffordshire DHA12·812·212·5
South East Staffordshire DHA10·29·910·1
Rugby DHA10·310·810·5
North Warwickshire DHA11·49·610·5
South Warwickshire DHA11·911·711·8
Central Birmingham DHA12·110·811·4
East Birmingham DHA12·811·912·4
North Birmingham DHA11·512·011·8
South Birmingham DHA12·412·612·5
West Birmingham DHA12·311·712·0
Coventry DHA12·19·911·0
Dudley DHA11·210·610·9
Sandwell DHA12·810·911·8
Solihull DHA8·78·28·4
Walsall DHA11·110·110·6
Wolverhampton DHA12·111·311·7

Mersey Regional Health Authority

Chester DHA11·810·511·1
Crewe DHA11·911·211·6
Halton DHA9·610·09·8
Macclesfield DHA11·011·911·5
Warrington DHA11·511·611·5
Liverpool DHA13·814·013·9
St. Helens and Knowsley DHA11·210·811·0
Southport and Formby DHA14·415·314·9
South Sefton DHA12·211·812·0
Wirral DHA12·812·812·8

North Western Regional Health Authority

Lancaster DHA15·416·415·9
Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde DHA17·716·917·3
Preston DHA14·413·914·2
Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley DHA13·413·313·3
Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale DHA13·913·913·9
West Lancashire DHA10·910·410·7
Chorley and South Ribble DHA10·510·410·5
Bolton DHA12·612·612·6
Bury DHA12·712·912·8
North Manchester DHA16·015·515·7
Central Manchester DHA12·212·112·2
South Manchester DHA12·513·913·2
Oldham DHA12·613·312·9
Rochdale DHA11·912·012·0
Salford DHA14·014·314·2
Stockport DHA11·411·711·6
Tameside and Glossop DHA12·112·212·1
Trafford DHA12·111·211·6
Wigan DHA12·111·711·9


Clwyd DHA13·612·513·1
East Dyfed DHA14·413·714·1
Pembrokeshire DHA13·011·612·3
Gwent DHA12·411·612·0
Gwynedd DHA13·613·513·6
Mid Glamorgan DHA12·512·112·3
Powys DHA13·512·312·9
South Glamorgan DHA11·611·711·6
West Glamorgan DHA13·712·613·1

Scotland-Health Board Areas





Forth Valley12·111·511·8
Dumfries and Galloway13·613·513·5
Argyll and Clyde12·612·312·4
Ayrshire and Arran12·612·912·8
Greater Glasgow13·813·313·5
Orkney Islands14·511·613·0
Shetland Islands10·510·010·2
Western Isles15·812·814·3
M = Males.
F = Females
P = Persons

Table B: Crude mortality (all causes, all ages) rates per thousand population by sex and marital status

Great Britain—1985





1 Includes not stated marital status.