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Volume 124: debated on Tuesday 8 December 1987

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To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services what is the incidence of each type of cancer as a percentage of the incidence of all types in (a) the Norwich district health authority area, and (b) nationally.

The nearest available information on incidence of cancer is the registration of newly diagnosed cases of cancer. In order to avoid the problem of small numbers of registrations, the data are shown for the latest five-year period.

Percentage distribution of registrations of newly diagnosed cases of cancer by type of cancer, persons, all ages. Usual residents of Norwich Health District (1980–81), Norwich District Health Authority (1982–84), England and Wales 1980–84
ICD(9) category and site descriptionNorwichEngland and Wales
Per cent.Per cent.
140–208 All malignant neoplasms100·00100·00
Malignant neoplasm of:
140 Lip0·420·14
141 Tongue0·220·30
142 Major salivary glands0·200·16
143 Gum0·060·07
144 Floor of mouth0·120·13
145 Other and unspecified parts of mouth0·090·16
146 Oropharynx0·170·17
147 Nasopharynx0·070·10
148 Hypopharynx0·200·19
149 Other and ill-defined site within the lip, oral cavity and pharynx0·050·08
150 Oesophagus2·062·06
151 Stomach4·715·85
152 Small intestine, including duodenum0·170·16
153 Colon7·767·39
154 Rectum, rectosigmoid junction and anus4·694·80
155 Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts0·220·50
156 Gallbladder and extrahepatic bile ducts0·500·60
157 Pancreas2·892·88
158 Retroperitoneum and peritoneum0·200·14
159 Other and ill-defined sites within the digestive organs and peritoneum0·160·18
160 Nasal cavities, middle ear and accessory sinuses0·170·18
161 Larynx0·730·88
162 Trachea, bronchus and lung15·5918·21
163 Pleura0·270·21
163 Thymus, heart and mediastinum0·050·06
165 Other and ill-defined sites within the respiratory system and intrathoracic organs0·01
170 Bone and articular cartilage0·120·24
171 Connective and other soft tissue0·430·41
172 Malignant melanoma of skin1·421·10
173 Other malignant neoplasm of skin13·6510·81
174 Female breast11·2710·85
175 Male breast10·060·09
179 Uterus, part unspecified10·060·23
180 Cervix uteri1·841·98
181 Placenta10·010·01
182 Body of uterus2·241·72
183 Ovary and other uterine adnexa2·452·26

ICD(9) category and site description


England and Wales

Per cent.

Per cent.

184 Other and unspecified female genital organs0·790·51
185 Prostate6·224·59
186 Testis0·490·44
187 Penis and other male genital organs


188 Bladder3·174·61
189 Kidney and other and unspecified urinary organs1·441·51
190 Eye0·200·16
191 Brain1·291·35
192 Other and unspecified parts of nervous system


193 Thyroid gland0·490·40
194 Other endorcrine glands and related structures


195 Other and ill-defined sites


196 Secondary and unspecified malignant neoplasm of lymph nodes0·300·28
197 Secondary malignant neoplasm of respiratory and digestive systems3·141·41
198 Secondary malignant neoplasm of other specified sites0·850·80
199 Without specification of site0·422·18
200 Lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma


201 Hodgkin's disease0·570·63
202 Other malignant neoplasm of lymphoid and histiocytic tissues1·571·50
203 Multiple myeloma and immunoproliferative neoplasms1·021·03
204 Lymphoid leukaemia0·870·89
205 Myeloid leukaemia1·110·91
206 Monocytic leukaemia


207 Other specified leukaemia


208 Leukaemia of unspecified cell type



1 Based on less than 20 registrations.