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Notifiable Military Activities

Volume 124: debated on Tuesday 8 December 1987

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To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will publish in full in the Official Report the United Kingdom's calendar of notifiable military activities for 1988, as required under the 1986 Stockholm agreement on confidence-building measures.

The United Kingdom's calendar is set out below. The format follows that laid down in the Stockholm document. In accordance with the Stockholm provisions a copy of this calendar was passed through diplomatic channels to all CSCE states before 15 November. We shall, as required, individually notify the exercises at least 42 days before they commence. We shall also follow the procedure in paragraph 32 of the document for exercises undertaken without advance notice to the troops involved.UNITED KINGDOM ANNUAL CALENDAR OF MILITARY ACTIVITIES SUBJECT TO PRIOR NOTIFICATION

No. 1: Exercise Iron Hammer

  • 56.1 (Type of military activity and its designation) Field Training exercise, exercise name: IRON HAMMER.
  • 56.2 (General characteristics and purpose of the military activity) To exercise armoured divisions and support forces.
  • 56.3 (States involved in the military activity) United Kingdom, Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium.
  • 56.4 (Area of the military activity, indicated by appropriate geographical features and/or defined by geographic coordinates) Germany in area bounded by:

Bad Pyrmont51.59N,09.15E

  • 56.5 (Planned duration of the military activity and the 14-day period, indicated by dates, within which it is envisaged to start) 21 days: start date between 28 October and 10 November 1988.
  • 56.6 (The envisaged total number of troops engaged in the military activity) United Kingdom element 25,000.
  • 56.7 (The types of armed forces involved in the military activity) Armoured division.
  • 56.8 (The envisaged level of command, under which the military activity will take place) Divisional.
  • 56.9 (The number and types of divisions whose participation in the military activity is envisaged) 1 armoured division (UK).
  • 56.10 (Any additional information concerning inter alia, components of armed forces, which the participating State planning the military activity considers relevant) Also participating are one independent brigade (FRG) and one independent regiment (Belgium).

Note: This exercise involves 25,000 troops but interoperation with 1 GE (German) corps is expected.

No. 2 Exercise Teamwork

  • 56.1 Amphibious landing. Exercise Name: TEAMWORK
  • 56.2 To demonstrate and improve readiness and effectiveness of NATO forces in amphibious operations.
  • 56.3 United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway
  • 56.4 Northern Norway in area bounded by:


  • 56.5 1–2 days start between 9 and 23 September 1988
  • 56.6 UK element 2,800
  • 56.7 Amphibious forces
  • 56.8 Brigade (in conjunction with Norwegian regional command)
  • 56.9 Not applicable (one UK brigade)
  • 56.10
  • (A) Involves landing craft and support helicopters.
  • (B) This exercise runs concurrently with Norwegian National exercise BARFROST.
  • (C) 700 Netherland troops will operate as an integral element of the UK amphibious brigade (this number is not included in paragraph 56.6 above).
  • (D) This voluntary entry is provided for information without precedent for future United Kingdom calendars.

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1 October 1988


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