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Council Houses

Volume 124: debated on Friday 18 December 1987

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To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what was the total number of local authority dwellings (a) which were vacant and available for letting, (b) which come into management through new buildings, (c) which come into management through acquisition or following modernisation or conversion and (d) which became available for letting for other reasons (i) in Greater London, (ii) in metropolitan areas outside London, (iii) in non-metropolitan areas in the south-east, (iv) in English non-metropolitan areas and (v) in English local authority areas, for each year from 1 April 1981.

(a) Dwellings vacant and available for letting at the beginning of the year2
Greater London9·08·37·46·75·75·4
Other metropolitan13·216·413·612·210·811·5
Non·metropolitan in the South East34·24·84·84·35·04·6
Non·metropolitan (all)12·814·415·214·514·612·9
(b) Newly built dwellings coming into management during the year
Greater London12·15·84·53·12·91·7
Other metropolitan9·14·44·95·24·12·5
Non·metropolitan in the South East37·05·66·97·46·06·1
Non·metropolitan (all)18·416·518·318·014·513·6
(c) Dwellings coming into management during the year following acquisition, modernisation or conversion
Greater London4·33·53·33·53·53·2
Other metropolitan4·43·55·25·14·65·2
Non·metropolitan in the South East31·01·51·31·51·81·6
Non-metropolitan (all)4·04·55·36·56·16·8
(d) Other dwellings becoming available during the year (including dwellings vacated by existing tenants)
Greater London70·164·265·162·060·657·1
Other metropolitan132·6145·0140·8146·0156·0156·3
Non-metropolitan in the South East354·962·259·660·663·168·6
Non-metropolitan (all)181·9211·1200·4204·4209·1206·9
1 Includes information reported by the Greater London Council.
2 As reported in the relets section of the HIP returns.
3 The standard region comprising the non-metropolitan districts in the Department of the Environment administrative Eastern (excluding East Anglia) and South Eastern regions.

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what is Her Majesty's Government's policy towards the building of new local authority dwellings for rent.

There should no longer be a presumption that local authorities themselves should take direct action to meet new or increasing demands for housing. The future role of local authorities will essentially be a strategic one identifying housing needs and demands, encouraging innovative methods of provision by other bodies to meet such needs, maximising the use of private finance, and encouraging interest in the revival of the independent rented sector.