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Dental Health Research

Volume 205: debated on Friday 6 March 1992

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To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will publish in tabular form details of all dental health research projects receiving funding from his Department; and if he will specify the nature and duration of each project, the name of the principal researcher and the institution at which the work is being carried out.

[holding answer 2 March 1992]: The main agency through which the Government support medical research in this country is the Medical Research Council (MRC). The MRC receives grant-in-aid from this Department, but is an independent body and decides how its money should be spent in the light of its judgment of

Research institutionPrincipal researcherTitle of grantDuration of grant
University of BristolProfessor C. D. StephensDevelopment of an expert system for the planning of simple orthodontic treatment1 July 1988 to 30 June 1992
University of LeicesterDr. I. S. RobertsMolecular analysis of the effect of b. gingivalis secreted protease on pmnl. function and fibroblast proliferation1 November 1988 to 31 January 1992
London Hospital Medical CollegeDr. H. N. ShanNitrogen metabolism of oral spirochaetes involved in periodontal disease1 May 1990 to 30 April 1992
University of LeicesterDr. I. S. RobertsMolecular approaches to the study of b. gingivalis capsule in attachment and resistance to host defence mechanisms1 October 1989 to 30 September 1992.
University of Newcastle upon TyneProfessor J. J. MurrayClinical and laboratory durability studies of glass polyalkenoate cement and composite resin in paediatric dentistry1 October 1990 to 30 September 1993
University of BristolDr. D. F. G. PooleFormation of carious lesions in dental tissues and caries prevention by fluoride1 October 1990 to 30 September 1993
University of BristolDr. R. P. ShellisSaliva/plaque/tooth equilibria and the reduction of dental caries26 November 1990 to 25 November 1993
Queen Mary and Westfield College, LondonProfessor K. BrocklehurstCharacterisation and physiological function of proteinases produced by the key periodontal pathogensJuly 1991 to June 1993
University of LeedsDr. C. RobinsonControl of biological apatite crystal growth in a rodent incisor model, implications for enamel hypoplasia1 February 1991 to 31 January 1994
University of SheffieldMr. I. M. BrookUltrastructural and xray microanalytic study of the interface between bone and ceramic or glass ionomer implantsFebruary 1992 to January 1993
Utd. Medical/Dental School Guy's and St. Thomas's, LondonDr. A. M. Edwina KiddAssessment of caries activity related to microbiology at the enamel-dentine junction during cavity preparationAugust 1991 to July 1992
Strangeways Research Laboratory, CambridgeDr. J. J. ReynoldsCellular control mechanisms in the regulation of connective tissue degradation1 April 1982 to 31 March 1993
University of ManchesterDr. S. L. SchorFibroblast heterogeneity and the control of epithelial-mesenchymal interactions in the oral mucosa1 February 1989 to 31 January 1992
University of Newcastle upon TyneDr. R. B. RussellDextranases and dextranase inhibitors of mutans streptococci26 November 1990 to 25 November 1993
University of ManchesterDr. P. T. SharpeHox 7.1 Gene expression and tooth developmentAugust 1991 to July 1994
University of DundeeMr. G. R. OgdenIdentification of cytokeratin in oral disease, using exfoliative cytologyJuly 1991 to June 1992

priorities, opportunities and quality of research applications. MRC is supporting the following dental research projects:

Research institution

Principal researcher

Title of grant

Duration of grant

Institute of Dental Surgery, LondonDr. Patrizia FerrettiA molecular approach to the study of jaw regeneration in urodelesOctober 1991 to September 1993
Royal College of Surgeons of England, LondonDr. C. T. TeoEpstein-barr virus genomic activity in the oral cavity of normal and HIV infected individuals1 April 1991 to 31 March 1994
University of LiverpoolProfessor O. H. PetersenMRC secretory control group1 October 1988 to 30 September 1993
University of ManchesterProfessor R. M. CaseBicarbonate transport and the anionic basis of salivary secretion1 July 1989 to 8 November 1992

The MRC also supports dental research on a longer term basis at its dental research unit directed by Professor N. W. Johnson at the London Hospital medical college, and through a group of dental researchers on its external scientific staff at the University of Bristol. Their research has been focused as follows:

MRC dental research unit

IGG antibodies to bacteroides gingivalis, b. intermedius, fusobacterium nucleatum and wolinella recta in patients with severe destructive periodontitis.
Detection of IGG antibodies in human sera to outer membrane components of bacteriodes species with reference to protease activity.
Perification and characterisation of bacteroides proteins identified as possible markers of periodontal disease susceptibility or activity.
Interaction of polymorphonuclear leucocytes and specific IGG opsonins to b. gingivalis in patients with severe destructive periodontitis.
Identification of markers of disease activity in gingival crevicular fluid.
Responsiveness of human gingival epithelial cells to inflammatory stimuli.
Statistical methods for data from periodontal research.
A longitudinal cohort study of the natural progression of periodontal breakdown in adults.

MRC dental group (Principal Researcher Dr. D. F. G. Poole)

Fluoride in the oral environment for controlling the initiation and progress of carious lesions.
Physiochemical and biochemical equilibria in the salivaplaque-tooth system.

Research, including dental health research, is also conducted in universities using grants from the Universities Funding Council which is funded by the DES.

Details of specific projects are not held centrally.