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Eu Constitution

Volume 409: debated on Friday 18 July 2003

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To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what assessment she has made of the effects of the proposed European Constitution upon the UK's environmental policy; and if she will make a statement. [126763]

The Convention's proposals would have no direct effect on the UK's environment policy, and would leave environmental policy at EU level largely unchanged. Environmental matters handled at EU level would generally continue to be subject to co-decision with the European Parliament and to Qualified Majority Voting within the Council of Ministers. The draft of the new treaty prepared by the Convention on Future of Europe for discussion at the Inter Governmental Conference this Autumn retains the key provisions of the current treaties that refer to the environment and to the need for environmental protection requirements to be taken into account in other Community policies with a view to promoting sustainable development.The UK is also opposed to the proposal to establish a Single Legislative Council. This would weaken the direct involvement of the Environment Ministers in policy formation as well as in negotiating environmental legislation.

Directive numberDirective namePolicy areaDate agreedActual UK
1991/338/EECAmending for the 10th time Directive 76/769/EEC on then approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparationsEnv18 June 199128 April 2003
1996/061/ECIntegrated Pollution Prevention and ControlEnv24 September 19966 March 2003
1996/062/ECAmbient air quality assessment and managementEnv27 September 199619 July 2002
1997/049/ECConversation of wild birdsEnv28 July 199720 December 2001
1997/078/ECLaying down the principles governing the organisation of veterinary checks on products entering the Community from third countriesAgri18 September 19976 December 2002
1997/079/ECOrganisation of veterinary checks on products entering the Community from third countriesAgri18 December 19976 December 2002
1998/058/ECProtection of farmed animalsAgri6 April 199827 November 2001
1998/083/ECDrinking Water DirectiveEnv3 November 199820 December 2002
1998/095/ECGenetically modified plant varietiesAgri14 December 199825 February 2002
1998/096/ECUnofficial field inspectionsAgri14 December 199825 February 2002
1999/008/ECMarketing of cereal seedAgri18 February 199915 November 2001
1999/022/ECKeeping of wild animals in zoosEnv29 March 199922 April 2003
1999/030/ECLimit Values for sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen and lead in ambient airEnv22 April 19991 August 2002
1999/032/ECSulphur content of certain liquid fuelsEnv26 April 19991 March 2002
1999/051/ECRestrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations (tin, PCP and cadmium)Env26 May 199910 April 2003
1999/054/ECMarketing of cereal seedEnv26 May 19991 November 2001
1999/071/ECFixing of maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri14 July 199925 February 2002
1999/072/ECProtection against zoonosesAgri29 July 199911 June 2001
1999/074/ECProtection of laying hensAgri19 July 19993 September 2002
2000/015/ECAmending Council Directive 64/432/EC on health problems affecting intra-Community trade in bovine animals and swineAgri8 May 20006 September 2002
2000/020/ECAnimal health products affecting intra-Community trade in bovine animalsAgri16 May 200025 February 2002
2000/024/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri28 April 200028 February 2002
2000/027/ECControl of fish diseasesAgri2 May 200028 February 2002
2000/029/ECProtective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants products and against their spread within the communityAgri8 May 20006 September 2002
2000/037/ECVeterinary medicinal productsAgri5 June 200028 February 2002
2000/042/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri22 June 200028 February 2002
2000/048/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri5 July 200028 February 2002
2000/049/ECPlacing plant protection products on the marketAgri26 July 200017 August 2001
2000/050/ECPlacing plant protection products on the marketAgri26 July 200017 August 2001
2000/057/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri22 September 200028 February 2002
2000/058/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri22 September 200028 February 2002
2000/080/ECPlacing plant protection products on the marketAgri4 December 200025 February 2002
2000/081/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri18 December 200025 February 2002
2000/082/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri20 December 200025 February 2002
2001/010/ECScrapieAgri22 May 200117 August 2001
2001/018/ECDeliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organismsEnv12 March 200114 March 2003
2001/021/ECPlacing plant protection products on the marketAgri5 March 200125 February 2002
2001/028/ECPlacing plant protection products on the marketAgri20 April 200125 February 2002
2001/032/ECRecognising protected zones exposed to a particular plant health risks in the Community and repealing DirectiveAgri8 May 200128 February 2002
2001/033/ECOrganisms harmful to plantsAgri8 February 200128 February 2002
2001/035/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri11 May 200125 February 2002
2001/036/ECPlacing plant protection products on the marketAgri16 May 200125 February 2002
2001/039/ECFixing maximum levels of pesticide residuesAgri23 May 200125 February 2002