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Education Expenditure, Bristol

Volume 448: debated on Wednesday 28 June 2006

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what the average expenditure was per pupil in Bristol in the (a) 1996-97 and (b) 2005-06 financial year. (80589)

The following table gives a breakdown of the available data for City of Bristol (a) 1996-97. However, the information requested at (b) 2005-06 financial is not yet available. The Department is due to collect the section 52 outturn data relating to the 2005-06 financial year from August 2006.

City of Bristol combined local authority and school based expenditure1 per pupil2 per pupil

£ per pupil

1996-973, 4




1 The combined LA and school based expenditure includes all expenditure on the education of children in LA maintained establishments and pupils educated by the LA other than in maintained establishments. This includes both school based expenditure and all elements of central LA expenditure except youth and community and capital expenditure from revenue (CERA).

2 1999-2000 saw a change in data source when the data collection moved from the RO1 form collected by the ODPM to the Section 52 form from the DfES. 2002-03 saw a further break in the time series following the introduction of Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) and the associated restructuring of the Section 52 outturn tables.

3 Pupil figures include all pre-primary pupils, including those under fives funded by the LA and being educated in private settings, pupils educated in maintained mainstream schools and other LA maintained pupils. The pupil data for pupils attending maintained nursery, primary, secondary and special schools are taken from the DfES Annual Schools Census. Private voluntary and independent (PVI) under five pupil numbers are taken from the Early Years census but are only included from 1999-2000 onwards. Also included are other LA maintained pupils which includes all pupils attending schools not maintained by the authority for whom the authority is paying full tuition fees, or educated otherwise than in schools and pupil referral units under arrangements made by the authority drawn from the Form 8b submitted to the DfES. Also included as other LA maintained pupils are all pupils attending pupil referral units who are not registered at a maintained mainstream school drawn from the DfES Annual Schools Census. All pupil numbers are adjusted to be on a financial year basis.

4 Figures prior to 1999-2000 exclude any expenditure on service, strategy and regulation. For Bristol LA this would add roughly £9 to the 1996-97 unit cost.


Figures are rounded to the nearest £10. Cash terms figures as reported by City of Bristol local authority as at 23 June 2006.

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills how much funding has been allocated to special needs education provision in the Bristol local education authority area in each year since 2000. (80590)

Budgeted net expenditure on the provision of education for children with special educational needs in Bristol local authority since 2000-01— Cash terms figures as reported Bristol local authority as at 26 June 2006£2000-0122,602,0002001-0228,522,0002002-0328,361,0002003-0430,917,0002004-0530,758,0002005-0632,844,0002006-0735,097,000 Notes:1. Includes planned expenditure on the provision for pupils with statements and the provision for non-statemented pupils with SEN, support for inclusion, inter authority recoupment, fees for pupils at independent special schools and abroad, educational psychology service, local authority functions in relation to child protection, therapies and other health related services, parent partnership, guidance and information, the monitoring of SEN provision and inclusion administration, assessment and co-ordination. Also included is the funding delegated to nursery, primary and secondary schools identified as "notional SEN" and the individual schools budget (ISB) for special schools. Does not include any contribution to combined budgets or fees for pupils at independent schools for pupils without SEN.2. The ISB for special schools will include some general education costs for pupils with SEN in addition to those costs specifically for SEN while the figures recorded against "notional SEN" are only indicative of the amount that might by spent by schools on SEN. From 2004-05 onwards "notional SEN" delegated to nursery schools was reported on Section 52 for the first time and accounts for £0.5 million, £0.6 million and £0.6 million of the 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-07 totals respectively. In 2005-06 and 2006-07, Bristol LA also budgeted £3.7 million and £5.3 million for SEN transport expenditure but this is not included in the above table as figures are not available prior to 2005-06.3. Figures are rounded to the nearest £1,000.4. 2006-07 data is provisional and is therefore subject to change by the local authority.Source:The data are drawn from Bristol local authority's Section 52 Budget Statements (tables 1 and 2) submitted to the DfES.