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NHS Expenditure

Volume 451: debated on Wednesday 1 November 2006

To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much was spent on the NHS in each of the last 30 years in real terms. (93889)

The following table shows total expenditure on the national health service from 1975-76 to 2005-06 in real terms.

NHS total expenditure, England, 1975-76 to 2005-06£ billionNet NHS expenditure1Net NHS expenditure real terms2Cash31975-76Outturn4.41324.2061976-77Outturn5.03224.320 1977-78Outturn5.55523.6231978-79Outturn6.27324.0211979-80Outturn7.44724.4041980-81Outturn9.70026.8911981-82Outturn10.85427.4681982-83Outturn11.81927.9341983-84Outturn12.49428.2181984-85Outturn13.40728.7691985-86Outturn14.17628.8431986-87Outturn15.17329.9031987-88Outturn16.66831.1041988-89Outturn18.42032.1331989-90Outturn19.85532.3241990-91Outturn22.32633.7021991-92Outturn25.35336.0671992-93Outturn27.96838.5451993-94Outturn28.94238.8731994-95Outturn30.59040.4751995-96Outturn31.98541.0731996-97Outturn32.99740.9921997-98Outturn34.66441.8461998-99Outturn36.60843.0981999-2000Outturn39.88146.020Resource budgeting (RB) stage 141999-2000Outturn40.20146.3892000-01Outturn43.93249.9912001-02Outturn49.02154.4892002-03Outturn54.04258.267RB stage 25, 6, 72003-04Outturn64.18367.2032004-058Outturn69.30670.6212005-06Estimated outturn77.84777.847 1 Figures are not consistent over the period (1975-76 to 2005-06), therefore it is not appropriate to make comparisons across different periods. 2 Gross domestic product deflator as at 27 September 2006. 3 Expenditure pre 1999-2000 is on a cash basis. 4 Expenditure figures from 1999-2000 to 2002-03 are on a stage 1 resource budgeting basis. 5 Expenditure figures from 2003-04 to 2005-06 are on a stage 2 resource budgeting basis. 6 The resource budgeting stage 2 expenditure figures shown for 2004-05 to 2005-06 are consistent with table 3.4 of the 2006 Departmental Report. 7 Figures from 2003-04 include a technical adjustment for trust depreciation. 8 Includes a technical adjustment in 2004-05 for provisions of £1,497 million. Note: Total Expenditure includes capital and revenue expenditure.