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“Not to Exceed” Dates

Volume 451: debated on Tuesday 7 November 2006

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what the ‘not to exceed’ in-service date at main gate was for (a) White Fleet PFI, (b) Single Living Accommodation, (c) Digitisation of the Battlespace (Land)-Com BAT, Infra and Platform, (d) Otterburn Training Area, (e) Project Aquatrine-Water and Wastewater Services PFI, (f) Hayes Record Office, (g) SSN Berthing HMNB Clyde, (h) Defence Estates Regional Prime Contracting-Scotland, (i) Project NEPTUNE and (j) Defence Information Infrastructure (Army); and what the ‘not to exceed’ cost at main gate was for the demonstration and manufacture phase of each project, broken into (i) indirect resource Departmental Expenditure Limit (DEL), (ii) direct resource DEL and (iii) capital DEL. (93048)

The term ‘not to exceed’ was not used during the approvals process for the majority of the projects as they predated the use of this concept. The values and dates used in the following table are those approved at Main Gate.

Similarly, not all of the projects broke the cost down into Indirect Resource DEL, Direct Resource DEL and Capital DEL. The table therefore reflects the values approved in the relevant Main Gate, many of which are for service based contracts, not a demonstration and manufacture phase.

Project nameApproved in service dateApproved cost (£ million)

Indirect RDEL

Direct RDEL

Capital DEL

White Fleet PFI

Implementation of Service: April 2001

Maximum initial contract cost - 540.9

Single Living Accommodation

November 2004


Digitisation of the Battlespace (Land-Corn BAT, Infra and Platform)

December 2004


Otterburn Training Area

November 2005



Project Aquatrine,Water and Wastewater services PFI

August 2004 (A)


June 2005 (B)


April 2005 (C)

1001. 8

Hayes Record Office

July 2005


SSN Berthing HMNB Clyde

November 2007



Defence Estates Regional Prime Contracting, Scotland

March 2004




Approved as an element of Defence Estates Regional Prime Contracting-Scotland

Defence Information Infrastructure (Army)

March 2005