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Agriculture and Fisheries Council

Volume 463: debated on Tuesday 17 July 2007

I will be representing the United Kingdom at this month’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels.

This being the first Council of the Portuguese presidency, the first item on the agenda will be the presentation of the presidency work programme by the new chairman of the Council. This presentation will lay out the agriculture and fisheries objectives of the Portuguese presidency.

The Council will vote on a proposed Council decision whether to authorise the marketing of a potato product (Solanum tuberosum L. line EH92-527-1) genetically modified for enhanced content of the amylopectin component of starch.

The Agriculture Commissioner will present a proposal for a fundamental reform of the EU wine regime to improve the sustainability of the sector. Following the presentation, the Council will hold its first exchange of views on the proposal.

The Council will hold a policy debate on a proposal establishing a temporary scheme for the restructuring of the sugar industry in the Community to provide a sustainable future for the EU sugar sector.

The Council will hold a policy debate on a proposal on the financing of the common agricultural policy.

The Council is expected to adopt conclusions on a Commission proposal banning the use of methomyl in plant protection products.

A number of issues, as follows, will be raised under any other business:

The Agriculture Commissioner will give an update on the WTO agricultural negotiations.

The Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner will update the Council on developments with regard to avian influenza H5N1.

Sweden will request that the Commission draws attention to a report of the Council of the Baltic sea states on the need to reduce nutrient leakage into the Baltic sea.

The Netherlands will call upon the Commission to introduce legal measures against illegal logging and related trade in relation to the EU action plan for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT).