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Departments: Legislation

Volume 464: debated on Monday 8 October 2007

To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government pursuant to the answer of 24 July 2007, Official Report, column 957W, on Departments: Legislation, which (a) sections and (b) schedules of the specified acts have (i) been repealed and (ii) not been brought into force. (154205)

Pursuant to the answer given on 24 July, Official Report, column 957W, provisions in acts sponsored by Communities and Local Government not yet in force or repealed are set out in the following table.

Statute in force

Provisions not yet in force

Repealed provisions

Local Government(Contracts) Act 1997


s.1(3)(c), s.10, s.12

Local Government Finance(Supplementary Credit Approvals) Act 1997


Act wholly repealed

Regional Development Agencies Act 1998


Sch. 5

Local Government Act 1999


s.8(1), s.22(2), s.22(7), s.24(3), s.31

Greater London Authority Act 1999

s.63, s.123, s.199, s.302, s.405, s.406, s.408, s.411, s.413 (in force only in so far as the section concerns any power of a minister to make regulations or an order); s.287(2); s.325 (in force only to the extent that it relates to para. 106 of Sch.1 and paras.69, 84(1), (3) and 105 of Sch.27); s.423 (in force only to the extent that it relates to Sch.34); Sch.27 (only para. 106 in force); Sch.32

s.21(3) and (4), s.52(7), s.66, s.86(3), s.108(2), s.111-118, s.136(1), s.175(4), s.201, s.203, s.204, s.219, s.235(2)(h), s.235(3)(d) and (e), s.235(6), s.242(9), s.252(1), s.283(2) and (4), s.284, s.286, s.310(2), s.326, s.330, s.337(10), s.352(3)(b), s.353(3), s.361, s.378(11)(e), s.391, s.425(3)

Local Government Act 2000


s.7(2)(a), s.62(7)(b) (partially), s.68(4) and (5) (partially), s.83(1) (partially), s.94, s.95, s.102(1), s.104, Sch.5 paras. 14, 16, 17, 21 and 29

Rating (Former Agricultural Premises and Rural Shops) Act 2001



Homelessness Act 2002

s.11 (applies only to Wales)


Fire Services Act 2003


s.3(2)(b), s.3(3), s.3(4)(e)

Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Act 2003


Sch.1 para.1

Local Government Act 2003

s.3(1)-(4), (8), (9), (11) in England, s.68, s.69

s.23(1)(i), s.33(1)(h), s.100(2)(f), s.101(7)(b), s.109(2), s.119, s.121, Sch.7 paras. 1,5(3) and (5), 52(4), 66 and 67

Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004


s.27, s.44(3) and (4), Sch.1 para. 55

Housing Act 2004

s.104-122, s.124-131, 132(1)-(5), s.133 (all of which are not in force in England). Sch.11 paras. 15 and 16, Sch.15 para. 7(3)(b) and (4)(b), Sch.15 para. 37(2)(c) and (d), Sch.15 para.45(2)(a). Sch.16 brought into force only in relation to England (by SIs 2005/326, 2066/1060 and 2007/1068) and Wales (SIs 2005/1814 and 2006/1535)

s.209-211, s.288(2)-(4), Sch.14, Sch.15 paras. 1, 7, 37, 45 and 46

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

s.43 in part (some provisions commenced by SI 2005/2081 );s.45. s. 46-48, s.50, and parts of Schedules 6, 7 and 9 (in force for certain purposes only, see SI 2004/2097).