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Volume 467: debated on Thursday 22 November 2007

Items on the agenda are as follows:

Preliminary Draft Amending Budget No. 7 for 2007— Finance Ministers will be invited to adopt Preliminary Draft Amending Budget 7. This would amend the 2007 budget to reflect latest implementation capacity.

Letter of Amendment No. 2 to the Preliminary Draft Budget for 2008—Finance Ministers will be invited to adopt amending letter 2 to the Preliminary Draft Budget for 2008. The letter reflects latest information on agricultural prices and other developments influencing future implementation capacity.

Draft Budget for 2008The Council will look to agree their second reading of the 2008 Draft Budget and finalise figures for compulsory expenditure (mainly agriculture), in preparation for the subsequent Conciliation with the European Parliament. The UK will seek a budget that respects the principles of budget discipline and sound financial management and reflects realistic forecasts for agriculture and structural funds spending.