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Food from Britain: Finance

Volume 469: debated on Monday 10 December 2007

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the budget allocated for Food for Britain has been in each year since its creation. (169935)

The following table shows the grants receivable by Food from Britain (FFB) from MAFF/DEFRA in each year since FFB was created in 1983. Information on FFB’s total income and expenditure in these years can be found in its annual report and accounts, copies of which have been laid before Parliament.

Financial yearCore grant in aidGrant in aid for capital expenditureOther MAFF/DEFRA grant1983-843,876,002145,477n/a1984-855,433,42289,452n/a1985-865,410,69650,036n/a1986-874,786,82553,214n/a1987-883,664,965139,412n/a1988-894,056,849129,555n/a1989-904,702,04281,759n/a1990-914,025,49788,719n/a1991-924,691,32930,403n/a1992-934,648,51988,092n/a1993-944,915,85027,875n/a1994-954,953,300143,699n/a1995-965,431,41081,020n/a1996-975,274,47828,616n/a1997-984,772,55058,3801300,0001998-994,927,00067,9171313,000 plus 2355,0001999-20004,968,00073,0841405,000 plus 218,0002000-015,392,00030,6631150,000 plus 210,0002001-025,368,00055,99932,500,0002002-035,368,00034,6023500,0002003-045,368,00045,95541,000,000 2004-055,368,00059,47241,000,000 2005-065,368,00051,64241,000,0002006-074,965,40048,69541,000,0002007-084,965,40060,00041,000,000 1 Sector Challenge funding2 Exceptional additional MAFF funding3 Foot and mouth recovery funding4 Additional funding to support implementation of DEFRA’s English Regional Food Strategy, initially agreed for the period 2003-04 to 2005-06 and subsequently extended for the years 2006-07 and 2007-08.Note:Figures exclude grants paid to Food from Britain by the Countryside Agency in the years 2001-02 to 2002-03 to fund specific activities carried out by Regional Food Groups. Source:1983-84 to 2006-07—Food from Britain Annual Report and Accounts