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Departmental Recycling

Volume 470: debated on Tuesday 15 January 2008

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what recycling schemes are in operation in each building operated by her Department. (176371)

The following table details the recycling schemes currently operated in DfT buildings.

Agency/office location

Recycling schemes


Driving Standards Agency (DSA)


Furniture, cardboard, paper, aluminium cans, printer and photocopier toners.

The agency is currently undertaking a review of waste disposal and is working to reduce waste and increase recycling in an environmentally responsible manner.

430 driving test centres

Varying occupancy agreements prevent us capturing this information so we are unable to supply accurate waste and recycling data at present although they are rolling out a process to capture this data for 2008-09.

Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA)


Paper, cardboard, cans, glass, silver flake, fluorescent tubes, toner cartridges, IT equipment, kitchen oil, furniture, metal, mobile phones, compact discs, clothes, batteries, wood and wooden pallets.

In the last financial year, 2006-07 the DVLA recycled some 67 per cent. of its waste, and the emphasis now is being placed on waste minimisation.

Local offices

Paper, cardboard, IT equipment, furniture, fluorescent tubes, toner cartridges, CD's, and mobile phones.

Government Car and Despatch Agency (GCDA)


Paper, toners, tyres, oil, batteries and confidential waste.

This conforms to Environmental Monitoring Systems ISO1 4001:2004 which is individually assessed by British Standard Institute.

Highways Agency

All offices

Paper, CD's, fluorescent tubes, hard hats, furniture and batteries.


Additionally, stamps, plastic milk bottle tops, mobile phones, toner cartridges, cards, laptops and cans.


Additionally, cardboard, plastic and cans.


Additionally, spectacles, mobile phones and toners.


Additionally, cardboard, cans, bottles and food (wormery).


Additionally, glass, mixed metal and plastic.


Additionally, toners, mobile phones and spectacles, glass and cans.


Additionally, cardboard, cans, toners and mobile phones.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

Headquarters, Southampton

MCA introduced a system of waste segregation at its HQ building in 2007 increasing levels of recycling from 25 per cent. to 40 per cent. based on the figures for 2005-06.

In line with the set targets the MCA is keen to increase recycling across its estate. However due to the small amounts of waste produced at the majority of sites making private commercial collections uneconomic the agency are currently limited to recycling at locations where the local authority offers this service.

Regional sites

The agency has in excess of 500 properties and are currently in the process of establishing how many of these currently take advantage of local recycling schemes; this information is expected to take several months to collate.

Vehicle Certification Agency (VGA)

Bristol and Leatherhead

Paper including confidential, cardboard, batteries, mobile phones, toner cartridges, cans and plastics.


As above plus scrap metal.

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

Headquarters, Bristol

Paper, cardboard, cans and plastic cups.

VOSA is now conducting a national waste audit to identify the streams and general quantities produced by each of its major sites. The results will enable VOSA to establish a centrally administered national waste management contract with the aim of recycling as much of the waste as possible.

Regional sites

Paper, card, printer cartridges, plastics and fluorescent tubes.

Core Department

London HQ

Paper, glass, cans, plastic bottles, toner, cardboard, spectacles, mobile phones, fluorescent tubes and IT equipment.

Air Accident Investigation Branch, Farnborough

Paper, cardboard, metals, glass, toner cartridges, waste fuels/oils and IT equipment.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch, Southampton

Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, glass, and toner cartridges.

Rail Accident Investigation Branch, Woking

Paper, cardboard, toner cartridges, batteries and CD/DVD.

Rail Accident Investigation Branch, Derby

Paper, cardboard, toner cartridges, cans, plastics, bottles, batteries and CD/DVD.