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Safety, Service Delivery and Logistics Group

Volume 474: debated on Thursday 3 April 2008

My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Transport has set a range of high-level targets for the 2008-09 year on behalf of the agencies within the Safety, Service Delivery and Logistics Group; the Driving Standards Agency, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, the Vehicle Certification Agency, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and the Government Car Despatch Agency. They are included in the Agencies’ Business Plans together with their associated measures. The plans also include a range of management targets, performance indicators and key tasks which are appropriate to the agencies’ businesses. Copies of the business plans will be placed in the Libraries of both Houses shortly.

The Key Targets for the Driving Standards Agency are:

Secretary of State Targets (target measures are italicised)

To achieve customer satisfaction with the overall service received at 90% for candidates and 73% for business customers.

To deliver 6,000 Arrive Alive presentations to include 10% or more targeted at special needs groups such as young offenders, older drivers and people with disabilities.

Initiate 5 pilot projects aimed at improving driver education and training and raising the driving standards of high risk groups such as young novice drivers.

Introduce new EU compliant CPC qualification for bus and coach drivers by 10 September 2008.

In order to deliver the new EU motorcycle test:

Develop a network of off-road manoeuvring areas for motorcyclists

By 29 September 2008 ensure that 51% or more of the population of Great Britain is within 45 minutes or 20 miles of such a facility

To reduce the level of impersonations we will progress to conclusion, by 31 March 2009, 750 investigations in relation to impersonation or identity fraud, and seek prosecutions where applicable.

Achieve online bookings of 65% for all existing services by 31 March 2009.

Deliver the first year of the Comprehensive Spending Review by achieving £6 million of efficiency savings. Maximise productivity by improved attendance management to reduce sick absence to an average of no more than 10 days per employee.

Secretary of State Targets (target measures are italicised)

The Key Targets for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency are:

Maintain or improve customer satisfaction by private motorists to 90% and commercial customers to 90%.

Maintain or improve on the standard of services to the customer.

To achieve at least 16 out of the 18 customer service measures.

Accuracy (traceability)—increase the accuracy of the vehicle and driver register by being able to trace registered keepers from the record in 95% of cases.

Launch 24/7 electronic access to vehicle and driver details for approved enquiries by Police Force or Court partners from September 2008.

Collect around £5 billion of VED and through enforcement action collect £30 million.

By restraining transaction unit costs and through other initiatives deliver financial savings of £19.5 million.

Increase customer take-up of electronic transaction channels by March 2009 to 42%.

Reduce average number of days absence for 2008-09 to 10.2.

Secretary of State Targets (target measures are italicised)

The Key Targets for the Vehicle Certification Agency are:

To provide a class-leading service in type approval and certification.

90% turnaround of system and component type approval certificates within 9 working days.

98% of appraisal reports on technical performance from independent panel members deemed to have no critical defects

Maintain or improve customer satisfaction.

Achieve an average of 85% of customer satisfaction ratings across all measures.

Delivery of services under the terms of the Recast Framework Directive

To have the systems and processes in place to deliver ECWVTA and National Small Series Type Approval under the Recast Framework Directive by March 2009.

To ensure the continued consistency and quality of VCA's type approvals.

Carry out a programme of Conformity of Production verifications in accordanc -with the provisions of Directive 70/156.

Development of a mechanism so that a risk-based approach to Conformity of Production verifications can be implemented in 2009/10

To carry out a programme of conformity of production inspections for dangerous goods packaging

To monitor compliance of safety critical vehicle systems and components in the UK marketplace to meet EU standards.

To deliver the agreed 08/09 DfT test and enforcement programme..

To carry out and enforce an annual programme of in-service emissions testing.

Complete agreed 08/09 DfT in-service emissions test programme

To achieve efficiency savings consistent with the CSR07 settlement, whilst investing in VCA infrastructure and skills.

Delivery of the first year of the CSR 07 Efficiency plan of a reduction in DEL cover over 2007-08 of£300k by:

Increase utilisation to 62% or above in line with VCA's 10/11 end state of 65%

Invest £150,000 in professional skills and capability development.

Achieving a surplus on full cost basis in excess of £50,000.

The Key Targets for the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency are:

Secretary of State Targets (target measures are italicised)

To maintain or improve overall customer satisfaction on 07-08 levels of 87%

Increase the range of electronic services available to citizens and businesses—4 new electronic services available by 31 March 09.

Book and pay for bulk annual tests online.

Receive updates on changes to legislation and standards.

Start application process for technical tests with forms available online.

Where requested, be reminded of private vehicle MOT test date by e-channels.

Improve the quality and availability of commercial vehicle tests

85% of tests at test station of choice within one working day of requested date, for tests booked at least 10 days in advance.

Improve road safety through better targeting of non-compliant operators, vehicles and drivers

Deliver a programme of increased enforcement activities at hotspots on the strategic road network, contributing to a 15% increase in the number of dangerous vehicles and drivers being taken off the road compared with 07/08.

Improve the quality and consistency of vehicle testing

4% reduction in vehicles with a wrong MOT test result compared to 07/08

10% improvement in consistency of commercial vehicle tests compared to 07/08 national average

Implement a revised headlamp aim test.

Reduce the administrative burden of commercial operation.

Deliver DfT plan for graduated fixed penalties and deposits

Implement simplified fees structure for licensing and annual roadworthiness testing in readiness for implementation in April 2009.

Deliver 1st year of the 3 year CSR07 plan.

Reduce the cost base, excluding depreciation, by £4 million.

Reduce the average number of days lost per employee through sickness absence to 9.5 days (and 7.5 days by 2010/11)

Increase the take-up of existing electronic services available to customers to 32%.

Secretary of State Targets (target measures are italicised)

The Key Targets for the Government Car and Despatch Agency are:

Maintain a Customer Satisfaction index (CSI) score of at least 87

To maintain accreditation for ISO 9001

The quality of service is measured by means of ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for quality Management Systems

To maintain accreditation for ISO 14001.

Measured by means of ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for environmental Management Systems.

By March 2009 to reduce average CO2 tailpipe emissions of our fleet by at least 5% compared with March 2008 levels

To break even on an accruals basis.

As a not-for-profit organisation GCDA aims to recover costs. In delivering this target we will seek to ensure that our administration is as effective as possible, delivering excellent value for money to our customers

To reduce sickness absence rates to 8 days per employee per annum

To commission an online payment system for customers