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NHS: Infectious Diseases

Volume 476: debated on Thursday 22 May 2008

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will place in the Library a list of the products submitted to the Rapid Review Panel for consideration for use in fighting infection in the NHS in the last year for which information is available. (206356)

The following table shows the products that have been submitted to the Rapid Review Panel for consideration for use in fighting infection in the national health service in the last year for which information is available (April 2007 to April 2008).

Company name

Product name


DuPont Relu+On Prion Inactivator

Giltech Ltd.

Silvatec Anti-Microbial Cleansing Bar

Remedy Research Ltd.

Ultramicrofibre (UMF) cloths/CuWB50



Ximax Ltd.


Redwood Valley Ltd.

Original Oxygen Cream

Remedy Research Ltd.

Hand Gel/CuAL42

Cepheid Europe

Xpert MRSA


Flexi-Seal Faecal Management System (FMS)

Remedy Research Ltd.


Total Integration Ltd.


Air and Environmental

Environmental Air Sanitizer

Bioquell (Resub)

Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour System

Greenbridge (Resub)

Active8 Hard Surface Cleaner

Greenbridge (Resub)

Active8 Floor Cleaner

Greenbridge (Resub)

Active8 Vapourisation Formulation

Greenbridge (Resub)

Active8 Sanitisation Wipes


MetaSteric system

Synergy Healthcare plc.


Systemsolv Ltd.


Talley Environmental Care Ltd.

TECare Disinfectant Cleaner

Addison Smith Ltd.

70 per cent. Bamboo—30 per cent. Cotton Woven Fabric

Cupron (resub)


Deb (Cutan Resub)

Cutan foam hand sanitiser

Perfect Essentials UK

Perfect Hand Protectant and Sanitiser

Hollister Ltd.

Zassi—bowl management system

Rochester Medical

Release-NF Anti-Infection Foley Catheter



Tri-Air Developments Ltd.

Tri-Air Developments Purifier


Clinell Alchoholic 2 per cent. Chlorhexidine

Hyso International Ltd.

Hyso Automatic Door Handle Deep Cleaning System

Toray Textiles

See it Safe antimicrobial fabrics

Deb (Cutan Resub)

Cutan foam hand sanitiser



Safeway Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Unit (HHU)

Ackw Lts T/A SAS


3M Healthcare (Biotrace)

Clean Trace

To ask the Secretary of State for Health what his Department’s procedure is for the introduction of new infection control technologies in the NHS following a recommendation from its Rapid Review Panel. (206357)

The Rapid Review Panel (RRP) was set up in 2004 to review new health care associated infection related technologies. The RRP provides a prompt assessment of new and novel equipment, materials, and other products or protocols that may be of value to the national health service in improving infection prevention and control. The RRP has already reviewed over 200 products, providing feedback and opinion in one of seven categories, with recommendation 1 being the highest category where the efficacy of a product has been proved scientifically and in use.

A wide range of new programmes is being implemented to support the RRP as a consequence of the Healthcare Associated Infection Technology Innovation Programme launched in the “Clean, safe care” strategy (January 2008). Technologies with a RRP recommendation 1 are being placed in showcase hospitals around the country for periods up to six months for the purpose of evaluating in-use features and providing feedback to the NHS in the form of ready made adoption business cases. Such technologies are also subject to an accelerated placement in the NHS Supply Chain catalogue.

Uptake will be reviewed through information provided by the NHS Supply Chain where this is appropriate. Plans are also being developed to provide support to technologies that have RRP Panel two and three recommendations.