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Environment Protection: Overseas Aid

Volume 480: debated on Monday 6 October 2008

To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what bodies will receive funding from the £24 million allocated to eliminate illegal logging; what proportion each will receive; and what steps will be taken to eliminate such logging. (224140)

The bulk of the £24 million—£19 million—is the UK's contribution to implementation of Voluntary Partnership Agreements under the EU's Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan. These agreements will support improved forest governance in timber producing countries and implement a licensing scheme to ensure that their timber trade with the EU is legal. £12 million is for West and Central African countries and £7 million for Asian countries. Funds will go to both Government agencies and civil society organisations in these countries with allocation in each varying according to their specific programmes. The remaining £5 million is for international supporting actions, including policy research and support to civil society (approximately £1.326 million allocated to date), involvement of the private sector (£901,000 allocated to date), work with major non-EU timber importing countries (£233,000 allocated to date), and general programme coordination (£558,000 allocated to date). Further information is available on the Department for International Development website at:

To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what programmes will be funded by the £5 million committed to harmonise and strengthen international efforts for the creation of a favourable business climate in major timber producing countries. (224141)

Grants to date for the private sector work have totalled approximately £901,000. These have included a grant to the UK Timber Trade Federation to work with its own members and with sister associations in the UK and other countries to adopt policies and practices that favour trade in legal and sustainable timber; support to WWF's Global Forest Trade Network to link businesses working to produce legal and sustainable timber in China and Ghana; and support for implementation of the UK's public timber procurement policy.

Grants and contracts for policy research, communications and advocacy work have totalled approximately £1.326 million to date. This has included meetings and research conducted by Chatham House; development of briefing notes to explain the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Action Plan; support for production of short films and booklets about the problem of illegal logging and solutions to it; support for a civil society network between countries negotiating voluntary partnership agreements with the EU; and contribution to the European Forestry Institute to support the European Commission in negotiating and implementing voluntary partnership agreements.

Grants for work with major timber importing countries have totalled £233,000 to date. This has included support to the GLOBE Dialogue on Illegal logging associated with Japan's G8 Summit and initiation of work with India. It has also included government-to-government dialogue with the United States, Japan, China and other EU member states.

Commitments to date on programme coordination has totalled approximately £558,000. This has included fees for a programme facilitator, and annual independent programme monitoring.