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Electronic Government

Volume 485: debated on Wednesday 10 December 2008

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what plans he has to introduce more financial transactional services on the website. (241574)

Under the Service Transformation Agreement, 95 per cent. of citizen facing services are to converge on to Directgov by 2011 and the remainder shortly thereafter. Directgov has a transactions strategy that describes different methods of integrating transactions and, depending on the transaction, the appropriate method will be applied.

A list of financial transactions due to converge on to Directgov and the planned date is as follows:

Money claim online: March 2009

Retirement Age calculator: September 2009

e-BOC (better off calculator): March 2010

About my benefits (My DWP): September 2009

Get a State Pension Forecast (pension estimator): September 2009

Pension credit calculator: September 2009

Tax Return—Self Assessment online: September 2009

Offshore voluntary disclosure: March 2010

SA payment online: March 2010

Company car and fuel benefit calculator: March 2010

National Insurance calculator: March 2010

National Insurance Calculator—Director: March 2010

PA YE tax calculator: March 2010

R85 checker: March 2010

Student tax checker: March 2010

Child Benefit Application: March 2010

Inheritance Tax calculator: March 2010

Taxable value of guaranteed annuity calculator: March 2010

Pay adjustments: March 2010

Lloyds calculator: March 2010

Warm front grant (Registration/application): March 2011

Child Benefit online service—HMRC website: March 2010

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions when he last reviewed the effectiveness of the CRM system for (241575)

The effectiveness of Directgov’s CRM system was reviewed during the first quarter of this year as part of a capability model review. A further review is planned to be carried out during Q2 2009 to ensure that the citizens’ needs continue to be met and the CRM remains robust enough to meet the demands of the Government’s website convergence programme.

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions whether he plans to integrate the service provided by into the service provided by (241576)

Starting in January 2009, we will be conducting a trial of a hyperlink between the Directgov website and MySociety’s The trial will run for up to three months, against a set of agreed evaluation criteria, and will allow us to gather evidence of the benefits and issues arising from associations between services of this nature and Government’s digital channels. This evidence will be used to inform future development decisions.

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how many unique user visits to the website there have been in each month of 2008. (241578)

Directgov’s core usage measure is visits rather than unique users. Monthly visits for 2008 are shown as follows.

Million visits

January 2008


February 2008


March 2008


April 2008


May 2008


June 2008


July 2008


August 2008


September 2008


October 2008


November 2008


Directgov has unique user statistics for part of our site but does not yet measure unique users for all our sub domains.

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will publish the strategic plan for the website. (241579)

Directgov has a working strategy document. We aim to place a summary of our strategy in the House in January. Our full strategy document is a living document and is currently under review; this will also be made available in January.

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions whether he plans to introduce a facility to allow users to rate the content of web pages on the website. (241582)

A pilot to examine how users could be allowed to rate content pages on the Directgov website is currently being developed to run from January 2009. If successful, the aim is to introduce the service during a scheduled release of the Directgov website during Q2 of FY 2009-10.