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Departmental Manpower

Volume 487: debated on Wednesday 28 January 2009

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with reference to page 7 of his Department's Autumn 2008 Performance Report, which 130 UK-based policy slots are in the process of being deleted; and what the 130 new positions created are. (246268)

In March 2008, FCO Ministers agreed to realign the Department's global network in order to deliver its new strategic framework. This has resulted in a shift of staff to strengthen our presence in countries critical to the achievement of our objectives and to reinforce our policy work in London, and a reduction in staffing in Europe.

By March 2009, we intend to have created around 170 new policy positions filled by UK-based staff, and we are in the process of deleting around 130 old positions. We will keep the staffing of our global network and UK operation under regular review to ensure that we remain best placed to handle our international priorities.

On current plans, these changes will include the following:

New policy positions

DSO 5 Counter Terrorism and Weapons Proliferation

Seven new D6 (First Secretary) positions in the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa and South Asia.

New C5 (First Secretary) position at UKMIS Vienna

Six new C4 (Second Secretary) positions in North Africa, South Asia, Indonesia, Sudan, Washington and at UKDIS Geneva.

New C4 (x7), B3 (x2) and A2 positions in the FCO, London, and four new C4 positions in a joint FCO/Home Office Unit.

DSO 6 Prevent and Resolve Conflict

New D7 position in Baghdad.

New D6 positions in Baghdad, Khartoum, Kinshasa, Rabat/Nouakchott, Kabul (x2), Lashkar Gah (x5), Islamabad, Washington and UKMIS New York.

New C5 position in Kabul.

New C4 positions in Ankara, Kuwait, Erbil, Damascus, Tripoli, Tbilisi, Astana, Dhaka, Kabul (x2), Lashkar Gah, Islamabad and Washington.

New B3 (Third Secretary) positions in Kabul (x2), Lashkar Gah and Beirut.

New A2 (attache) positions in Kabul (x3) and Lashkar Gah

New SMS, D7 (x4) D6 (x7), C5, C4 (xl4), B3 (x7), A2 (x4) and Al positions in the FCO, London.

DSO 7 Promote a Low Carbon, High Growth Global Economy

New Senior Management Structure (SMS) positions in Beijing and New Delhi.

New D7 position in Moscow.

New D6 positions in Brasilia (x2), Mexico, Ottawa, Washington, Singapore, Paris, Rome, Pretoria, New Delhi and Jakarta (x2).

New C5 positions in Beijing and Guangzhou.

New C4 positions in Washington, Brasilia, Mexico, Vancouver, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow (x2), New Delhi and Copenhagen.

New B3 position in Brasilia.

New SMS (x2), D7 (x2), D6 (x5), C4 (xlO), B3 (x6), A2 (x3) and Al positions in the FCO, London.

DSO 8 (Develop Effective International Institutions)

New SMS position in Warsaw.

New D6 positions in Brasilia, Stockholm, Addis Ababa and Moscow

New C4 position in Beijing.

New SMS position in the FCO, London.

Deleted positions


A2 positions in Athens, Belgrade, Berne, Bratislava, Brussels Embassy (x2), Bucharest (x2), Budapest, Dublin, Gibraltar (x2), Helsinki, Ljubljana, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Tirana, The Hague, Valletta (X2) and Vienna.

B3 positions in Berne, Athens (x2), Brussels, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Madrid, Oslo, Paris (x2), Riga, Rome (x2), Stockholm, Tallinn, the Hague, Warsaw, Zagreb.

C4 positions in Athens, Berlin (x2), Bratislava, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Kiev, Lisbon, Oslo, Prague, Sofia, The Hague, Warsaw.

C5 position in Berlin.

D6 positions in Berlin (x2), Bratislava, Budapest, Dublin, Ljubljana, Madrid, Paris (x4), Rome, Sarajevo, Vilnius.

D7 positions in Brussels and Bucharest.

SMS positions in Prague, Rome, The Hague and Warsaw.


SMS position in Canada.

D6 positions in the United States network (x2), Brasilia and Buenos Aires.

C5 positions in Antigua and the US network.

C4 positions in Brasilia, Mexico City, Guatemala and the US network.

B3 positions in Kingston and Canada.

A2 positions in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and the US network.

FCO, London

SMS, D6 (x2), C5, C4 (x4), B3 (x4), A2, Al positions in Sustainable Development and Business Group.

SMS, D7, C5, C4, B3, A2, Al positions in Science and Innovation Group.

B3 position in Climate Change and Energy Croup.

D6 (x4), C4, B3 (x2), Al positions in Drugs and International Crime Department.

D6 (x2), C4, A2 positions in Counter Terrorism Department.

B3 position in Counter Proliferation Department.