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Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Personal Records

Volume 487: debated on Wednesday 11 February 2009

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what data are (a) transferred to ANPR International and (b) sold by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency; and whether individuals may prevent the (i) transfer and (ii) sale of data relating to them. (255648)

ANPR International is part of the Excel Group. The following data are transferred to Excel Parking Services via an electronic link in response to individual inquiries for individual records where the criteria for disclosure is met.

Name and address of vehicle keeper




Engine capacity

Taxable weight

Seating capacity

Tax class

Date of expiry of last licence issued.

It should be noted that an electronic link is a means of requesting and receiving information: it is not direct access into the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) vehicle register. Contracts with private companies set out the exact conditions under which a company may apply for vehicle keeper data.

DVLA does not ‘sell’ personal information. Regulations allow DVLA to charge a fee for information released under ‘reasonable cause’ provisions, but do not allow a profit to be made. The fee, currently £2.50, is levied to cover the cost of dealing with requests. This means the applicant and not the taxpayer covers the associated administrative costs.

The law does allow DVLA to sell vehicle data that do not include any information that can identify a specific individual. The following non-personal information is sold to commercial companies under contract:

Anonymised data: These consist of vehicle identifying information e.g. make, mode, colour: They do not however contain the vehicle registration mark or the name and address of the vehicle keeper. These data are used for marketing and statistical purposes.

Bulk data: These are supplied to companies who provide a service to the public and dealerships when the purchase of a vehicle is being considered. Information contains the vehicle registration number and other specifics of the vehicle, but no personal details that would reveal the identity of the vehicle keeper. These data are used to provide vehicle checking services to members of the public/dealers looking to confirm the identity of a vehicle offered for sale.

Information is disclosed where the recipient has demonstrated reasonable cause for receiving those data, and where DVLA considers it both fair and reasonable to make that disclosure.

Individuals have a responsibility to follow road traffic and other rules or regulations when using their vehicle. If individuals were able to opt out of having their data disclosed, they would be able to avoid any sanction or responsibility for any damage or loss caused as a result of that use.