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Topical Debates

Volume 487: debated on Thursday 12 February 2009

The list includes all requests and whether they have been submitted on the floor of the House, by letter, e-mail or another method. Weeks where there were no such requests are not included.

Week commencing 6 October 2008

‘Failures of Airlines and effect on passengers’ (Business Questions)

‘Sri Lanka’ (Business Questions)

‘Energy Providers’ (Business Questions)

‘Utilities prices’ (Business Questions)

‘Government initiatives to help economic growth’ (Business Questions)

‘Increase in Rail Fares’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 13 October 2008

‘Government policy on Disability’ (Business Questions)

‘Sri Lanka’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 20 October 2008

‘Fireworks’ (Business Questions)

‘Southampton City NHS’ (Business Questions)

‘Work of the Royal British Legion’ (Business Questions)

‘Severn Barrage’ (Business Questions)

‘Identity Fraud’ (Business Questions)

‘Zimbabwe’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 27 October 2008

‘Democratic Republic of Congo’ (Business Questions)

‘Food Standards Agency Report on Food Labelling’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 10 November 2008

‘Role of the Post Office in the Banking System’ (Business Questions)

‘Economy’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 17 November 2008

‘Zimbabwe’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 8 December 2008

‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 15 December 2008

‘Child Protection and the Future of the Social Work Profession’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 29 December 2008

‘Gaza’ (Letter)

Week commencing 5 January 2009

‘Gaza’ (Letter)

‘Gaza’ (Letter)

‘Gaza’ (Letter)

Week commencing 19 January 2009

‘Mental Health’ (Business Questions)

Week commencing 26 January 2009

‘Domestic Violence’ (Email)

‘Gaza’ (Business Questions)

‘Sri Lanka’ (Business Questions)

‘Future of the Steel Industry’ (Letter)

During this period there have been the following Topical Debates:

‘Financial Stability’ on 9 October 2008

‘Energy Providers’ on 16 October 2008

‘Work and Skills’ on 23 October 2008

‘Businesses and the Regions’ on 30 October 2008

‘Political and Humanitarian situation in the DR Congo’ on 6 November 2008

‘Combating Obesity’ on 13 November 2008

‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ on 29 January 2009

‘Sri Lanka’ on 5 February 2009

In addition, the House debated Gaza on 15 January 2009.

Northern Ireland