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Employment: Hertfordshire

Volume 488: debated on Monday 23 February 2009

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how many job vacancies were notified to Jobcentre Plus in (a) Hemel Hempstead and (b) Hertfordshire in (i) 2006, (ii) 2007 and (iii) 2008. (255641)

The information is in the following table:

As at December each year

Hemel Hempstead












1. These are not whole economy figures. Coverage relates just to vacancies notified to Jobcentre Plus and as such represent a market share of vacancies throughout the whole economy. This proportion varies over time, according to the occupation of the vacancy and industry of the employer, and by local area.

2. Notified vacancies include any speculative placings recorded by Jobcentre Plus. Datasets from May 2006 may reflect substantially reduced levels of speculative placings as part of the notified series. Consequently, care should be taken in interpreting time-series data.

3. Data are unrounded.

4. Comprehensive estimates of all job vacancies (not just those notified to Jobcentre Plus) are available from the monthly ONS Vacancy Survey since April 2001, based on a sample of some 6,000 enterprises. However, the ONS survey is currently designed to provide national estimates only.

5. Interpretation of these data needs to take account of changes in recent years to Jobcentre Plus procedures for taking and handling vacancies. These figures are not fully comparable over time and may not indicate developments in the labour market. A more detailed explanation is available on the NOMIS website:


Jobcentre Plus Labour Market System.