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Volume 490: debated on Friday 27 March 2009


Friday 27 March 2009


Home Department

Police Stations (Essex)

The Petition of residents of Hadleigh, Thundersley and Benfleet,

Declares that we are concerned about the move of the Coroners Office from the old Hadleigh Police Station, are deeply worried that Councillors may be considering selling this building off for yet more development which our community cannot absorb, believes there is a need for a Police Station, with public access, in Hadleigh, and that the station is a community asset and residents should be consulted before any decisions are taken on its future and that Councillors should support this petition on behalf of residents.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Secretary of State for the Home Department to encourage Essex County Councillors and the Police Authority to return Hadleigh Police Station to police use,

And the Petitioners remain, etc.—[Presented by Bob Spink, Official Report,11 February 2009; Vol. 487, c. 20P .]


Observations from the Secretary of State for the Home Department:

The Government are aware of the public’s concern about access to police services in their communities. This is why before station closures or reduced services are contemplated, surveys and or public consultations are conducted by the police authority concerned, to determine the demand for access to police station front counters.

Many forces have now devised innovative ways of increasing their accessibility to members of the public by using other more modern methods of interaction, such as police shops in high streets, police kiosk and by use of mobile police stations—particularly in rural areas.

The management of the police estate and the allocation of resources are matters for the police authority and chief constable of the force concerned, who are responsible for assessing local needs.