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Economic and Voting Scales

Volume 492: debated on Wednesday 20 May 2009

I wish to present a petition in the name of my constituent, Mr. Martin Burke.

The petition states:

The Petition of Mr. Martin Burke,

Declares that Mr. Martin Burke of ‘Elizabeth Regina Love’ has written to several Members of the Commons and Lords individually and collectively in the past three years and now wishes to introduce himself and address the Commons as a whole;

Further declares that Mr. Burke worked on his own initiative since 2005 and made a contribution to the resolution of several national and international emergencies: 7/7; Northern Ireland; Iraq; Afghanistan; entrenching democracy in Pakistan; Darfur; the Burma cyclone; the North Korea nuclear crisis; the Royal Navy prisoners in Iran; the Lebanon War 2006; the development of the Palestinian state; relations with Russia, Zimbabwe, Gaza and Sri Lanka, and with others;

Further declares that prior to ‘Elizabeth Regina Love’ (est. 2004) Mr. Burke carried out fundamental work in the field of Economics and Mathematics, discovering and defining a new mathematical object in 1997, the General Economic Measurement Scale, simple illustrations of which were prepared for the Bank of England in 2005; notes that until this time the science of Economics did not have a defined measurement scale; further notes that an eminent academic confirmed no prior literature in 2006; further notes that the General Democratic Voting Scale was defined in 2007; further notes that these objects can be seen at and have been accepted by the British Library; further notes that the symbol for ‘Elizabeth Regina Love’ is by invitation of the Lord Chamberlain on behalf of the Queen; further notes that Mr. Burke works independently and on his own initiative and this is his petition; and further notes that these objects have not previously been reported in Hansard.

The Petitioner therefore requests that the House of Commons bears in mind the General Economic Measurement Scale and the General Democratic Voting Scale in its work on the current challenges facing the country and in its future law making, and uses them in its thinking, whatever the consequences to the petitioner of the small parts played by him in the above declared events; and the petitioner further requests that the House accepts these objects for inclusion in the House of Commons Library where Members can see them.

And the Petitioner remains, etc.