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Peacekeeping Operations

Volume 493: debated on Wednesday 3 June 2009

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs pursuant to the answer of 15 May 2009, Official Report, column 1071W, on peacekeeping operations, how many UK civilian secondees there have been to each conflict prevention and peacekeeping operation in each country in 2008-09; and what the role of each was. (277229)

The information is as follows:

FY 2008-09


Total police deployed


Total civilians deployed


Total overall deployed



Number of secondees deployed to mission throughout FY08-09

Roles undertaken by UK secondees

EUPol Afghanistan

12 police

Deputy Head of Mission

CID Adviser

Mentor State Office of Criminal Investigation

Mentor at Central Level

Training Adviser

Mentor Criminal Investigation Department MoI

Head of Kabul City Police Project Team

Head of Mentors

Operations Support Officer

Mentor Deputy Minister of Interior

1 civilian

Mentor of Attorney General's Office

Combined Strategy Transition Command - Afghanistan

3 police (2 for 1 role)

Senior Adviser on Afghan Police Development to the Commanding General

National Police Development Manager

EUPM Bosnia

14 police + 1 civilian

Chief Adviser to SIPA

Human Resource Management Adviser

Crime Adviser, Regional Office

SIPA Adviser

Chief Adviser to Regional Office

Anti-Organised Crime Adviser

Crime Adviser to SIPA

Anti-Organised Crime Unit Co-ordinator

SIPA Adviser, HQ

Border Police Adviser

Adviser to Regional Office

Adviser to Field Office

Operational Adviser SIPA

Senior Immigration Adviser

Chief of the Anti-Organised Crime Department

EUPol COPPS Palestine

4 police (2 for 1 role)

Projects Officer

Mission Security Officer

Staff & Liaison Officer

CPCC Brussels

2 police

CPCC Police Export

DGE IX - External Relations

1 civilian

Logistics Expert

CivPol Iraq

25 police

UK Chief Police Adviser - Iraq

Team Support Manager

SPA Tactical

MND(SE) Liaison - ISF Branch

Internal Affairs

Leadership Department

Higher Institute Development

CPATT-Dep.Dir.Trg. Standards

MOI / CPATT Strategic Policing Adviser

Rol - Investigator

Training Adviser

MOI / HWG Strategic Policing Adviser

Strategic Planning Adviser


4 civilians

Chief of Staff

Course Co-ordinator Penitentiary

Police Course Co-ordinator

Mission Security Officer

EULEX Kosovo

83 police

Intelligence Unit Officer

Intelligence Unit Officer

Intelligence Unit Officer

Chief Adviser to KPS admin

Shift Leader Monitor

D/Director Special Ops

Chief SPU Ops Planning

Oversight Investigations

Witness Protection

Commander CPU

Station Commander Liaison Officer(SCLO)


Director of Crime

Regional Ops

Shift Leader Monitor

FIC Analyst

Adviser to Head of KPS Mandatory Training

Chief of CTU

Intelligence unit officer

Border, Gate 31

Head of CIU

Ops Planning

Intelligence unit officer

Gate 31 Monitor

Staff Officer to Police Commissioner

Team Leader Organised Crime (IPU)


Exec Officer, Operations

Head of Intelligence IPU

Enhancement Force

Gate Cdr Gate 31

Counter Terrorist Unit

Deputy Reg Cdr/Investigations Monitor.

TUM Mitro Regional Traffic Unit

War Crimes Investigator

Deputy head of CIU

Gate 31 Monitor

Adviser to support and service selection/ Dir org crime

War Crimes Investigator

Analyst CIU

Intelligence Analyst

Adviser to KPS OPS- Station

Adviser to interethnic crime investigations

Chief police station Adviser

Surveillance investigations officer

Shift Leader gates 1/31

Station Police officer

Adviser to KPS ROSU

Adviser to the KPS Regional Admin and support

Chief Adviser to KPS admin

Adviser to the KPS chief of staff

Adviser to KPS OPS- station

Co-ordination officer( Investigation/intelligence/general policing)

Adviser to Operational planning unit

Adviser to investigations-Border police

Adviser to KPS regional chief of admin and support

Adviser to police investigations-mobile patrol-station

Adviser to KPS ops dept station

Adviser to inter-ethnic crime investigations

Adviser to Ops dept station

Public order officer

Station Police officer

Surveillance investigations officer

Adviser to KPS Ops

Investigator of the FIU

Adviser to KPS K9 unit

Intelligence officer, SLU, OIC

Border monitor gate 1 and 31

Station Police officer

Community policing Adviser

Adviser to KPS OPS dept Stn

OCI analyst

Investigator to FIU

WSU safe place Dep team leader

Adviser to regional crime squad

Station Police officer

Adviser to immigration unit Pristina airport

Station Police officer

Station Police officer

OIC desk officer/ office manager

Adviser to KPS Ops station

Station Police officer

WSU safe place security officer

18 civilians

Deputy Chief Programme Manager

Senior Security Information Analyst

Deputy Head of EULEX Mission

Anti-Corruption Expert

Chief Reporting Officer

Policy Officer

Legal Adviser

Public Outreach Officer

Legal Officer - District Court

Police Liaison Officer (based in Brussels)

Court Recorder

Court Recorder

Criminal Judge, District Court Level

Programme Manager

Customs Law Enforcement Adviser

Court Recorder

Secretary to the Head of Mission



3 civilians

Head of the Press and Public Information Unit/Director of Communications

Field Presence Co-ordinator

Head of the ICO Presence in Mitrovica


1 civilian

Political Adviser

EUSR KOSOVO - based in Brussels

1 civilian

EU Co-ordinator/Political Adviser to the European Union Special Representative


3 police

Training co-ordinator

Policing Adviser

Training Adviser


1 civilian

UN Military Observer

EUMM Georgia

10 police











12 civilians

Chief of Security

Chief Press and Media

Deputy Head Operations/Military Adviser











1 police

Deputy Chief of operations

1 civilian

Reporting and Analysis Officer


1 civilian

Head of Admin and Logistic Cell


2 civilian

Deputy Head of Field Office

Border Guard Officer

EU South Caucasus based in Brussels

1 civilian

Political Adviser

OSCE Bosnia

2 civilians

Senior Adviser, Education

Director of Democratisation

OSCE Austria

1 civilian

Senior Border Adviser

OSCE Serbia

3 civilians

Municipal Coordinator, Pol Affairs

Community Policing Adviser

Head of Strategic Development

OSCE Macedonia

5 civilians

Head of Media Development

Field Station Coordinator, Tetevo

Head of Public Admin Reform

Police Training

Head of Police Development

OSCE Kosovo

2 civilians

Public Safety Trainer (Police)

Head of OSCE Field Office

OSCE Albania

4 civilians

Deputy Head of Presence

Economic and Environmental Affairs Officer

Political Officer

Field Station Officer

OSCE Georgia

3 civilians

Spokesperson Press & Public Affairs

Project Co-ordinator

Senior Military Adviser

OSCE Nagorno Karabakh

1 civilian

Field Assistant

OSCE Warsaw

2 civilians

Legal Adviser

Rule of Law Officer

OSCE Moldova

1 civilian

Political-Military Officer

OSCE Tajikistan

1 civilian

Field Office, Kulyab

OSCE Kyrgyzstan

1 civilian

Head of Mission