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Schools: Finance

Volume 495: debated on Monday 29 June 2009

To ask the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families what recent research he has evaluated on the relationship between levels of funding for schools and pupils’ academic performance. (282681)

In recent years, the Department has sponsored a number of externally conducted research projects in this area. They are as follows:

1. Impact of School Resources on Attainment at Key Stage 2

Helena Holmlund, Sandra McNally and Marina Viarengo =productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=DCSF-RR043&

2. Estimating the Relationship between School Resources and Pupil Attainment at Key Stage 3

Rosalind Levacic, Andrew Jenkins, Anna Vignoles, Fiona Steele and Rebecca Allen productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=RR679&

3. Resources and Attainment at Key Stage 4—Estimates from a Dynamic Methodology

Geoff Pugh and Jean Mangan productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=DCSF-RR056&

4. Estimating the Relationship between School Resources and Pupil Attainment at GCSE

Andrew Jenkins, Rosalind Levacic productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=RR727&

5. Investigating the Effective Use of Resources in Secondary Schools

Allan Dodd, Principal Consultant Hedra plc productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=RR799&

6. Analysis of Secondary School Efficiency: Final Report

Professor Peter C. Smith and Dr. Andrew Street productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=RR788&

7. Tackling the Endogeneity Problem when Estimating the Relationship Between School Spending and Pupil Outcomes

David Mayston =productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=RR328&

To ask the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families what funding his Department has allocated for enhancements to the Integrated Children’s System in 2009-10; what criteria were used in determining such allocations; and how much of such funding has been passed to local authorities. (282921)

A capital grant of £6.4 million will be allocated to local authorities in 2009-10. This was announced by my Department on 22 June in a circular to all local authorities, which set out the practical steps the Government will take to help local authorities in improving their systems to support delivery of children’s social care services. The circular described the broad terms under which this funding would be allocated. All authorities will be eligible for capital grant, and the grant will be available for use at local authorities’ sole discretion for supporting any measures necessary to make improvements to current ICS implementations; making modifications to local systems consistent with the simplification of requirements; or progressing further with Phase 1C of the ICS Project in those local authorities that regard this as a priority.

Full details of individual local authorities’ allocations will be set out in a funding circular. Some £3 million of this will be allocated as a fixed amount to each authority, and the balance will be allocated according to a standard formula principally related to size of local child population.