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Equality and Human Rights Commission: Finance

Volume 497: debated on Monday 12 October 2009

To ask the Minister for Women and Equality how much funding the Equality and Human Rights Commission has given to Traveller groups; on what dates; and for what purposes. (288252)

The following tables contain a full list of Traveller-related work, totalling £344,734, funded under the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Interim Grants Programme, which ran from 1 April 2008-31 March 2009.

Funding awarded to Traveller groups under the 2008-09 Interim Grants Programme




Amount (£)

Friends, Families and Travellers

To develop an environment where Gypsies and Travellers in West Sussex and east Hampshire have the confidence to participate actively in the life of the community.

South East


Gypsy/Travel Education and Information Project North East (GTEIP)

To support Gypsy/Traveller women and Gypsies/Travellers with disabilities to address barriers which prevent them accessing services and their capacity to live free and equal lives. (This will take the form of Action Research; both recording issues and experiences while supporting action on the issues.)



London Gypsy and Traveller Unit

Improved and informed policy development and public profile of Gypsies and Travellers; to include their views and be based on fair and accurate information.




To improve Gypsies and Travellers access to health care provision and related services in Tees Valley, and reduce the significant health inequalities experienced by older people, children, women and those with mental health issues within these communities.

North East


One Voice 4 Travellers Ltd.

To provide support and advocacy for roadside Traveller women and children in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire by means of an outreach volunteering strategy.

East Midlands


Other funding awarded to deliver traveller-related work under the 2008-09 Interim Grants Programme




Amount (£)

Bradford Community and Voluntary Service (BCVS)

To enable Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers to have equal access to services and to represent their own needs and concerns in order to participate in civic life in the District.

Yorkshire and Humber


Pakistan Community Association and Multicultural Advice Centre

Provide a study support service which allows young Roma people to achieve their full potential and integrate with other ethnic minorities in the area.

Yorkshire and Humber


Save the Children UK

To improve understanding of prejudice and diversity by marginalised young people(especially young Gypsy/Travellers) by holding workshops to promote and develop key skills.



The Race Equality Council for Gloucestershire

1. To facilitate access to public services for Migrant Workers informing them of services.

South West


2. To improve access to public services including creation of permanent sites for caravans for Travelling Community and better access to education for their children: improved relationship between travelling and settled community.

3. To create opportunities for people of different cultures to meet and learn about each other by experiencing art, culture and music of different traditions: promote an appreciation of benefits of cultural diversity especially in Cheltenham area.

The Rural Media Company

To work with local authority Planning and Diversity officers, and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller groups (GRT) (including women, children and the elderly) in the West Midlands bringing them together to develop a DVD Resource to address the racial discrimination issues in local communities around Traveller homelessness and lack of stopping sites.

West Midlands


Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG)

To develop the capacity of Gypsy and Traveller communities by providing training in project management and equality and Human Rights legislation to ensure these communities are able to participate more effectively in planning and other decision making contexts which effect their lives.


To ask the Minister for Women and Equality when the annual statements of accounts of the Equality and Human Rights Commission were signed off; and what the reason was for the time taken to sign them off. (288253)

The accounts were laid on Monday 20 July. The preparation of the first set of accounts for the Commission was a major undertaking, bringing together the assets and liabilities of the legacy commissions and establishing common standards for measurement and evaluation which needed to be agreed with NAO.

Accounts for the Disability Rights Commission and the Commission for Racial Equality were only laid in May and June 2009 respectively. Information from those accounts has had to be consolidated with the Equality and Human Rights Commission's own figures and this has taken time.

To ask the Minister for Women and Equality what payments the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has made to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) since the EHRC's establishment; for what purposes and projects those payments were made; and whether it has commissioned the IPPR to undertake further work in the future. (288265)

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has made the following payments totalling £19,075 to the IPPR:

Payments to Institute of Public Policy Research



Payment (£)

29 October 2008

IPPR corporate subscription includes reports, publications and email alerts. November 2008 to October 2009.


1 April 2008

Receipt of interim report on social housing allocation and immigrant communities.


1 April 2008

Receipt of draft final report on social housing allocation and immigrant communities


The Commission has commissioned research to examine the allocation of social housing in England. The study is set in the context of increased international immigration to the UK and a reduction in social housing stock.

The Commission currently has no plans to undertake further work with the IPPR.